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Surname: Ackling
Christian Names: Steve
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Case Notes:

Steve Ackling, described as a "club staffer" in the Bribie Island Returned and Services Leagues Club magazine, BEACON, doesn't have pleasant memories of when he was a Sergeant medic during the Gulf war. Despite this Steve was quite happy to pose for a photograph dressed in Army gear on the guard of honour at the unveiling of the memorial wall in Vietnam Veterans Park, on Bribie Island on 13 May 2000. 

Steve can relate quite easily to his four months on active service in Kuwait as a Sergeant in the Australian Army Medical Corps and he will tell you how he helped treat the many American and British wounded. As he said "It's an experience I would never want to have again". The trouble with this statement is, that this "experience" of the Gulf War for Steve Ackling, was watching the world's first and very publicised live TV war, on the television set in his home in Australia. 

All Steve's stories of battles and wounded soldiers has been concocted from what he saw there on the screen in his living room! Steve Ackling does have some military service. He did serve for a period of 5 years in the Australian Army Medical Corps as a medical assistant [Private soldier] between 1981 and 1986. However, he has NO overseas service. CPMH wonders what service is reflected on his membership record at the Bribie Island Returned and Services League where he is employed as "a club staffer".



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Agard
Christian Names: Terrence John
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: South Burnett
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Agard 1

UPDATED 12 Oct 2013 (time actually spent in Vietnam)

Terence John AGARD, R65362 a South Burnett resident served in the Royal Australian Navy and did two trips on HMAS Vampire escorting HMAS Sydney to Vung Tau in April and May 1967 which gave him a total of 18 days service in Vietnam according to the Nominal Roll.

In actual fact he did not spend 18 days in Vung Tau, the days are counted from the day the ship left a and returned to the port it departed from or when it met up with HMAS Sydney and ceased its escort at sea.

On 20 Apr 67 the Vampire stayed in Vung Tau harbour for 16 hours 30 minutes and on 30 Apr 67 stayed for 7 hours 55 minutes being a total time of 24 hours 25 minutes which is a big difference of the 18 days on his record.

Terence AGARD is wearing the South Vietnamese Campaign Medal which he is not entitled to. A total of 180 days in South Vietnam was the requirement to be awarded that medal.

The photograph was taken on Rememberance Day 2012 at the Nannago RSL QLD. It is ironic that he attended the service knowing full well he was wearing an official medal he is not entitled to. This shows what little respect he has for those veterans that never made it back.

Below is the medal he is not entitled to.

Agard 2

The only Vietnam medal he is entitled to is the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal as seen below.

Agard 3


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: AITKEN
Christian Names: Sam William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Hervey Bay
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 2001
Completion of service: 2004
Case Notes:


Sam William Aitken from Hervey Bay is a wannabe and liar.


According to Aitken, he had a very exciting stint with the Australian Army, however in reality, his service was all in Australia and very ordinary. He served as a private rifleman with 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) from 2001 to 2004. He had no operational service and earned no domestic or overseas medals.

Aitken claims to have been a Sniper with, 1RAR. Being a sniper is prestigious, and the new fashion for wannabes. To be one, you need to be an outstanding rifleman in a rifle platoon. At some stage in your career, if you are doing well enough, you will be able to apply for a specialist sniper course, if you get selected and pass the sniper course, you may be transferred internally within the Battalion from a Rifle Company, to Support Company, of which, Snipers are part of the Reconnaissance Platoon.

He claims to have served in East Timor in 1999, as a support asset with Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), infiltrating tactical areas via parachute.

He says he was in the army for twenty years, in particular the SASR special forces.

As a result of his war experience, claims to have been part of a Private Military Company (PMC), within the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO), working in Iraq, Iran , Afghanistan and Africa. Boasts of killing many Arabs during his time within PMC service.

Claims to be an unidentifiable soldier in Afghanistan, shown in video war scenes in his possession.

He hunted and killed poachers in South Africa, earning $3,000 per day.

Just got back from killing insurgents in Afghanistan.

Because of his intensive service, he "gets regular medical treatment via telephone from the Army".

Aitken uses his military service, as an excuse for his bad behaviour, and also seeks solace from vulnerable woman, to whom he tells of his false war torn life.

Boasts of "having weapons, beyond belief".

He "travels regularly overseas spending significant time in the wilderness of USA and Asia".

Aitken is the epitome of a wannabe and valour thief, he served with an Infantry Battalion only in Australia, and did not complete his enlistment contract.

He has extrapolated the little he knows about military service into an heroic saga of overseas service in war zones.

We welome Aitken to ANZMI's Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) where he is accompanied by hundreds of his ilk.

Surname: Allen
Christian Names: Rodney Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yorkeys Knob
Service: ARA
Branch: 6 RAR, Infantry
Commencement of service: Oct 06
Completion of service: Nov 11
Case Notes:




Rodney Michael Allen is 33 years old and resides near Cairns in Far North Queensland. His interests include being extensively tattooed and wearing military medals that he has not been awarded.

In the above photograph Allen is wearing the following medals -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal with clasp ICAT. (entitled)

2. Afghanistan Medal. (entitled)

3. Australian Service Medal with clasp Timor Leste. (not entitled)

4. Australian Defence Medal. (entitled)

5. NATO Medal with clasp ISAF (entitled)

6. Timor Leste Solidarity Medal. (not entitled.)

Following Australian Army Recruit Training in 2006, Allen was posted to 6 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) as a Private Rifleman. This was following the return of the Battalion from a deployment to East Timor. Allen served for 5 years in the Australian Regular Army, however, he never served in Timor.

In early 2010, the Battalion went to Afghanistan as part of the 1st Mentoring Task Force named Operation Slipper. The Battalion returned to Australia in late 2010 and Allen was discharged from the Army in 2011.

We have no reason to doubt that Allen carried out his duties as an Infantry Soldier in Afghanistan in a satisfactory manner. He has also been awarded the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) and the Returned from Active Service Badge.

Allen has no entitlement to the Australian Service Medal with clasp Timor Leste or the Timor Lest Solidarity Medal.

Why a genuine Afghanistan veteran of the Australian Regular Army would blatantly embellish his service by wearing unearned medals is hard to comprehend.

To answer this question, Allen was contacted by Anzmi and his medal display in the above photograph was questioned.

He subsequently responded and stated that his genuine medals officially awarded are the AASM with clasp ICAT, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Australian Defence Medal and the NATO medal with ISAF clasp.

Allen then went on to say that ," Clearly this has come to your attention over me wearing one of my fellow 6 RAR mates replica set gongs (sic) with the Timor medal attached. The only one not awarded to me".

Allen continued by claiming inter alia, "that he was asked by some of his 6 RAR mates to come along and march to remember all the mates he lost." He stated, "that being late notice and as he had lost his medals, a mate gave him his old set to keep/wear as he is still serving, and has a new set from a further upgrading of medals. I have only worn this twice as they were both last minute decisions and as I hadn't ordered a new set at the time".

He then surprisingly claimed that, "The only tour we talk about, think about is Afghanistan 2010, no one I was with or spoke to, gave a shit about the unissued Timor gong. But apparently someone has taken offence to a piss ant trip like the little Timor gong that wasn't issued to me."

There are some noteable inconsistencies in Allen's versions of events. He states that the Timor Medal, (The Timor Leste Solidarity Medal) is the "only one not awarded to me" He conveniently forgets that he was also wearing the ASM with clasp Timor Leste. He also admits that he wore these medals on two occasions. You would think that he would know how many medals were on the rack that he had been "given" by his mate and more importantly, what the medals represented. Also the fact that he was not only entitled to wear two of the medals, he was not entitled to wear any of them. They were not his!

If you believe his version of events, then he should have more sense than to wear a rack of medals on two occasions that were not issued to him.

Allen demeans his fellow colleagues who served in Timor by stating that, "someone has taken offence to a piss ant trip like the little Timor gong that wasn't issued to me." We are certain that all Australian Military personnel who served in East Timor would not appreciate those disrespectful remarks. He obviously has no respect for Australian traditions and protocols.

We are aware that Allen has been wearing these unauthoried medals for some time. He has purchased them and placed them on his rack. We had previously been informed that Allen had been told on "numerous" occasions by colleagues to remove the two medals that he has not been awarded from his court mounted rack. That advice has obviously fallen on deaf ears and he has made the decision to continue to wear them.

For that strange decision he will remain on our website for evermore.

Surname: Allen
Christian Names: Graham Stanley
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bowraville
Service #: R62950
Service: RAN
Branch: Not Known
Commencement of service: Mar 1964
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:



Ah; a life on the ocean waves! Enough to tempt any young man to sign on and see the world and so it was for young Graham Stanley Allen. Perhaps Graham was full of pride and maybe a little 'piss and vinegar' as he entered naval service in March 1964. His service was long and we would presume, honourable, except for a small point. Graham Allen is a medal thief!

Allen lives in a beautiful part of NSW, the Nambucca, on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Here he is apparently enjoying his retirement years with some community involvement in a number of activities. These include being president of the local military museum, a similar position with Bowraville Bowling & Recreation Club, as well as membership of the local Sub-branch of the RSL. These activities are very laudable and Graham Allen is to be commended for his community service.

In the above photo, the medals worn by Allen suggest a man who has not only performed long and valuable service to his country but has also seen active duty in the waters of the then Republic of South Vietnam. Unfortunately, things are not what they seem. We believe the medals in the photograph are:

The Defence Service Medal (with one clasp): Entitled
Vietnam Logistic Support Medal: Not Entitled
(unidentified but possibly the Australian Active Service Medal): Not Entitled
The National Medal: Entitled
The Australian Defence Medal: Entitled.

For good measure Mr Allen also wears a Returned from Active Service Badge on his coat lapel. He is also not entitled to wear this badge. These can be purchased on-line for $12 (including postage).

So what is the evidence ANZMI can present in the case of Graham Stanley Allen? For a start, he is not listed on the Vietnam Nominal roll, which is considered very accurate www.vietnamroll.gov.au/ . From information we have it seems that the only ships Allen served aboard up until 1970 were HMAS Melbourne and Hobart. Our information indicates that Allen did not serve aboard HMAS Melbourne at any time when it was within SVN waters.

HMAS Hobart saw 3 tours of duty on the SVN gunline between 1967 and late 1970. However, Graham Allen's name does not appear on crew lists for the Hobart during those 3 tours. www.gunplot.net/main/content/crew-list-h...-1st-2nd-deploymentswww.gunplot.net/main/content/crew-list-h...obart-3rd-deployment

Once again we have the case of a former long-serving ADF member who has every right to be proud of his service, as well as his community activities but who chooses instead to wear medals that he is not entitled to. It is not only dishonest but is a slap in the face of all veterans who served their country. Shame Graham Allen, shame!

Surname: Amiet
Christian Names: Charles Albert
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

Charles Albert Amiet

Amiet is an ex RAAF Serviceman who spent his short stint of service in Australia, however he now tells of his RAAF “service” in Vietnam and also as a member of the elite Special Air Services Regiment (SASR)




Amiet joined the Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) on the 26 August 1968 and was discharged 18 September 1970 as "Medically unfit for further service".  Amiet’s total service encompassed Two years and Twenty Three days. Below is a copy of his Certificate of Discharge

After his recruit training at Edinburgh, South Australia, Amiet was posted to RAAF Base Point Cook in Victoria, into the position of “General Hand” where he stayed until his discharge.

Shown below are the contents of a Statutory Declaration provided by a genuine Vietnam Veteran. On Vietnam Veteran’s Day,18 August 2012 the writer of the Statutory Declaration saw Amiet wearing a Vietnam Veterans’ ‘Baseball” cap at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.  Amiet was forming up to march with an Infantry Battalion contingent. The baseball cap he was wearing had Vietnam medal ribbons embroidered on the front. As a result the person provided a Statutory Declaration detailing information previously told to him by Amiet.

Statutory Declaration contents:

"While living in Sale in the 1990's I met a person by the name of Chas Amiet.  In the course of conversation he mentioned that he also was blind in one eye and told me that while in Vietnam as a door gunner on choppers and incoming round went straight up the barrel of his M60 and it exploded in his face to which I mockingly replied "F... that was a good shot".  It was about then I became suspicious of his claims to have served in Vietnam. Strike two for Chas was when I purchased the book "Vietnam Remembered" which contains the names of all who served in Vietnam.  I searched all RAAF units and could not find any reference to Amiet.  I subsequently invited Chas over for a coffee and showed him the book and suggested he should see if his name was there pointing out my own.  My suggestion to check was met with shuffling of feet and a disclosure from Chas that he was so pissed off about poor treatment on RTA he destroyed any record that he was ever in Vietnam and threw away his medals.  He continued to peruse the book and upon seeing a picture of a chopper started trembling stating that was his chopper.  My response was "Did you fly in American choppers?" and as quick as a flash he responded that he was attached to an American unit"  Chas also advised me that he attained the ranks of Senior Non Commissioned Officer "Warrant Officer Discipline" - the highest rank before one attains an Officer commission.”

Further research revealed Amiet’s name on a website containing an article written by Amiet, whereby he tells of his RAAF and Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) service.


Amiet is not listed on the Department of Veterans' Affair’s nominal roll of Vietnam Veterans, nor in the two volumes of the SASR publications that list all SASR personnel who served from the 1950s. 

It is a fact that Amiet is an ex-serviceman who served for only a very short period and has seen the need to "Hollywood" his service. Amiet’s service is mostly fantasy and he now pays the price by having his disgraceful conduct published for all the world to see. 

ANZMI have detractors who may voice the opinion that we have no compassion and relentlessly hunt pretenders. Be advised that ANZMI take a very compassionate stance for all the next of kin of Australian and New Zealand Servicemen killed in action.

Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice deserve nothing less.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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