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Christian Names: See below
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bega
Service #: See Case Notes
Service: National Service
Branch: See Case Notes
Case Notes:




It is not often that we undertake a group exposure of medal cheats, and by indifference or otherwise, an entire RSL Sub Branch but that was before we became aware of the happenings in the NSW coastal town of Bega.  There is more on the nose than just cheese in the Bega RSL Sub Branch. 

Our attention was drawn to a photograph which appeared on the website of the Bega District News by one of our many followers.   That photograph was of Allen Collins, a former National Serviceman who likes to wear the odd bit of ‘Tin’ to enhance his rack.

Mr Collins joins the ever growing list of loyal individuals who have decided to self-award themselves a tin medal to recognise the Golden Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth 2.   We here at ANZMI have great respect for Her Majesty but that does not mean it is appropriate to wear an unofficial tin medal with your entitled awards.

As you can see, this has not stopped Mr Collins, a former National Serviceman who has added not only the Jubilee Medal, but has also added the National Service ‘tin’ for good measure.

As a former National Serviceman, Collins has an entitlement to wear two official medals, The Anniversary of National Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).   If you look closely, you can just see what we believe to be these medals behind the ‘tin’.  

The medals he is clearly seen wearing are nothing but tin rubbish.   The so called Jubilee Medal bears no resemblance to the official Jubilee Medal issued by Buckingham Palace.   The Government of Australia decided not to accept the issue of the medal, but rather a small number of Australians were awarded the official medal, these include Australians awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) or Cross of Valour (CV) as well as State Governors and the Governor General.

This is the ‘tin’:

This is the real deal:

Similarly, the ‘Nasho tin’ is nothing but a rubbish self-awarded trinket which should be disposed of in the rubbish bin.   Wearing that medal alongside the officially awarded medal can only mean Collins is trying to create the impression of being the ‘hardened veteran’.

Here is the ‘tin’ Nasho Medal:

Now, under most circumstances ANZMI would make contact with the RSL Sub Branch which the miscreant belongs, in the case of Mr Collins that would be the Bega RSL Sub Branch.   We at ANZMI did attempt to make contact with the Secretary of the Bega RSL Sub Branch to inform him or her of our concerns, but only silence was the reply and now we know why.

There is an old saying,‘when you scratch a sore it only makes it worse’ and so it seems with the Bega RSL Sub Branch.   During our research into Mr Collins, we sourced additional photographs of Mr Collins participating in RSL events.   We note he proudly sports an RSL tie suggesting some active participation in the Sub Branch.   In undertaking our research we came across a photograph, taken at the same event of three more Bega Sub Branch members.

Here we have Huey, Dewey and Louie (aka Bill Flood, Ken Witchard and Bob Flood).   Three more members of the Bega RSL Sub Branch, all proudly sporting their gongs, all of which contain an assortment of official medals and ‘tin’ rubbish.

Here is another photograph of Bill Flood and Witchard at different ceremony in Bega, still sporting their ‘Tin’.   It can also be seen that both gentlemen wear RSL Name tags and we believe both of these gentlemen may at some time been Committee members of the Sub Branch, perhaps explaining why our email fell on deaf ears.    We have made extensive enquires to identify the third medal being worn by Witchard and through those enquires learnt that he is the Secretary of the Naval Tankerman Association.   The medal appears to be some sort of Tin Commemorative Medal, self-awarded by Witchard simply because of vanity, rather than to signify operational service.

You can easily find the images by following the link: 


The time has come for the RSL at National and State level to act.

The pages of our website are littered with stories of RSL members, indeed RSL Executives and committee members who continually snub their noses at the Australian Honours and Awards System.    These same people scream loud about being proud Australians, so why do they condone those who snub their nose at our honours system.    The Honours and Awards system, both at Federal and State level recognise bravery, outstanding service, long service and operational service among others.   

One important group had been neglected for some time, but former National Servicemen who did not deploy operationally were eventually recognised with the award of the ‘Anniversary of National Service 1951 – 72 Medal’ and later established an entitlement to the ‘Australian Defence Medal’ (ADM).   Surely two official medals to recognise a person’s fulfilling of their national service obligation is sufficient recognition.   It seems not to be the case in Bega, and a number of other RSL Sub Branches around Australia who either turn a blind eye or are complicit in allowing self-awarded rubbish to be worn with official medals under any circumstance.

Here is a clue for those RSL committees who still don’t understand.   If it is not listed in the Australian Honours and Awards System, or an approved foreign award approved by the Governor General, it is NOT worn on the left side.     

Perhaps a visual reminder is needed by the National and State Executives of the RSL in order for them to do something about Sub Branches that flout the rules clearly issued by Government House.

Welcome to our website Allen Collins, Bob Flood, Bill Flood, Ken Witchard, and by association, your mates at the Bega RSL Sub Branch.






Surname: Bell
Christian Names: Adrian Whyman
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Case Notes:

Adrian Whyman Bell - Fake Vietnam Veteran

Bell has been “strutting his stuff” around Melbourne for years claiming to be a New Zealand (NZ) Vietnam Veteran who was attached to an Australian Army unit and wears medals, badges, buttons, bows and beret to prove it. He is also the Victorian Representative of the 161 Reconnaissance Flight Association.


Bell has lots of “Bling” on his jacket and although the photograph is blurred he appears to be wearing medal ribbons on his left breast along with a “Wing” denoting that he was “Air Crew”.
We hold Statutory Declarations declaring that:

Bell has worn the New Zealand Operational Service Medal, and the Vietnam Medal on numerous occasions including, 
Anzac Days

Vietnam Veterans Days

At a RAAF funeral Ramp Ceremony for the return home of a Vietnam Missing in Action soldier.

Attending the Philip Island Vietnam Veterans Museum Opening Ceremony.




The declarations also advise that Bell has made the following claims:

“he had served with the NZ Army Air Corp. attached to 161 Recce Flight in Vietnam in 1971. His posting was as a Helicopter Crewman. He stated that he served at Pleiku. When asked why he did not have the Vietnamese Campaign Medal he stated that he had been injured jumping out of an Iroquois of 161 Recce Flight and thus did not serve for 6 months which, he said, made him ineligible for the Medal”.

Bell is a liar because he:

Was never attached to 161 Recce Flight.

Never served in Pleiku or any other part of Vietnam.

Never served in the Australian or New Zealand full time Army.

Bell claims to have injured his back jumping from a 161 Recce Flight Iroquois Helicopter. However, 161 Recce Flight never flew Iroquois Helicopters in Vietnam.

He claimed on an RSL membership application form that he was:

“Ex NZ Army served Peacekeeping in Vietnam”.

That is a ridiculous statement as all Peacekeeping in Vietnam was done from the barrel of a rifle and the war was fought to a definitive conclusion.
As a final insult to Veterans, Bell drives a footpath mobility scooter and has a notice on the back saying “Don’t blame me I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD).

Bell was accepted as an affiliate member of the 161 Reconnaissance Flight Association, and was appointed as their Victoria representative. We are advised, in an unsolicited email, sent to us as an information copy, that Bell was appointed on the basis of his service with the NZ Army Air Corps.

Below is the email from the President of 161 Recce Flight Association that was directed to a person daring to question the bona fides of Bell.

“As President of the National Australia Branch, I direct my reply on behalf of the NAB to M’s xxxx/ xxxxx and request, that, in the future you check your facts before firing from the hip.

Adrian Bell is a financial Associate member of the 161 Assn and has been for some considerable time, unlike some unfinancial (sic) persons who wish to stick their nose into the running of a functional Assn working in the interests of the welfare of its members. Adrian served with the New Zealand Army Air Corps during the period 1971-1979 as an “air crewman”.

Adrian has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the Melbourne Branch of 161 for a number of years, and, as an Associate member Adrian is fully entitled to wear the 161 Recce Assn jacket that he is wearing in the photo below that he purchased during Possum 40 in Adelaide.

As stated above, in future, check your facts before questioning the integrity of the Assn.


John xxxxxxxxx

 President161 Recce Assn NAB”

161 Recce Association’s claim that Bell , “Served with the New Zealand Army Air Corps during the period 1971-1979 as an “air crewman” is entirely wrong. Here is what Bell has told us about his duties:

“My role varied and grew over time within the unit, from stand in orderly room Cpl. To Dvr/Operator, Comms specialist using both Air force and army equipment and with the introduction of the M60 GPMG over the HBFN, gunnery (again). All members performed (back seat) flying duties at various times during search and rescue, flood and fire relief, International humanitarian operations, Police and Army co-operation etc”

161 Recce Association are the ones who have “fired from the hip” and have chosen to defend a person who has played them for suckers.

Bell was never a full time soldier. Between September 1965 and April 1966, he served as a part time soldier with the Royal Victorian Regiment (RVR), Australian Citizens Military Forces (CMF).

He served nowhere between April 1966 and 1974.

Bell’s version of his service is different he says:

Approx. Sept. 1965, I was notified that my application was approved, and should report to Charlie Co.(sic) (I think) Footscray Drill Hall. Ordinary Rifle Company training stuff, weekly parades etc. Over time I developed the required infantry skills, particularly in relation to admin tasks, use of the 77 set and the M60 gpmg. I remember an annual camp out near Jameson and another, I think, not far from HMAS Cerberus; I was detailed with a few others to provide assistance at HQ Co. Moonee Ponds for advance party duties. While the job itself only lasted a couple of weeks, it was a good learning experience around the exercise planning and Orderly room functions, I continued with some Orderly room duties for the remainder of the camp. My employment study requirements were becoming more and more time consuming ie : 1 Full day and 2 Nights per week, chronically time poor, something had to give, so I left the army, maybe Sept. 1967.

Following our move to NZ in 1970, I joined the Territorial Army and was posted to RNZEME, 1 LAD, Hopu Hopu. I stayed with this unit until transferred into NZAAC in ’71; I continued to serve with this unit until my (Medical) retirement in ’79.

His real NZ service history is:

He joined the New Zealand Territorial Forces (Part time) in March 1974 where he served with 1st Brigade and then 3rd Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force (Army Component as a part time soldier) until 1980.

Bell has made much of his false Vietnam Service, and has attended numerous Commemorative occasions wearing a Scots kilt and fake medals.
Bell has created a series of lies spanning the Tasman Sea that were not easy to refute, however he has now been comprehensively “outed” as a liar, cheat and wannabe.

Bell does not belong in the Veteran Community.

He is not a New Zealand, Vietnam Veteran who earned medals whilst attached to the Australian 161 Recce Flight in Vietnam, he is a liar and a wannabe, and we welcome him to our web site where he will be in the company of many other liars’ cheats and wannabes.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Bellingham
Christian Names: Andrew Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Salamander Bay
Service #: 8077926
Service: RAN
Branch: Seaman. Chief Petty Officer
Commencement of service: 05 Jan 82
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Well here we go again folks!

Another senior Naval Chief Petty Officer caught out wearing unawarded, purchased military medals. What sort of example do these people set for our younger ratings.

We are amazed at the number of reports that we are currently receiving regarding senior former and current Australian Naval personnel committing offences against the Defence Act 1903. –

Section 80A - Falsely representing to be a returned, soldier, sailor or airman and

Section 80B - Improper use of service decorations.

Penalty. 6 months gaol or $3,300 fine or both.

When members of the community or Junior Royal Australian Navy ratings observe senior long serving Naval personnel in uniform wearing military medals on the left side, they presume that the Naval officer has had a distinguished, recognised and rewarding career. They would not suspect that some of the medals worn have not been officially awarded and have been purchased in a Medal Shop or over the Internet.

That would be totally against all the protocols, principles and proud traditions that our Senior Service stands for.

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Charles Bellingham was a full time serving Royal Australian Naval Officer from the 5 January, 1982 until about 2010. He then transferred to the Royal Australian Naval Reserves where he currently serves.

He is presently attached to the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture Development as a Co-ordinator. Now that could be a problem!

In the photograph above, Bellingham is wearing the following court mounted medals -;

Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp. (AASM.) Clasp unknown.
Australian Service Medal, (ASM) clasp Kuwait.
Australian Defence Force Service Medal with two clasps. (Long Service)
Australian Defence Medal.
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia.) (First Awarded 17/1/1991. Last awarded 28/2/1991.

Bellingham is a medals cheat and an imposter. He is one of a growing number of currently serving or former Royal Australian Navy personnel who have been reported to this site for wearing unawarded medals or embellishing their service.

We have been contacted by a number of people who have provided evidence that Chief Petty Officer Andrew Charles Bellingham has been wearing at least two medals that he has not been awarded.

The two medals are the -;

1. AASM with unknown clasp.

The AASM is awarded for service in a prescribed war like operational area. The below mentioned AASM is an example of this medal with the clasp East Timor.

2. Kuwait Liberation Medal. (Saudi Arabia.)

The Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) was awarded to military personnel who fulfilled the criteria required for the award of this medal. It was only issued for service in Kuwait between the 17/1/1991 and the 28/2/1991. During this time, Bellingham was a crew member of the HMAS Stuart. The HMAS Stuart did not deploy to the Gulf at this time or at any other time. In fact the HMAS Stuart had it’s commission extended in Australia until July, 1991, due to other RAN Destroyer ships commitment to the Gulf.

Below is an example of the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)

Chief Petty Officer Bellingham enlisted in the RAN on the 5 January, 1982.

During his service he did deploy to Kuwait in a peacetime non war like period. For this, he was awarded the Australian Service Medal with clasp Kuwait. The ASM is issued to personnel who serve in this capacity. It does not entitle him to wear the AASM. Also he has never been awarded the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia).

We contacted Chief Petty Officer Bellingham and invited him to explain how he was awarded the AASM and the Kuwait Liberation Medal.

He subsequently replied and stated -;

I'm sorry that I have not replied as I have been overseas. I'm happy to work with you on this issue. I do hold a ASM with claps for Kuwait. ADM and DFSM. I have been inform that I'm able to return the DFSM and have issue a new service medal with the clasp as I have been conducting reserve days. All other medal have been removed from my per sessions.

Chief Petty Officer Bellingham does not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. He states that he is sorry that he has not replied as he has been overseas. That’s about all he is apparently sorry for. We are also extremely grateful that he is “happy to work with us on this issue.” We think he is on another planet.

He then continues “All other medal (sic) have been removed from my per sessions. (sic).

He does not give an explanation as to why he purchased and wore these medals or if he is sorry for wearing them. He just mentions in passing that "the medal (sic) has been removed from my per sessions". (sic)

Following receipt of that communication, a further response was received from him that stated inter alia, "Once again, I should of conducted my own investigation instead of listing (sic) to others".

Unfortunately, that excuse does not hold up. He is now claiming that on advice from "others" he apparently thought it was OK to wear the two medals. That does not make sense. In particular, as he was not awarded the two medals in the first place, he had to purchase them "on line or at a Medal Shop". He then had them court mounted with his officially awarded medals. Here we have a Chief Petty Officer with thirty years service now claiming no knowledge of the criteria required for the issue of the AASM or the Kuwait Liberation Medal, so he goes and buys them! Now that's Leadership for you!

Bellingham is an embarrassment to the Royal Australian Navy He is a Senior Non- Commissioned Officer at the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture, in the position of Co-ordinator. His behaviour is a disgrace and he has been wearing unawarded medals for his own self gratification and ego for quite some time.

He is the perfect example of poor leadership when in a Leadership role. He has no right to continue in this role. He is a bad example for what proud traditions the RAN stands for. He has no credibility and he should be ordered to resign. If not, he should be shown the door.

He should also write an apology to all his Royal Australian Navy colleagues and have this apology printed in the Navy news for all to see.

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Bellingham has earned his place on this site.

Surname: Ben-Avi
Christian Names: Zev
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yarraman Area
Service #: 3179822
Service: CMF and ARA
Branch: RAAC and RAAOC
Commencement of service: 29 Oct 67 & 24 Apr 6
Completion of service: 23 April 1983
Case Notes:





As has been noted in these pages before, wannabees and valour thieves come in many forms, but the lies told by Zev Ben-Avi over many years are breathtaking in their scope and the length of time that he has gone unchallenged. Ben-Avi has lied to the Army as a whole and to the veteran community.

To start with some of his lesser transgressions, Ben-Avi is often seen wearing a green Commando beret and metal Commando beret badge. He also gets about with a Commando shoulder flash sewn onto his motorcycle jacket just in case you missed the beret.

Ben-Avi has no right to wear this beret or badge as he never qualified for the green beret as a trained Commando. He enlisted as a Recruit in 2 Commando Company, CMF on 29 October, 67. He completed his recruit training between 23 March, and 5 April, 68 before enlisting in the ARA on 24 April, 68. He simply was not a member of 2 Commando Company long enough to ever qualify for the coveted green beret.

Ben-Avi certainly does not measure up to the Commando's code.

But wait there is more! Ben-Avi joined the ARA and was allotted to Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC) where he was known for wearing the Commando flash on his tracksuit whilst at 1 Armored Corps.

To make matters worse, Ben-Avi seems to have developed a fetish about the Israeli Defense Forces and went about convincing people he had been a paratrooper in the Israel Defence Force. (IDF). Various versions of this claim are about but ANZMI located this interesting one on file at the Australian War Memorial.

The film was made in October 1973 and is captioned as follows :

An Armoured column heads out of Alice Springs to tackle a gruelling 1,000-mile desert trek through the Northern Territory. The men and machines are from the First Armoured Regiment normally based at Puckapunyal, Victoria. A total of 130 men and 12 armoured troop carriers are taking part in the month-long exercise, aptly named Giant Stride. It is aimed at testing the carriers and their crews in Desert Navigation, Long-range Communications, Tactical Movement and Survival. Before taking to the desert on the main stage of the exercise, the troops were taught special desert survival techniques. One of the skills was to make a solar still, to provide water through condensation. Their tutor was Sergeant Zev Ben-Avi, a former Israeli Army Paratrooper (for identification, he is the man with the big moustache). The more conventional method of drawing water from Artesian Bores was used to fill jerry cans for the long hot haul through Central Australia. The troops are due to finish the exercise later this month.

This clearly shows how he hoodwinked the Army with his masquerade as a former Paratrooper and Commando using it to advantage himself within the Army.

The story has got even bigger since those early days. Note the claim in this letter written by Ben-Avi himself :

The whinge - not all Jews are stereotypical. For instance some live in a country about a third the size of Tassie, many of whom understandably suffer from Holocaust paranoia, surrounded by about 80 million hostiles who live on the borders and who also (understandably) hate the guts of those 4 1/2 million Jews who live in that land of Israel.

One of those Israeli people has lived in Australia since 1967, coming here after the Six Day War of June '67 on 'loan' from the Israeli Defence Forces. This bloke was conscripted for service in Israel in 1956, serving during the '56 Suez War in 202 Paratroop Brigade under then Brigadier Moshe Dayan followed by service in the same Para unit in reprisal cross-border raids on terrorist camps in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. This service was followed by secondment as a military advisor to 5 different African countries (Ethiopia, Belgian Congo, Katanga - now part of Zaire as is the Congo - Uganda and Kenya). The African service was from 1959-64.

During the '67 Six Day War, this bloke commanded one of the three Paratroop Battalions that captured the old city of Jerusalem and the famous Wall of the Second Temple during vicious street fighting, being decorated twice during this fighting and the last two days of this was on the Golan Heights - again not much fun.

In October '67 this bloke was seconded again for foreign service this time to the Australian Regular Army being placed with 2 Commando, attached to SAS for service in Vietnam on special operations with MACVSOG (US) - Military Assistance Command Special Operations Group based in Danang.

This bloke came back to Australia determined to stay here as a migrant. The price to stay was - "Join the Army"! He did, being enlisted as a Sergeant (from Israeli Major, but no matter the pay was heaps better). He was posted to a Cavalry Sqn equipped with Armoured Personnel Carriers and found himself back in Vietnam.

Subsequently this bloke did 15 yrs with the Australian Regular Army before 'retiring' on a Veterans Affairs pension (TPI - Totally and Permanently Incapacitated). This bloke was also a founder of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. This bloke was an orphan and grew up on a children's kibbutz in Israel where due to the border location, military training started at 10 years old with border patrols begun at 13 years old and this bloke came from a family (from grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters parents etc) of 48 people. Only two of this family survived the "White Aryan Brotherhood" and its "gas appliances" and its "German shepherds" and its '"railway sidings". This bloke is now the only survivor of that holocaust and gets just a bit pissed off at cheap so called stereotypical shots at his own kind, including those rich cunts who live in Bellevue Hill NSW.

In case you hadn't yet guessed, the "bloke' that I am referring to is a hairy, ugly bastard who goes by the name of Zev Ben-Avi.

I have personally spent a childhood (if you can call it that) surviving through Adolph Hitler's mad schemes, followed by several years on hostile borders, followed by 11 years of professional soldiering in what is arguably one of the best defence forces in the world, followed by 15 years (including tours in Vietnam) in the Australian Regular Army. I am an expert at survival and I have spent most of my life in defence of the rights of people who cannot defend themselves against those who would put them down - from unsubtle cheap shots to outright genocide.

Zev Ben Avi
A Proud Hebrew

Thats the story he was telling by October 1992.

Unfortunately for Zev Ben-Avi this is easily demonstrated to be an outright tissue of lies.

Firstly, 2 Commando Company was never deployed on Active Service. It was strictly CMF.

Secondly, Ben-Avi was never in the IDF but safely in Coburg, Victoria. Any of these claims can be dismissed as outright lies.

Thirdly, he enlisted as a recruit in the ARA and not as a Sergeant.

Finally, his education and employment history shows that he completed the Intermediate Certificate at Geelong Technical College in February 1956 aged 16 years

He then attended a five years Optical Technical course at Kodak Australia.

Other Employment history shows:
Scientific Optical Labs Adelaide - Mar 63 to Apr 64
Murray Motors Echuca - Apr 64 to Dec 64
Self - Echuca Jan 65 to Oct 65
Tongala Milk - Tongala - Oct 65 to Feb 67
Kodak Research Lab - Coburg - Feb 67 to Mar 68.

So while he claims to have been an Israeli War Hero, he was just a normal everyday Victorian country boy with a fetish about the IDF.

Ben-Avi was born in September 1940. Apply that year of birth to his fanciful claims and you will see how ludicrous his claims are. It is not necessary to refute each individual claim as the whole document is clearly in the realm of the fairies. The Israeli Defense Forces would be interested to know how he has usurped the valour of the Parachute Brigade Commanders and its capture of Jerusalem during the Six Day War.

Coburg is a long way from Jerusalem and Ben - Avi must stand condemned as a valour thief, a wannabe and an outright liar.

When asked by ANZMI about his IDF service, he stood by his claims and offered no proof, as he said it was against IDF policy to do so.


What makes this case all the worse is that Ben-Avi did serve in Vietnam with 3 Cavalry Regiment and was wounded in action. He left the Army with the rank of Sergeant and he should be pleased with that. As you can see however Ben-Avi was never satisfied with being a mere Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) crewman.

To improve his status to a level that he approves of, Ben-Avi has started wearing the South Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry in recent times.

When challenged by ANZMI on his right to wear this medal he replied as follows :

The SVN Cross of Gallantry with palm is an individual award and I was only aware of this some years back when I received a letter from the USA having been promulgated by the Republic of Vietnam government in exile in Department of the Army General Order Number 8 (March 1974). There are two typo errors on the citation. My name has been misspelt -Zev Ben-Ami and my unit has been designated as -Royal Australian Army instead of Zev Ben-Avi and Royal Australian Armoured Corps. The citation reads -"For Individual Valorous Achievments in Support and Combat During The Twenty Year Allied Forces Democratic Mission in The Republic of South Vietnam."
The heading on the citation reads -
Military Assistance Command Vietnam
To all who shall see these, presents, greeting:
Established by the Vietnamese Government by Decree No. 74-b/Qt,
dated 15 August 1950 and Decree No. 96/DQT/HC, dated 2 May 1952.
This is to acknowledge that the President of the Republic of Vietnam
Has ordered that
Awarded to:
Zev Ben-Ami

The Government in Exile was never the recognized Government of South Vietnam and has no authority to issue any medals on behalf of that Government. This award is not approved by the Governor General and amounts to a "Tin" medal that Ben-Avi knows is bogus. The Government in exile is now defunct but when doing business, it was based in Orange Grove California amongst the Vietnamese refugee population who funded it. We are sure that they would have been happy to issue trinkets on request. Again this award is totally without legitimacy and Ben-Avi must remove it from his rack immediately.

It is amazing how often medals just seem to turn up in valour thieves' mailboxes all by themselves. The wearer is still responsible if he or she chooses to wear them, and this is another outright insult to the veteran community from this low life.

Ben-Avi has earned his place on these pages many times over. His offence is so serious that removal of the offending medal and regalia will not suffice. Ben-Avi should apologise to all IDF veterans both here and in Israel. He should never be welcome at any RAAC or Commando function ever again for the damage he has done to their names.

Your shame will remain on public view forever.

Surname: Bennett
Christian Names: Raymond Walter
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:

BENNETT R W Long Tan Veteran.....Not

 a Gunner morphed into a Grunt

In August 1993 a group of Vietnam veterans returned to Phuoc Tuy Province to commemorate the battle of Long Tan at the commemorative "Long Tan Cross".  One of the veterans - Raymond Walter BENNETT who served with the Royal Australian Artillery (Detachment 131 Divisional Locating Battery from Sept 1968 to Jan 1969) was photographed wearing numerous medal ribbons and citations/awards and his behaviour caused suspicion amongst the other veterans.

ANZMI holds two statutory declarations (see attached) to the effect that whilst at the military museum of Long Phuoc BENNETT signed the visitors book dishonestly claiming service with the Sixth Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1966/1967 (indicating he was a veteran of that famous battle), additionally he signed 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1968/1969 - knowing full well that these written entries were false. 

During that tour a remembrance service was held at the Long Tan Cross on the 18th of August and BENNETT had one of the fellow veterans read aloud tributes to his "mates who died that day"  BENNETT became visibly emotional and cried as these tributes were read out - and to a man all there were sympathetic to a fellow veteran in distress - a genuine veteran who through guile and rat cunning had stolen the valor of those 17 members of 6 RAR who made the ultimate sacrifice all those years before.

One of the veterans accompanying the tour asked BENNETT if he could recognize his old unit locations on a tour of the old Task Force area in Phuoc Tuy Province and BENNETT replied "I can't remember where my old lines were" - this stuck a chord of suspicion as he supposedly served two years in the area!!

Acting on his own suspicions, one of the veterans returned to Australia and some years later requested through the National Archives the entire military history of BENNETT's service - it was then that the realization hit him like a thunderbolt - all in attendance that day had been duped - BENNETT had no involvement with any Infantry battalion actions in Vietnam....

As fate would have it - our informant had been handed a photograph of BENNETT at the Long Tan Cross (see photo) and his medal entitlements were false - as were his other accoutrements worn.  Looking at the attached photo we will educate our readers just how inane BENNETT's display was on 18th August 1993:

On his right breast he wears the (US) Meritorious Unit Citation - No Entitlement

Left Breast:  Infantry Combat Badge - No Entitlement

General Service Medal Ribbon - No Entitlement

Vietnam Medal - Entitled

Defence Force Service Medal - No Entitlement

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - No Entitlement

Vietnamese Campaign Medal - No Entitlement

Beret badge of Australian Commando Company - No Entitlement.


BENNETT was contacted by ANZMI and given the opportunity to explain his fraudulent behavior - accompanying the letter was a copy of the recent bogus 6 RAR Long Tan dreamer TISDALE's exposure in the Sydney media - BENNETT capitulated and offered full apologies to ANZMI - his unit of Det 131 Div Loc Bty - all Vietnam veterans and veterans of all conflicts (see reply) He appeared most contrite and requested forgiveness.


From: Ray Bennett <>
Date: 28 September 2010 14:42
Subject: ray
To: enquiries@anzmi.net

rodney  i recieved your letter dated 10/9 after returning from sydney .. sorry for the delay in responding by the date reqested .
my only medal entitlement are
vietnam medal
active service medal
australian service medal
during 1993a small group decided to visit vietnam aug 1993.before leaving i purchased some ribbons and a i c b that i was not
the ribbons were
vietnam campain medal
good conduct [maron and white in color]
a ribbon for effective service[blue and yellow]
a red and gold ribbon
i c b
i wore these ribbons at the long tan memorial service 1993
during 2002 i was confronted about my military service and the incident in 1993
i indecated that as part of my military service earlier had service with 6RAR and also had worked with 4RAR  during op TOAN THANG II
when131  was  at  FSB lion  i think it was in AO CURTIN  and during nov 68 we were then moved to the horseshoe.
i have continuosly regreted the hurt i have caused to veterans and their families and many good friends i have lost due to my misleading and lying to them.
for years i have been living with the guilt and dishonesty of saying what i did and at near 70 i wish i could  understand why i did those things.i raised my son to be a good honest person and to respect others
in 1993 i done the complete oppisite trying to impress others and trying to gain friends i have let a lot of people down having been in a civilian career of trust and someone people relied on to help them
i appologise sincerly for having lied and misled the veteran community and their families and especially to all members of 6RAR and 4RAR
could you please give me time to respond to any emails you send or do you have a
PO BOX  iam still trying to learn about the computer  and how to do emails    
during my service in the army i was posted to 131 div loc bty ..during1993 i let the unit down with my inapropriate actions and portraying that i was someone i was not .
in august 1993 i  returned to vietnam with a small group and  at the long tan memorial service iwore ribbons and i c b which i was not entitled i was with 131 div loc bty from 16 sept 1968 to 14 jan 1969
iappologise to all members and there families of 131div loc bty and to the personell from radar  lp s  bhq when we were tgether there
ray bennett

Again the question must be asked - why would a genuine Vietnam veteran behave in such a disgraceful and disgusting manner?

It is bad enough when those exposed have not pulled a boot on in defence of our country - but why would a genuine veteran feel the need to magnify his service?

ANZMI congratulate the veteran who finally approached us with his research and evidence, it took him some years to steel himself to what do must be done.  There will be those who take the attitude of: "This happened 17 years ago, why not let it go?" - Our reply is simple, 17 members of Delta Company 6 RAR paid the supreme sacrifice at Long Tan 44 years ago - time holds no pardon for those who would walk in the blood of our brothers.  One of ANZMI's investigators lost a very close mate in that horrific battle and cannot forget those brave fellows and their actions on that day so many years ago.

Another photo taken at the Long Tan Cross, Bennett is on the right

Raymond Walter BENNETT will remain on this website for eternity.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Bennett
Christian Names: Peter
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Werribee
Case Notes:


Peter Bennett aged 54 certainly did not look the epitome of your usual Warrant Officer Class One, but he certainly fooled them when he conned his way onto  "Operation Acolyte", the Australian Defence Force security team as part of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games and his way onto RAAF Bases Williams and Point Cook .


As seen by the photo above this sorry individual dresses himself up bemedalled with an Infantry Combat Badge, a Unit citation and the Australian Active Service Medal 1945 - 75, a General Service Medal 1962 - 66, Vietnam Medal which appears to include an MID, National Medal, and Vietnam Campaign Medal. WE wont mention the ill fitting manner he wears Her Majesty's uniform, as this might assist other wannabes who try to impersonate a serviceperson, but suffice to say, it would make any soldier cringe in disgust would be mild to start with.

Somehow he managed to work his way into obtaining a security pass and then was issued with an ADF ID card and further ingratiated himself into an invite to a 90th anniversary at the Sgt's Mess where he rubbed shoulders with dignitaries, such as, the Chief of Air Force, Air Vice Marshal Geoffrey Sheppard.

Bennett was eventually found out and charged with impersonating a Commonwealth Public Official and for making a false declaration. He pleaded guilty to the charges and awaits sentencing. he told the magistrate, after admitting to similar offences in the 1960's and 1970's, that he had volunteered for National Service but was rejected as medically unfit.

Outside the court, Bennett told reporters, " I have not hurt anyone, not stole anything, acted for money, or planned anything sinister. Wrong. Bennett your are a convicted armed robber, you stole then under arms and now you have stolen the honour corps, rank and medals of genuine veterans, when you played your dress up game, and in doing so have offended the memory of every serviceman who didn't make it home.

His dress and bearing whilst in uniform can only be described as porcine. Not content with depicting himself as being an Infantry Warrant Officer, he is wearing medals that could make him a veteran of Malaysia and Vietnam with MID (Mentioned in Despatches) clasp attached and has added to these a National Medal and a set of wings to indicate he is a qualified military parachutist.

Bennett laments, "ANZAC Day, won't be good this year!!"

"If the Army had accepted me all those years ago, I probably wouldn't have ended in the trouble I have, he said".  Peter Bennett, you never made the grade then and didn't again. It was only by lax security you bluffed your way in.

Your above statements indicate you have no remorse for your actions.

Bennett is not a veteran and has never served in any military force anywhere anytime and as such you will live the rest of your life on this webpage.

Full reports are shown in the newspaper clippings below.


Veterans everywhere loathe lying scoundrels of Peter Bennett's ilk, veteran and serviceman are urged to keep watch for Peter Bennett and report him to the Federal Police if he is seen in the vicinity of a Defence establishment.

If you are a follower of ANZMI you may notice a trend that wannabe's are getting bolder by the day, have a look at some wannabe's on our cases pages;



The effort these wannabes have undertaken astounds genuine veterans, not only have they dressed up but also have once again managed to gain entry into so called secure area's of the Australian Defence Force. Is this further evidence that resources are not being directed in securing offences under the Defence Act. As you will note from the attached newspaper articles, Bennett was not charged with two very appropriate offences under the Defence Act 1903, each of which carry a penalty of $3,300.00 fine and 6 months imprisonment.  Those offences are Section 80A, Falsely representing to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman: and Section 80B, Improper Use of Service Decoration.  This moron is guilty of both offences and could, quite properly, be sentenced to a fine of $6, 600.00 and imprisonment for a period of 12 months.

ANZMI extends a big thank you to all the veterans, serving members and media personnel who alerted us to the exposure of this miscreant.  Please keep us advised of the end result once this fool has finished in the courts. 

ANZMI also find it ironic that when the Defence Department are embarrassed by the likes of Bennett's and Nicholson, they are charged and front court, but when the general veteran population catch out the wannabes and request they be charged the only thing that happens is they appear on our pages.  If Bennett's and Nicholson can cause embarrassment and concern for the Government then why wont they prosecute those the veterans expose?   After all we were your servants, we did our job and now all we want is this Service and our Honour protected from the likes of those mentioned above.   We invite you to comment to us via this address.  enquiries@anzmi.net   We know you read our pages on a regular basis.

19 May 2007

We gather that 80 hours of community service is considered by the courts to be a sufficient punishment for this fool.   Its a pity that the judge did not also apply the appropriate fine for wearing service decorations and Military uniform as well.  We can only think that still we are not in the public interest so an appropriate fine and possible jail sentence is still out of the question.  One will not go on to even consider that this bloke made it inside Defence, got an issued ID card and socialised with our Defence heads.   If he can do it then could a terrorist with more sinister ideas do the same?   What is it going to take for the law makers/enforcers to impose an appropriate punishment to stop these people?  It seems clear that "admiration and respect" for real veterans was not a consideration of the courts when handing out this punishment of 80 hours community service.....or is that community service to be done in a veteran's hospital so that Bennett's can see the effects of real service on real veterans.   We think not.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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