Surname: Loveridge
Christian Names: Allen J
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Allen J Loveridge – aka “The Pathetic Parasite” is a Wannabe, Liar, Fraud, Conman, Cheat, Sponger and Loverat.

According to Allen J Loveridge who “crawls” around the Campsie, Parramatta, Merrylands area of Sydney NSW, he is an Army Commissioned Officer who graduated from Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC) and is on continuous “Secret Missions” to world wide destinations



Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are not good places to make ridiculous claims about your “military career”, particularly if you have never pulled on a military boot of any kind.  See Loveridge’s Facebook and LinkedIn entries




Notice the ridiculous claims made by Loveridge in the documents


Document 1.

He states in the column on the right that he is one of the people being transported to the Navy ship.

Document 2.

Says he is:

An Australian Army Captain, serving with 6th Brigade.

A combat Specialist.

An Intelligence Specialist.

An Infantry Officer.

Document 3.

Claims to be:

Allan Loveridge  "Intell Australian Defence Force, who was educated at “Australian Royal Military Collage” (sic)". The idiot can’t even spell College.

Loveridge claims to be a secret agent for the Australian army who graduated from RMC two years ago, as no less than a captain, and claims to have been to Iraq, Afghanistan, and all around the world. Says he was recruited as a “computer hacker” and goes on overseas missions, earning three thousand dollars per week

Even though he boasts about his high pay, he never has cash. He explains this as being because he “donates his pay to a Children’s Hospital Charity Fund to avoid tax”.

Loveridge is the lowest form of conman, who uses the ploy of being an Army “Secret Agent” to charm, and then sponge off vulnerable young women. He lodges in their house, pays nothing towards his “board and keep”, tells lies about paying household expenses, and then when it all catches up with him he moves on. Many have subsequently incurred debt and financial hardship due to his ongoing deception and false promises of restitution

One of his partners often dropped him off at a Sydney Military establishment where he pretended to work, but he would return back home a few hours later.

In recent times we have intercepted text messages sent to and from Loveridge -  Allan J Loveridge, Super Spy. They make amusing reading

27 May 13

“ Me - hey where are you

Down in Canberra working at Royal Military College Duntroon Intelligence training cadets

Me - really”

28 May 13

Yeah been down here all weekend. Leave tomorrow for Western Australia (WA)

me - why are you going to WA

Work took my self off medical leave so now I'm back at work full time I pretty much get sent around a lot then from WA will be going to Afghanistan for 3 months

me - Well you and xxxx broke up so I assumed that was cos of you going back to xxxxxx.

No idea what she was thinking. I told her I'm gonna stay on base and will come over but it's better for our relationship if we spend some time apart and a few days later she ended it so it was like well meh. (sic)

me - I just assumed you went back to xxxxxx

Nope who told you that

me- xxxxxx did

Via text? She didn't tell you why?

me -She told me on the phone but I didn’t push the issue as it was recent

Who told you we broke up?

me - Oh. Sorry. I just assumed that you had gone back. So who are you with now.

No one. Taking time to resort (sic) out my life. Pretty much we broke up cause I took my self off medical leave I got emails when I'm working but never what time so I couldn't tell her and she got shitty over that then she started getting shitty cause I had a kid with xxxxx and she couldn't deal with it and when I would get a msg from xxxxxx about xxxxx she would snap so I left so we where (sic) not together 24/7 and have some time apart and she couldn't handle that so she started going on with hatefully words so pretty much it was tit for tat and yeah. So I figured after court when I went to work to just move back on base cause she couldn't deal with xxxx and me having xxxxx   Pretty much where it was heading for was I had to pick between her and xxxxx and if she was gonna make me pick she was going to lose. He's my son yeah the situation was fucked up but I'm not gonna leave my son to grow up with out a father for some girl.

me - Well I will give you a call at Duntroon tomorrow to say hello. It would be good to catch up.

Won't be there tomorrow I'm leaving here in like 4 hours back to Sydney

me - what happened with going to WA and then afghanistan?

Leaving duntroon at 5am to go back to Sydney then from Sydney to WA then WA to Afghanistan via navy

me - Why Afghanistan when we are drawing troops out. Nothing left to do.

Yes there is, we are the primary training to the afghan army now. Although we are withdrawing our troops we are still there to train them and bring our stuff back

me -What stuff are you bringing back. Lunch boxes and beer cans?

We have a lot of equipment over there that has to be brought back.

me -OK I will email you then

Can't no email access at Richmond RAAF base”


There it is, two days in the life of Loveridge - Allan J Loveridge Super Spy, who is really a pathetic Wannabe, Liar, Fraud, Conman, Cheat, Sponger and Loverat.

We have unearthed other “Loverat Secret Service” scum on this web site here are some of them:




As well as the immorality of what Loveridge is doing by interfering in the lives of vulnerable women, he is also committing offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Section 80A whereas he is falsely claiming to be a returned veteran. That offence has a maximum penalty of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Have no doubt; Loveridge is an insipid, despicable low down parasite who could never hold any position in the Australian Defence Force, but he will hold a position on this web site for the rest of his life.  From now on, any person who types his name into a computer Search Engine will discover the truth about  Loveridge - Allan J Loveridge - codenamed “The pathetic parasite”

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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