Surname: Scott
Christian Names: Ian
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bodalla
Service: Citizens Military Forces
Case Notes:

Ian Scott the crooked Divisional Commander

In our hall of infamy we already have more than one wannabe from the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and now we have Ian Scott of Bodalla, NSW. Before he was sacked from the position, he was the Divisional Commander of the RVCP base at Narooma , NSW,  who was big noting himself as a Vietnam and Malaya Veteran to his subordinates.

 Despite being exposed as a blatant dishonest wannabe and being stripped of his position of authority the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol  has allowed this dishonest wannabe to remain in its ranks.

Whether the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol promoted him to the position, taking into consideration his false Malayan and Vietnam Service is not known. Wannabes certainly have a penchant to push themselves into positions of prominence in Ex-Service Organisations, Cadet Units and organizations run along military lines like the Volunteer Coastal Patrol, this is especially so where uniforms are worn. Others who feature on our web site - Russell “Chuck” Walters was also a Divisional Commander from the Merimbula NSW area and Russell Lee Jones was from the Taree area of NSW. Jones, to better his position in the Coastal Patrol, was pretending to be an ex Navy officer. (Have a look at these two previously exposed wannabes after reading about Ian Scott)




The medal ribbons Scott is wearing in the photo indicate service in Malaya and Vietnam and by his own very quiet admission he is not a Veteran and his only service was with a Citizens Military Forces Communications unit in Melbourne. When he was cornered by an alert veteran organization  he very quietly confessed to falsely wearing medals. We are reliably advised that he claims to have “found” the medal ribbon bar at a rubbish tip and out of patriotic fervour decided to wear it.  We are also reliably advised that Scott claims to have apologized and handed back the medal ribbon to Vietnam Veterans , however  he did not hand the medals back, and none of the Veterans we have communicated with from his area were aware of an apology,  if  it  happened it must have been whispered up a deserted street at midnight.    


Ian Scott is a simpleton wannabe, falsely claiming Malayan and Vietnam Service.  We all learned in the Army that proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance. With regard to Scott’s charade his preparation and planning was very sparse. His Defence Force service was very limited and is described as follows:


He said he was a Citizens Military Forces Corporal serving in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals in the early 1960s when he was asked if he wanted six weeks holiday in Vietnam. He jokes that he didn’t even know where Vietnam was but agreed to go and ended up serving in Vietnam for over a year working with ‘Training Team three” in the elite and highly decorated Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, and with US Forces in Vietnam and Cambodia. In conversations with real Vietnam Veterans his conversations were always vague, when asked where he served he would say “Ah, all over the place, yeh served at the Dat.” 


Just about any genuine Veteran would cough into his ale if he heard that story and that is precisely why Scott now graces our web site.


In recent times we have had a run of simpleton wannabes, enhancing their life stories by claiming to have been to war with the Australian Defence Force. Making such claims particularly to gain benefit by promotion in an organization or simply to feed an inferiority complex will not be tolerated by the genuine Veteran community.


ANZMI has thousands of eyes and ears all over Australia and in other parts of the world helping us to guarantee the integrity of the Veteran community.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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