Date of Entry: 05/12/2020
Surname: MacFarlane
Christian Names: John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Tin Can Bay
Case Notes:


John MacFarlane, is now Commander, of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Flotilla 17, Tin Can Bay. He has had previous Defence Service, as indicated by the Defence Force Long Service Medal with 20 year Rosette.

McFarlane 1

MacFarlane has tacked, a non approved medal on to his official medal rack. The problem, is the International Year of Volunteer Medal, which is not approved for wear by the Governor General of Australia. It can be purchased for $45 and is sometimes issued to individuals, by misguided organizations, in this case either by his own hand, or the Australian Coast Guard.

MacFarlane 2

As a person with 20 years Defence Service, MacFarlane should know better, than to wear this medal with his Defence Medals on his left breast. If it is worn, in may be worn on the right breast.

John MacFarlane is welcomed aboard HMAS ANZMI, where, because of his volunteer work, will know what to do if the vessel springs a leak. On arrival aboard he should remove the "Tin" Volunteer medal, as if the ship founders, and he has to swim, the extra weight of the "tin" medal will reduce his buoyancy.

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