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Surname: Bennetts
Christian Names: Bryan David
Country: South Africa
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Bryan David Bennetts




Bennetts is a charming "man" with a penchant to "woo"  ladies on the internet and then beat them up, this "grub" has invented a history of heroic service with the United States military and mercenary groups to "worm" his way into Ex Service Organisations and to charm unsuspecting females.   Bennetts actual service in the United States Army - was from 13 Nov 1995 to Aug 1996,  less than nine months.

This nasty human being is currently in Australia and true to his character is behaving badly.

BENNETTS was brought to our attention by our friends from the United States, they have provided the following report.

VeriSEAL Group
The Original SEAL Verification Project
One of our Grade A scumbags of the highest order, tracked for six years, pattern never changes.
[Go here for VeriSeal's full information on Bennetts]
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent (former SEAL) in Phoenix finally chased him out of the US. They paid him a visit and he soiled himself. We had reduced him to living in his car before he called it quits here. His VeriSEAL profile haunted his every move. He has a meltdown every year about this time and some poor woman is usually on the receiving end. Like clockwork.
We are in contact with the victim in Maitland. Will advise as more info becomes available. See what you can learn through your sources. He's mucking about in your backyard now. Australian Immigration need to look into why he desperately avoids returning to South Africa......and then deport him there. After his jail time in NSW, of course. We wouldn't want him to miss any of that, would we?

"He falsely claims service with US Navy SEALS - US Army Special Forces (3rd SFG) - US Army Rangers.  He has a criminal history as follows:

Sought by Canadian authorities in relation to threats of violence against a female in St Johns Canada.

Police at Lower Wakefield, United States currently hold an outstanding warrant for Bennetts arrest in relation to theft from a Air Force Base of uniform items, Base Pass, vehicle decals and personal property.

Apprehended attempting to penetrate US Base using US Army ID Card.

Adult abuse, stalking a female - sentenced to probation.

Phoenix Arizona - 2002 charged with battery,  2003 charged with battery.

2003 Arrested and jailed on domestic violence charges. Allegations of psychological abuse of minor child."

Other information

Bennetts also claims prior service with mercenary outfits - Executive Outcomes and Sandline and also claims numerous affiliations with United States and other country Special Forces groups. - There is no substance to these claims.


Bennetts, true to his character has allegedly bashed a women in Maitland near Sydney Australia. See the report below:


"19/12/06 Maitland, Australia (Sydney) - Assault, arms charges. What started out as a quest to find love has ended in a bloody night of violence for a Rutherford woman whose internet lover allegedly beat her and threatened to kill her and other members of her family...

In custody awaiting arraignment 5 Feb 2007. Bail denied. Australian  Customs and Immigration involved."


Bennetts has a clear history of stealing the honour of genuine servicemen as well as beating and harrassing women . Bennetts is a cowardly cur who is not welcome in this country. Our friends in South Africa are also well aware of Bennetts behaviour in both the United States and Australia. Bennetts has no where to hide in Australia, United States or South Africa. We will continue to monitor this "hero" and would appreciate any Australian Ex Service Organisations, or anyone else, who may have interacted with Bennetts contacting us at information@anzmi.net.


23 May 2007   

Bryan David Bennetts, fake US Navy SEAL, and now convicted wife basher and gun smuggler, faced the Maitland (NSW) Local Court on Thursday 26 April 2007, and admitted to assault causing bodily harm to his wife, Angelia Bennetts. He also was found guilty of attempting to smuggle a pistol into Australia and being illegally in possession of ammunition.

He was sentenced to be jailed for six months, fined $12000, and will be deported on completion of his sentence.

Australia is well rid of Bennetts. Read the reports from the Newcastle Herald and the Maitland Mercury newspapers below.   We will be advising our South African counterparts when he is jetting back their way.


  7 Aug 07

Bennetts currently resides in Villawood Immigration Centre, New South Wales, where he is seeking refuge status so he can stay in Australia despite the judiciary ordering his deportation.   Bennett's wants to stay with us because if he returns to South Africa he fears for his life.  Apparently four years ago he holidayed in South Africa, got married and had no problems so why should his life now be threatened. 

We are told he applied to join the Australian Army in his effort to stay. Sorry Bennetts the Australian Army does not enlist criminals.  He has also applied to go to Israel, but they have told him to nick off.   We urge the Immigration Department to close the books on this woman bashing, criminal and wannabe and get him onto a flight back from whence he came.


All these machinations are costing the Australian Tax payer money as he gets free accommodation at Villawood and is now onto his fourth Legal Aide solicitor and of course we will foot the bill for his plane ride to wherever he ends up.

Australia will be a better place after Bennetts is deported.  Be assured we will monitor him until he sits down in an Airbus heading out of Australia.

  3 Jun 2009

Update Bryan David Bennetts


Wannabes are liars with severe personality problems. There are a select few Wannabes who as well as being liars are out and out mongrels, one such person is Bryan David Bennetts whose disgraceful conduct is well documented in our original report.  He has been deported to his home country of South Africa where he now resides. This mongrel has not learned from his past mistakes and continues to live the life of a Wannabe a bludger a mongrel and a moron.

See the latest report from one of our agents in South Africa.

“----- Original Message -----

From: xxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

To: information@anzmi.net

Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 6:37 PM

Subject: BENNETTS Bryan David

Greetings all, it seems like your “mate” is up to his old tricks again……surprise…..

He managed to swindle his way into the home of the xxxxxxx family in xxxxxxxxx, South Africa for a while.

He made contact via the internet with the promise of assisting in the training of youngsters in a “boot camp” concept for the local school rugby team.

Upon arrival he said that he had been ‘robbed’ of all his worldly belonging except for a duffle-bag which according to him he had to defend with his life. According to my sources, he apparently had no identification documents or references or anything noteworthy to confirm his legitimacy of previous employment with him.  He was accepted on face-value as being a truthful and honest citizen that had fallen prey to an unfortunate mishap and put up at no cost for several months by the xxxxxxx Family. It soon became evident that he had no prior knowledge of training youngsters but did have some “survival skills’ which were less than plausible.

For several months he disappeared into the night on reconnaissance he said, some clandestine assignment he was assigned by a taskforce…..what a croc.

I was contacted to have him removed.

I personally made sure he got on the bus headed for Durban…….. on the 16 of April 2009.

He clung to his rucksack and refused anyone to even touch it, I had no back-up at that time to restrain and investigate further.

Keep me posted if you need me to trace him again.”

Bennetts is human excrement and has offended in Canada the United States, Australia and South Africa. He will not get back into Australia and will not get back into the United States. He is genetically evil and a person who will one day explode and cause anguish and injury to others.

8th Nov 2009


Bryan Bennetts Update

Bennetts is still located in South Africa and as he was deported from our shores he will not get back into Australia and we believe the same applies for the USA

We are pleased with the international watch on Bryan Bennetts that allows us to update the vulnerable public to his disgraceful exploits.  The latest report details Bennetts “Facebook” activities, where he portrays himself as an “Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional”  The title is all part of the façade he puts forward to mask the fact that he is a wannabe and a bullying conman. We are confident that he spins some good yarns to those who choose to contact him through the "Facebook" Web Site. After all we have said, Bennetts has the audacity to show a photo in "Facebook" of him wearing a US Navy SEAL motif on his T Shirt.



It is noted that he also belongs to a Hereford UK Facebook group – Well that is no coincidence because Hereford is the home of the Special Air Service unit in the United Kingdom and Bennetts alluding to an affiliation with Hereford is all part of his false persona.

Public beware -

Take no chances with this man he is a low life, woman beating thug and lying, military wannabe of the worst kind.

Recent Report

--- Original Message -----




Sent:Friday, November 06, 2009 11:13 PM

Subject:small amount of info on Bryan Bennetts 


 I've been reading ANZMI with interest. One particular case has peaked my interest - that of Bryan David Bennetts because he really appears to be a thoroughly loathsome individual.

 I've done some idle searching and found that he has a Facebook page, at 


Looks as if he is in Durban. This is confirmed by another service- Linkedin, which is a sort of social network for business people. That site lists him as an 'Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional'.


Bizarrely, he is a member of a Facebook group entitled 'Hereford - west midlands' (http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Hereford-West-Midlands/100000458358516), a group that you can join if you like or have some connection to that area. Far be it from me to point out how odd it is that he should 'like' Hereford, of all places - while it is a beautiful place, there is little there to interest your average South African. Of course, he isn't an average South African, and there is something *very* interesting in Hereford to people who are military imposters

We would appreciate advice from those who come into contact with Bennetts

31st Jan 2010

                                           Bryan David Bennetts Update

This rotten apple keeps appearing, and each report we receives gives evidence of the continuation of his activities as a pathological liar, wannabe and a cowardly woman beating con man.

He has moved from one address in Petermaritzburg South Africa to another.  We are happy to provide the address to any person seeking Bennett.

We are reliably advised that he is living rent free with a kindly woman who has taken him in, and been taken in, by his lies. He has convinced her that he is the victim of a smear campaign and blames infidelity for beating up the ladies mentioned in our web site entry.

We ask that a volunteer from Petermaritzburg, South Africa bring to the attention of his current lady friend the truth of the matter by referring her to our web site entry.

Email us at info@anzmi.net and we will advise the current address.

The lady in Petermaritzburg is in danger of physical harm.  We are also reliably informed that the lady may have already been harmed by this psychopath.



6th Dec 2010


 Bryan David Bennetts


The despicable Bryan David Bennetts, now of South Africa after being deported from Australia to his country of birth, has chosen to exhibit the twisted foulness of his mind in an email to us dated 25 November 2010.


Our consultant in abnormal and forensic psychology having read this email rant described it as -


“A chain of puerile, vitriolic clichés - from the cowardly thug, misfit and ne'er-do-well. He suggested that being a multinational liar and military imposter seems the least of Bennetts' dysfunctionality.”


He also suggests that:  “In the unlikely event that Bennetts possesses the necessary maturity, courage, honesty and capacity for personal insight, he would be well advised to read this - http://www.mentalhealth.com/dis/p20-pe04.html - and to seek a further psychiatric assessment before he acts out any more of his vile, misogynistic fantasies”.


The terminology and words written by Bennetts are not for the faint hearted.  If you are offended by bad language you may choose to read no further. 

Email received from Bryan Bennetts on the 25 November 2010

From   Bryan Bennetts <eliterugby@hotmail.com>

To        enquiries@anzmi.net,




Date      25 November 2010 22:30

Subject   fuck-knows, ...bald man on a trampoline 

yo, numbnuts...no wonder the gooks (and everybody else in sundry) has kicked your sorry penal colony asses, so, while you and your bitches are incoherently moping around la-la-land, busy doing your hair and nails, and ego-stroking each other's putrid little sheep-shagging bits n pieces, why don't you go have a fucking cry while you're about it, ya fucking maggot dogs. 9/11 was just a warm-up for what's coming to y'all. Y'all are going from "hero (in your feeble minds) to zero" in no time at all. UNSAT! I've got chunks in my shit that are harder than you. While you're busy stroking kangaroo cock around your pretty little campfire, talking your usual random shit about people or things with actual brains, don't be too afraid of the shadows or the sounds of the real world that are about to crawl up your asses. It's okay, cos sooner or later, you're going to have to sleep anyway. Don't bother running either, cos you'll just die tired. Anyway, it has been a most memorable occasion busy dignifying your pathetic blue falcon bullshit here with an even weaker response, but, due to my apparently incredible psychopathic tendancies, (according to highly qualified experts of such judgements and statements, such as yourselves), I urgently have to go beat up a bunch of poor defenseless female victims in order to fill my annual quotas, because I have nothing better to do with my time, energy, or money, than to deal with druggy slags who prosititute themselves out to scumbags and douchebags such as yourselves, and myself. It's always everybody else, right?! You cumdumpsters are giving me a major hard-on. The only notoriety you dogs will ever have on this planet, is to talk shit about people, because you simply do not have a very enjoyable or productive life, other than to live in the past of what never was. (obviously!). I also have a "very reliably advised" weapon of mass destruction in my pants for you, for whenever you are in the neighbourhood!!! The more, the merrier. (gonna need extra bags, I reckon). You are simply not trained well enough to know any better, or to handle your business effectively. Fucking amateurs. Not that it matters, but your ignorance and blatant psychopathologically limited IQ does not permit you to comprehend that there are much higher levels of attainment and clearances in military and government, (and life in general, for that matter), than what one has been accused of apparently/allegedly "misrepresenting" on your gay website. Ask for your elementary school tuition back, seeing that you have so much spare time on your well-manicured hands. Grow the fuck up, zip it, shape up, or ship out......and seriously, get a life of your own! Thank fuck for Wikileaks, you dodgy cunts, cos it's about time that somebody took out the real trash. (ie. you, ya putrid cunts!!!). Now, go have another tantrum, enjoy the shitstorm to follow, and see how cool it feels to have somebody talk a bunch of crap about you real soon. Anybody can state or post anything on the internet, but not everything secure is posted on the internet.  Allahu Akbar, motherfuckers!!!

ps:- Larry W. Bailey knows what was said. (running down from Alexandria (VA) to sunny coastal NC aint gonna save his sorry ass either!)

Perhaps the South African Police Service (SAPS) may be interested in the contents of Bennetts email?

Updated 24th Aug 2013

Bryan David Bennetts


This disgusting man has now changed his name from:


Bryan David Bennetts to  Bryan David Jakins.


With this entry he hope to ensure that when the name Jakins is typed into “Google” his sullied past will appear.


An ex Serviceman who is now a Police Officer has advised us of Bennetts’s name change. We hope that this will alert vulnerable women from falling under his spell and ending up bashed, battered and bruised in the same way he has left other women he has conned into believing he has a military background.


Unfortunately his name change has not in anyway changed his nasty, deceitful personality.  We are reliably advised Bennetts is still the miserable disgusting man that he has been since we first reported him.


Had Bennetts changed his name in an attempt to change his ways, we would leave him in peace, however, we know that under the name Jakins he is still the brutish, foul mouthed, woman bashing human being that got him sent packing from both the United States and Australia.


Beware of Bryan David Jakin previously known as Bryan David Bennetts.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: benSerai
Christian Names: Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Cairns
Case Notes:

Nothing wrong with such a statement, in fact being able to make it in our wonderful society is one of the reasons we have gone to war. The problem is Richard benSerai is a wannabe of monumental proportions and is wearing Defence Force medals that he is not entitled to wear.







benSerai is wearing the following Australian medals:


1.  Australian Active Service Medal 1945 – 1975 with a clasp

2.  Vietnam Medal

3.  Australian Service Medal 1945 – 1975 with a clasp

4.  Defence Force Service Medal with 1st and 2nd clasp. (Signifying 25 years service)

5.  Vietnam Campaign Medal (signifying he spent more than six months in Vietnam)


Now read the whole article that appeared in the Cairns Post



According to Richard benSerai his Service File has been expunged or hidden because his service was secret and conducted as an Australian serving with the United States Forces. Serai’s file is so well hidden that the Defence Department, The National Australia Archives, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Australian Naval Association have never heard of him. Surely someone would know him because he wears the Defence Force Service Medal with two clasps, this signifies that he spent at least twenty five years in the Australian Defence Force.


The benSerai household was contacted at Clifton Beach, a suburb of Cairns and his wife was very careful in what she said. It went like this


“Yes Richard did serve as an Officer in the Australian Navy but he cannot talk about it because it was secret and he was working with the United States. There are no records because all his files have been removed”


The good lady was probably telling the truth - as she knows it – but we know differently. Although he looks like a jaunty ex Navy Officer with his rack of medals Richard benSerai is a low life, no good lying wannabe. For him to publicly stand up with false medals jingling and making suggestions of how veterans should change their ANZAC Day ceremony is the very peak of vexatious arrogance.


By wearing those medals and claiming to be a returned veteran benSerai has committed an offence against the Defence Act 1903 which allows for a fine of up to $3,300 and jail for six months or both. We are reliably advised that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) having been made aware of Richard benSerai have said they do not have the resources to pursue such people.


Australian Veterans believe the AFP attitude is downright wrong, and believe if it were the AFP's honour that was being stolen they would jump into action and have this bloke before a Magistrate in a flash. ANZMI urges veterans to bring this state of affairs to the attention of their politicians. 

Richard benSerai of Clifton Beach in Far North Queensland made a big splash in his local newspaper with false information about himself; we have now corrected that information and extended his fifteen minutes of infamy by exposing him as an imposter and a wannabe

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Beren
Christian Names: Arthur Black
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Kerikeri
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: R63055
Service: RAN
Branch: Electrical
Commencement of service: 08 mar 64
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Arthur Black Beren (formerly known as Arthur Taiono) was born in the Cook Islands, spending his early years there before moving to Australia, where in 1964, he joined the Royal Australian Navy.

Postings included HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Duchess and HMAS Yarra, involving operational service as part of the Far East Strategic Reserve, and later off Vietnam.




The above photograph appeared in several online articles, both in the United States and New Zealand in 2014 and 2015. Arthur can be seen wearing the following medals:

1.       Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (entitled)

2.       Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (entitled)

3.       Australian Service Medal 1945-1975 (entitled)

4.       Regular Forces Service Medal (unofficial ‘tin’ medal)




The Regular Forces Service Medal is a commemorative item, more aptly described as ‘junk’. Protocol dictates that such items are never to be worn with official medals and if they are to be worn (though never at an official function), it is on the right breast.

Arthur eventually retired from the RAN and moved to New Zealand, where he is the Honourary Welfare Treasurer of the Kerikeri Returned Services Association (RSA). The wearing of this offensive medal surely denigrates his own service history and his position within the RSA Executive.

The issue here, although seemingly minor, is that Arthur, along with so many others who grace the ANZMI site, have seen fit to add a piece of ‘junk’ to their medal rack to look just that little more impressive and important.

Arthur, if you feel so strongly that you need another medal, ditch that worthless piece of tin. Instead, write to Defence Honours and Awards to receive your Australian Defence Medal, for which you are very much entitled to for your service to Australia.

In the meantime, welcome to the ANZMI site.

Surname: Bergin
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Darwin
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

David BERGIN claims to have served in a US Navy Special Forces group named Sea Air and Land (SEALs), but in fact he is all blubber and no SEAL. 

According to Bergin he was serving in the Australian Army when, with help from “above” he was transferred to the US Navy to fly Apache helicopters, where he attained the rank of Colonel. As well as flying helicopters, Bergin became an elite US Navy SEAL. Read more here.


David Bergin, an Australian born citizen, who resides in Darwin Northern Territory, Australia, had the audacity to wear a United States, Navy Trident Insignia, US Navy Cross and a number of United States medals that indicated he had served with the elite Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) section of the USA Navy.

The occasion was a “March out Parade” at the Australian Army Recruit Training Battalion at Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.  As seen in the above photo.

The above photo shows Bergin as a “Cool Dude” complete with sunnies and medals. Obviously he is “not too bright” because one does not steal the honour of US Navy SEALS or falsely wear the SEAL Trident, and US  medals without expecting a landslide of angst from former and current serving SEALS and Veterans everywhere.

Bergin must be seriously lacking in common sense, if he thought he could get away with his deception at a Military event attended by Senior Defence Service Personnel, and ex Service Men and Women.

You can read up on the general history of the US Navy SEAL Teams here;


David Bergin has been claiming to be a SEAL for a number of years as well as making numerous preposterous claims some of which we will list.

We have received a number of reports over a period of time regarding BERGIN and are in possession of Statutory Declarations. We now have a photograph of BERGIN with his false medals to seal the investigation and confirm that he is NOT and never was with the US Navy SEALS.

He has also claimed that he was awarded the US Medal of Honour but lost it, the highest award that can be presented to anyone serving in the US military.

Thanks to one of our readers, we have made a slight correction in the paragraph relating to the Victoria Cross for Australia.

We have also received further information regarding SEAL 7 which you can play at the following link


The Medal of Honour is presented to the awardee only by the President of the United States at a special ceremony which is well covered by the media similar to the way the ceremony is carried out here for recipients of the Australian Victoria Cross.

Above the medals he is wearing the US Navy SEAL Trident Insignia.

To earn this insignia a US Navy Sailor must first successfully complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training program and then complete a follow on secondary training program sequence which is compiled in the SEAL database.


The lone medal above the others is;

US Navy Cross, the second highest military decoration for Valour that may be awarded to a member of the US Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard for extraordinary heroism in combat. It is equal to the Army “Distinguished Service Cross” and “Air Force Cross”

Below that he is wearing seven medals the top three being;

US Silver Star (3rd highest military decoration)

US Bronze Star (4th highest combat decoration and 9th US Military award in order of precedence)

Purple Heart(awarded to those killed or wounded in action, the next highest being the Bronze Star)

The four medals below them are;

US Afghanistan Campaign Medal


US Navy Expert Rifleman Medal

US Navy Expert Pistol Medal

As you can see David Bergin has made himself out to be a real blood and guts hero stealing the valour of real veterans, a number of which have paid the ultimate sacrifice. You can’t get any lower than that.

A check of databases in the US listing the recipients of the highest decorations awarded some of which include the citations reveal that David Bergin was never awarded the Medal of Honour, US Navy Cross, Silver Star nor does his name come up on any other databases

His excuse for not wearing the Medal of Honour is that he lost it and could not get a replacement because all records of such events were sealed in his record and personally burnt by the US President to protect him.

The real reason he cannot purchase a Medal of Honour is listed below as the medal cannot be manufactured, sold, bartered or traded by law.

The Stolen Valor Act of 2005, signed into lawby President George W. Bushon December 20, 2006,[1] was a U.S. law that broadened the provisions of previous U.S. lawaddressing the unauthorized wear, manufacture, or sale of any military decorations and medals.

He has obviously purchased medals belonging to someone else over the internet the same as he would have purchased the SEAL Trident Insignia.

Some of the other claims he has made.

He served in the Australian Regular Army and wanted to become an Apache Helicopter pilot. He was friends with someone high up who put in a good word for him and got him transferred to the US Navy and became a SEAL serving with SEAL Team 7 in Afghanistan.

Because of an intelligence blunder his SEAL Team ambushed a vehicle filled with Australian soldiers.

Claimed he was in possession of missile launch codes in a room at the US Consulate in Sydney and was capable of launching nuclear missiles.

As part of his military service, he was an Apache pilot with the rank of Colonel.

Flew his helicopter to the White House and landed it in front of the President.

Because of his knowledge within the US Military he is followed by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Agents.

He has flown Air Force One.

He also has a large tattoo of the US Navy SEAL Trident which he proudly shows off to everyone.

They are just some of the claims Bergin has made to people in Australia.

Bergin was never a US Navy Seal. We have contacts around the world with people who have served in many units who can easily confirm if a person is what he says he is.

As our contact stated there is no record of a David BERGIN completing the SEAL Training. He is not now or ever was a Navy SEAL, Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) “Frogman”, a member of any Naval Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU), or a member of the Naval Amphibious Scouts and Raiders (S&R).

He added, there are records of every man who qualified for the title of “SEAL”; there have been and will continue to be secret missions, but there are NO secret SEALS.

Now David Bergin was contacted by phone by us to answer some questions to confirm his status of being an ex US Navy SEAL which are totally UNCLASSIFIED and every real SEAL will gladly provide to confirm his claim of being a US Navy SEAL.

David BERGIN’s response was;

“He served with the US Navy SEAL’s but, he could not have anything published nor could he talk about it”.

This seemed to be a strange answer considering he tells anyone who is willing to listen when he brags about his exploits as a US Navy SEAL.

David Bergin also has a problem as to what military service he served in considering he flew Air Force One, was an Apache helicopter pilot with the rank of Colonel, a rank which does not exist in the US Navy as seen at the website below.


David Bergin, you are an outright liar of the highest order, who has either seen too many movies or live in a world of fantasy. By telling those lies you have earned a place on our website so that current and ex-service veterans can look down on you like the scum that you are for stealing

28th Mar 2013

Thanks to a reader of our website we received the following email sent to us by an eye witness both at the recruiting centre and the march out parade advising us about David BERGIN”s lies about his military service and the medals he wore. We applaud the person for sending us the email. Should anyone come across BERGIN in their travels and he continues to brag about his false military history you can contact us on our website www.anmzi.netand we will update his story. Nothing in the email has been altered except the name of the person has been removed.

On 26 January 2013 15:34, xxxxx xxxx <xxxxxx@hotmail.com> wrote:

My name is xxxxx xxxx and my brother was a member of the marching out parade from kapooka in august 2011 in which David Bergins wife was also a member. when searching through your site on Australia day 2013 i immediantly recognized the image of David bergin and the decorations he wrongfully was wearing that day. This action compelled me to write this email in the hope of it being published on your website as to add an eyewitness account to your profile. The recount begins with the march out of 33rd Platoon Delta Company 1RTB multiple witnesses including my brother,father and myself. Engaged in conversation with others who had recently conversed with Mr Bergin and also upon overhearing him conversing which he did claimed to have:

1. Be an former active duty navy seal of seal team 7 serving in Afghanistan and Iraq

2.a former apache helicopter gunship pilot whom was a veteran of Afghanistan

3.and to have been awarded the navy cross

Upon closer analysis of his stories all members present recognized the stories to be greatly exaggerated and indeed falsified due to numerous inconsistencies. Upon recognizing the distinctive US navy cross i conducted my own research in which i also found no evidence to back his claims.

I greatly applaud your exposition of this fraudster stealing the credit from true soldiers such as my brother and the legitimate US navy seals who have paid the ultimate sacrifice

Ps this is also not bergins first attempt to deliberately mislead others about his former military service three months earlier during a enlistment ceremony at Defense force recruiting at parramatta. Bergin did indeed claim to have been an US SEAL and former apache pilot with combat tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and to have been personally decorated by the united states president.

I ask you add my account to his profile but however edit my name from publication

I again thank you
xxxxx xxxx

Sent from my iPhone

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Bermingham
Christian Names: Lionel Gene
Country: Thailand
State or Province: Bangkok
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Lionel Gene BERMINGHAM - Genuine SASR and 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Vietnam veteran and medal fraud.


BERMINGHAM carved a reputation throughout all his years as a regular volunteer soldier particularly in most forms of parachuting - testament to the inordinate number of jumps he made is the recorded hospitalisations due to injuries allied with this hazardous past time. 



Whilst this man put himself in danger many times he has now earned the chagrin of many of his contemporaries because of his wearing of the Vietnamese Campaign Medal - a foreign award made to all allies who served more than 181 days in South Vietnam. The only reason any veteran would receive this award who served less than the prescribed time would be because of being Killed In Action (KIA), Casualty Evacuated (CASEVAC) due to being Wounded in Action (WIA) or being taken Prisoner of War (POW).


Documentary evidence shows BERMINGHAM arrived in Vietnam on the 4th of June 1966 - and returned to Australia on 1st September 1966 following medical evacuation for what can be deduced as a skin problem - on 10 October 1966 his medical Physical Employment Standard (PES) was downgraded from Forward Everywhere (FE - Class 1) to CZNT (Communication Zone Non Tropical) - Unfit to serve in hot/humid environment


Numerous Vietnam veterans posted to Vietnam for a standard 12 month period were brought home early due to medical problems with skin ailments - the climate and hygiene conditions were not suited to their health.


BERMINGHAM was awarded the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) on 3 August 1971 and the Vietnam Medal on the 15th of September 1971 -  The Department of Veterans' Affairs nominal roll of Vietnam Veterans' shows clearly that BERMINGHAM spent a total of 88 days in South Vietnam - well under the qualifying 181 days to be awarded the Vietnamese Campaign Medal - as he was medically evacuated due to a skin problem he has absolutely no entitlement to be wearing the award - we can only assume that like many of his contemporaries who appear on this website that BERMINGHAM has purchased the medal to satisfy some urge to make himself look more of a man - and one must ask why would a veteran who has a proven record of sky diving life threatening situations step out of line and lower himself as a wannabe??


ANZMI see his actions as indefensible and deem him a medal offender.  Gene BERMINGHAM - welcome to the www of medal cheats



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Bier
Christian Names: Jan
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Echuca
Service #: 324561
Service: Army
Branch: RAAOC
Commencement of service: 20 Jan 82
Completion of service: 29 Aug 86
Case Notes:




Jan Bier was born in Germany on the 23 October, 1964 to Dutch parents. They moved to Australia and Bier enlisted in the Australian Army in January 1982. He was 17 years and four months of age. He had less than 5 year’s full time Army service

Bier is now a resident of Echuca in Victoria and is a current member of the State Emergency Service, Echuca.

Bier is an unscrupulous liar and a fraud who puts himself out there as a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) War Hero on “Black ops” and also with Falklands War Operational service. This bloke is a clown whose fraudulent deeds need to be exposed to not only all his family and friends in Echuca, but everyone who views this site.

The above photograph depicts “Corporal” Jan Bier (on the left) standing alongside his portly SASR “Captain” mate named “Fat Mick” who we will get to later.

Bier is wearing the following -;

1. He wears a British Army sandy coloured SAS beret with the SAS hat badge.
2. On his left shoulder he wears a light blue British Special Air Service Lanyard.(worn incorrectly)
3. On his left side he wears the Infantry Combat Badge (Australia) with a cloth parachute badge underneath.
4. On his right sleeve he wears Corporal rank insignia and another cloth parachute badge.
5. Around his waist he wears the Australian Army SAS Stable Belt signifying service with the Special Air Service.

The polyester uniform Bier is wearing was withdrawn in the 1990’s as well as the Stable belt. Photograph below.

Bier was photographed (below) on Anzac Day a few years ago in his home town of Echuca with his overweight, unfit “Captain” mate, who is also pretending to be a SASR warrior. On this Anzac Day, they led the Echuca Moama RSL March with a former Naval Petty Officer Andrew Fleming, who is also to appear on this site shortly for his own misconduct.

As you can see by the photograph, all the genuine returned from active service veterans were required to march behind these two pretend SASR boofheads. If only they knew!

It is a disgrace when low life imposters like these two force their way into Anzac Day Marches and place themselves at the forefront of the proceedings, at the expense of more worthy genuine veterans, who are then forced to follow behind them.

The factual military history of 324561 “Corporal” Jan Bier is somewhat different to his stories of courageous active service on “black ops” as a parachuting Sniper in Bougainville and also Falklands War service with the British SAS.

He enlisted in the Australian Army as a 17 year old. Following Recruit Training he was posted as a Private in the RAAOC at Bandiana where he carried out the duties of a Storeman, Warehouse Duties, Ordnance Corps.

He remained in the Army until his requested discharge for personal reasons in August, 1986 as a 21 year old. At the time of his discharge he was still posted as a Private in the RAAOC at Bandiana where he still carried out the duties of a Storeman, Warehouse Duties, Ordnance Corps. A very unremarkable career but remarkable in a sense, in that he was charged on four occasions within his short time for -;

(a) “conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline” on two occasions,
(b) “neglect to obey published orders” and
(c) “Use insubordinate language.”

The Army were glad to get rid of him. They won!!

Bier however claims that following his discharge, he re-enlisted and was selected for SASR training. He carried out "Black Ops" in Bougainville as a Sniper, but of course he is unable to talk about it because it is all a big secret. However, when pressed, he will tell folks on Anzac Days, that as an Australian SASR soldier he was transferred on loan to the British SAS where he was posted to combat duty in the Falklands War.

Ho hum!

One of the problems of this outrageous lie is that the Falklands War finished on the 14 June, 1982. Bier joined the Australian Army as a 17 year old in January, 1982 and was posted as an Ordnance Corps, Storeman, Private to Bandiana, Victoria, where he remained carrying out Warehouse duties for the next four years.

Also Bougainville was never prescribed as a war like area and Bier’s arrogance just typifies his disrespect for those he tells his lies to, and the service of genuine returned veterans. Bier is a false pretender who will bring shame to any organisation that he is associated with. He will be here for evermore.

We are currently having difficulties trying to locate "Captain Fat Mick”, who is depicted in the above photographs with Bier. We are are aware that his name is Michael Woolard from Melbourne. We are certain that this idiot not only has no SASR service, he has no military service whatsoever. We seek the assistance of our readers to locate him to ensure that he also gains his true place in the military history of this Country as well. We know that he rides a Harley Davidson and is presently employed in the mining industry.

These two idiots, who have acquired the names of Dumb and Dumber, are up there with the Hines Brothers from Queensland, who are also knuckleheads that like to fraudulently pose in military garb on Anzac Days.

Welcome to the site Messrs Dumb and Dumber!




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