Surname: Taylor
Christian Names: Anthony Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Cardiff
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Branch: Craftsman
Commencement of service: 12 Apr 1961
Completion of service: 30 Mar 1965
Case Notes:

2116373, Anthony Robert Taylor of Valentine, near Cardiff, New South Wales, is a “forgetful” Fraud and a “wishful” Wannabee.

It appears that he has not only coloured his hair, but he has also coloured his military service.

According to his military records below, Taylor served with the Australian Citizens Military Forces, (CMF) from April, 1961 to July, 1963.  He then served for a further four months from November 1964 until March, 1965.  He served as a Craftsman in 5 Field Squadron, 1 Division Provost Company and 103 Infantry Brigade Workshop.

In December, 2012, Taylor attended Cardiff RSL Sub Branch and applied to join as a former Returned Active Service member of the Australian Army.  Initially, he claimed that he was a member of 5 Field Squadron, 1st Field Engineers.  He claimed in his application that he enlisted in the Australian Army Reserves in 1961 and was discharged in 1968.  He stated that -;

“I served in Vung Tau, Vietnam in 1964 or 1965 with “1 Div. Provost Unit.”   

He was unable to provide a Discharge Certificate, a Returned from Active Service Badge or Campaign medals.

Interestingly, Taylor stated, -; “ that as a CMF Private attached to 1 Div. Provost Unit,  I was suddenly sent to Vietnam covertly, to observe and photograph United States Forces placing drugs in body bags to be shipped back to the States.”

When further questioned, he could not remember who he messed with, (i.e. who provided him with quarters and rations) other than to say that -;

“I messed with any Australian Battalion that I could.  I was told by a Sergeant in Australia before deployment that my service would never be recognized.”

There is no doubt about that.                

There were no Australian Battalions in Vietnam in 1964.  1 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment arrived in Vietnam in June, 1965, and was based at Bien Hoa, north of Saigon. 1 Div. Provost Unit arrived in June, 1966.

Cardiff RSL Sub Branch committee refused Taylor’s application on the basis of their suspicions as detailed above and sent him a letter advising him of their decision. On receipt of the refusal letter, Taylor returned to the Sub Branch and has now stated that -;

“I want to alter my dates of Active Service to 1968.”

His memory must have deteriorated so much so, that he cannot recall what year he served in Vietnam or who he messed with. He was informed that the refusal decision still remains. 

Can you imagine an Australian Private being sent on a covert mission to Vietnam to photograph US Troops placing dope in body bags.

The only dope in this story, is Anthony Robert Taylor.  

There is no mention of Taylor on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs nominal roll of Vietnam veterans. He has no record of Active Service at Central Army Records Office. He is a cunning liar and a complete buffoon, who is obviously intent on manipulating the system to his own advantage. 

He will try again, but no doubt with another RSL Sub Branch. All Sub Branches should be aware of this wannabee.

Cardiff RSL Sub Branch Committee is to be congratulated for their due diligence in exposing this fraud.

Taylor has committed an offence under the Defence Act 1903, Section 80A by representing himself to be a returned serviceman.

Anthony Robert Taylor, you have earned a place on our web site forever, for your shocking memory, your lies and your stupidity.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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