Date of Entry: 10/03/2018
Surname: Kerr
Christian Names: William Raymond
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: Northland
City or Town: MAngawhai
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: U18564
Service: RNZN
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Oct 69
Case Notes:



William Raymond Kerr of Mangawhai, from the Northlands Region of New Zealand’s North Island, is a person without conscience or honour. He is the perfect example of a military fraud and he represents the reason why ANZMI exists today.

Kerr was a originally a member of the Onehunga Returned and Services Association (RSA) in Auckland, New Zealand. He let his membership lapse. In 2009, Kerr and his wife eventually decided to move north, where they settled in the township of Mangawhai, about 2 hours drive north of Auckland.

Within 2 years he was President of the nearby Hakaru RSA. A respected position within the community. He remained on the RSA committee as President for the next 6 years.


When Kerr joined the Hakaru RSA in 2009, he had not been a member of the RSA for a number of years. He was asked the usual questions about his service and requested to provide proof of that service.

He then submitted two documents to convince the committee that he was the real deal and a genuine “Returned Serviceman”

The below mentioned document is a copy of his “New Zealand Armed Forces Certificate of Release”.


The Date of Release indicated on this document is wrong. His actual date of discharge from the RNZN was October, 1969 and not November, 1970. He has provided the wrong date and forged this certificate.

The below document is his application to join the Hakaru and Districts Memorial RSA. Kerr has indicated on this form that he is a “Returned Member”.


Within a short time of his membership being accepted, Kerr began attending official commemorative functions at the Hakaru RSA and other venues. Two years later, he was President of the Branch.


The above photograph depicts the NZ Military Medals worn by Kerr on each occasion at these functions. They are -;


NZ Operational Service Medal NOT ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand Operational Service Medal
The New Zealand Operational Service Medal (NZOSM) was instituted in 2002 for award to New Zealanders who have undertaken operational service since 3 September 1945. The start date is the day after the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay, and is also the day after qualifying service towards medals for Second World War service (including the New Zealand War Service Medal) ended.


The Vietnam Medal. NOT ENTITLED.

About the Vietnam Medal
The Vietnam Medal was instituted in 1968 to recognise New Zealanders who served in the Vietnam War. It was awarded for qualifying periods of 1 day on land, 1 operational sortie by air, 28 days at sea off the coast or 30 days cumulative visits, between 29 May 1964 and 27 January 1973 (the latter date was the date of the signing of the Paris Accords).

  New Zealand General Service Medal (WarlikeNOT ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand General Service Medal 1992 (Warlike)
This medal was instituted in 1992. It was issued in silver to recognise service in warlike operations for which no separate New Zealand or British Commonwealth campaign medal was issued. By the time it was replaced in 2002, four clasps had been issued for warlike operations between 1956 and 1991 in the Suez Canal region, Malaya, Vietnam and Kuwait.


New Zealand Defence Service Medal. ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand Defence Service Medal
The New Zealand Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) was instituted in April 2011 to recognise attested military service since 3 September 1945. The Royal Warrant for the NZDSM allows for one or more clasps to be awarded with the medal. The number of clasps awarded to an individual will be determined by the type(s) of military service.


Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal NOT ENTITLED.

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal was awarded by the Government of South Vietnam to New Zealand and Australian forces who served for six months in Vietnam between 1964 and 1973. The Sovereign approved the wearing of the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal by eligible New Zealand personnel in 1966.

During his Presidency, some of the Hakarua RSA members commenced having doubts about Kerr’s alleged Vietnam service. Some of the comments made by Kerr indicated that he may not have been the Vietnam veteran that he claimed to be.

During 2016, inquiries were made with the NZ Defence Force Personnel Archives, where it was ascertained that Kerr had no operational service during his RNZN service. He was entitled to the NZ Defence Force Service Medal only.

Subject: RE: Medal entitlement - unclassified

Hi xxxxx(name deleted),

Thank you for the email enquiry regarding medal entitlement for WRA Kerr (18564)

I have checked his records and confirm that for his service he is only eligible for the NZ Defence Service Medal. According to our records the medal remain unclaimed. Attached herewith please find an application form to claim the medal.

Signed xxxxxx(name deleted)
NZDF Personnel Archives &Medals
Private Bag 905 I Trentham Military Camp I Upper Hutt 5140

As a result of these inquiries Kerr was referred to the local Police. He was charged with wearing NZ military medals that he was not entitled to wear. He subsequently pleaded guilty and was fined $500.00 at the North Shore District Court for his deceit and fraudulent behaviour.

Kerr is a military fraud who should just wander off into obscurity. He has no place in the veteran community. He is a disgrace.

The below article was published following Kerr’s conviction.

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