Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Littlewood
Christian Names: Jason
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Formerly of Geelong current whereabouts unknown
Service: None
Case Notes:

Jason Littlewood - A Facebook Phantom of the Jungle.


Facebook is a medium where a person can make themself into a legend. There are many such false legends on this web site, they are people who have created a sham military history for themselves and plastered it on Facebook for all to see. Jason Littlewood is such a person. See details of his facebook page here:


Littlewood says he works at "SASR australian special forces" (sic) Meaning Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) located at Swanbourne, Western Australia. He also tells of his studies at Harvard University. There are not many Harvard trained SASR Troopers wandering around, (sorry, meant marching around) Swanbourne.

The SASR Association are concerned that Littlewood is not a member, and invite him to produce his credentials and be embraced by a very elite group who welcome fellow travellers.

We believe that the SASR Association will be disappointed to find that Littlewood is just another lying wannabe trying to enhance his persona by claiming to be a member of the very famous SAS Regiment.

There is no trace of Jason Littlewood ever serving anywhere in the Australian Defence Force.

We know that Littlewood, grew up in, and resided in Geelong Victoria, but is no longer there. We are advised that he may now be somewhere in the Sunshine Coast area in Southern Queensland.

We believe that Littlewood has no Military experience at all, and his only legendary activity will be getting his name on our web site as a liar and a wannabe.

Surname: Slingsby
Christian Names: Graham John
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Bligh Park
Service: Serving RAAF Commissioned Officer
Case Notes:

Graham John Slingsby, about 45 years of age, is a deceitful character determined to get his way. He is a manipulator of the truth, a fraud, an imposter and a blatant liar. He is currently a Flying Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. (RAAF)


Some wannabees on this site tell us incredible stories of their bravery whilst in combat, during hazardous secret missions that they have trouble talking about. However, when we ask for documentation of their bravery, they say it has all been destroyed for security reasons.

However, Graham John Slingsby is a different kettle of fish. Slingsby was happy to provide us with documentation that he thought supported his story that he was a former highly decorated NSW Police Officer who had been awarded the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct' award before he joined the Royal Australian Air Force. Slingsby proudly wears this National Commendation for Brave Conduct award on ceremonial occasions like Anzac Day and other official ceremonies.

The National Commendation for Brave Conduct is a silver gilt sprig of mimosa on a blood- red backing ribbon and is worn on the left side.

In the photograph below, Slingsby is wearing a Royal Australian Air Force Flying Officer's uniform with the National "Commendation for Brave conduct" ribbon and the National Medal for 15 years service in the NSW Police Force. This photograph was taken at a recent Anzac Day ceremony and can be found on his Face Book page.


The National Commendation for Brave Conduct is a prestigious bravery award that is bestowed among members of the public including Police Officers for outstanding acts of bravery. Recognition for this award is only achieved when the actions of a person are reported and formally reviewed by the Honours Secretariat and then this information is placed before a the Australian Bravery Decorations Council consisting of fourteen representatives from within Australia. These members then decide if the actions are worthy of an appropriate award.

These include, (1) the Cross of Valour (CV), (2) The Star of Courage (SC), (3) The Bravery Medal (BM) and (4) The Commendation for Brave Conduct. As you can see, the Commendation for Brave Conduct is ranked 4 in importance and is an honorable award.

When these awards are approved, the recipients on all occasions attend Government House and the medal is bestowed upon them by the Governor General in appropriate and moving ceremonies.

Slingsby came under our radar when we were directed to his Face Book page by a reader who saw his photo and recognised him as a former Police Officer in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales in the 90's and early 2000s. It appeared to the reader that the bravery award he was wearing was suspicious.

Slingsby joined the NSW Police in 1987 as a 19 year old. He served as a Police Officer until he left in 2005. He had 18 years service and was awarded the National Medal for 15 years service. He served in the Wagga Wagga area in general duties. He then joined the RAAF in 2006 and commenced Officer Training School, left and sought other employment and then in 2009, he rejoined and recommenced Officer Training School.

Following advice from our concerned reader, we then contacted Slingsby and informed him that we had received information that the bravery award he was wearing in the photograph had been reported to us as suspicious. Slingsby replied that he had genuinely been awarded the Bravery Commendation whilst in the NSW Police and that he would provide ample documentary proof of that fact. He told us that he had no idea why his award was not recorded at the Government Web Site, "It's an Honour" , but said that he would take steps through the NSW Police to have them notify that Department and correct the anomaly.

Slingsby then forwarded the below mentioned documents.


This is a copy of the report of the good policemanship by Slingsby and another Constable in the arrest of a man at Wagga Wagga in 1996.


This is a copy of the invitation for Slingsby to attend Mirage Room, Wagga Wagga RSL Club on the 10th November, 2005 for a Medal/Award Ceremony.


This is a copy of the Certificate of Service of Graham John Slingsby following his departure from the NSW Police Force on the 5th December, 2003. It confirms an award of a National Medal and a Commendation for Brave Conduct.


Slingsby first applied for RAAF Officer Training School in 2006. In April, 2006, he organised that a letter (above) be forwarded from the Personnel Manager of the Wagga Wagga Police Local Area Command to the RAAF Officers Training School informing them of his commendation for brave conduct. In May 2008, he again organised a confirmation of this award to the Officer Training School. No doubt, this was important for him to show the RAAF Officer Training School hierarchy that he was a commendable applicant. Slingsby has advised us that he had the award placed on his RAAF "PM Keys record". This is his Personnel File.

Following our perusal of all this documentation, everything appeared legitimate. However, his name did not appear on "It's an Honour" as the recipient of the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct Award". The alarm bells started to ring, and when we made inquiries at the Wagga Wagga Police Command, we were informed that the Bravery Award Slingsby was presented with was based on a local Commander's recommendation for the incident in 1996. He was subsequently awarded a local Region Commander's "Certificate" for his actions by the then Police Commissioner at the Awards Ceremony. Something he could place on his wall. There is no ribbon, medal or anything else presented with this "Certificate." It is a local award.

Slingsby was awarded this local Region Commander's Certificate in 2005, following his departure from the NSW Police in 2003. He then used this occasion for his own advantage and deceitfully claimed significant higher award status to impress his RAAF Recruitment Officers, his RAAF colleagues, civilian friends, family, and people on Face Book.

He then continued this deception to try and convince ANZMI that this significantly higher bravery award was genuine and was identical to the much lesser local award that he received at Wagga Wagga. He also informed us that he would arrange with the NSW Police Protocol Unit to have his name recorded on It's an Honour" to correct the anomaly. He knows this will not happen. Just another lie. He knows what he is doing. There are no excuses. He is a false pretender and he knows it. He has been caught out.

In our communications with Slingsby, he was continually asked one question that he declined to answer -;

"Is the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct " award that you wear and that you organised to have recorded on your RAAF PM Keys record, the same award that was presented to you at the Mirage Room, Wagga Wagga RSL on the 10th November 2005?" A simple question you would think. However, no answer.

The worrying part about all this is that he is a current serving Commissioned Flying Officer in the RAAF.

Slingsby is a disgrace. He is a disgrace to the RAAF Officers uniform that he is wearing, and he is a disgrace to the NSW Police Force. Many brave NSW Police Officers have been awarded this prestigious award over the years at Government House for their truly brave actions that have saved the lives of others, or their own.

To have someone like Slingsby taking the honour of these brave men and women is despicable. He flaunts this award like he is a hero.

He may have made a good arrest in 1996, but so did dozens of other Policemen and Policewomen who were also awarded Region Commanders commendations. (Certificates)

Slingsby has no credibility. He has manipulated the system and embellished his local award for his own gratification.

In addition, he has purchased the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct ribbon" from a Medal dealer or from an internet supplier. Well knowing that he is not entitled to it.

This fraudulent glory hunting RAAF Commissioned Officer should be hunted out of the Royal Australian Air Force with the speed of an F111.
We have done our bit.

Surname: Watmore
Christian Names: Allan Geoffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Kilburn
Service #: 315518
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry and Transport
Commencement of service: 12 April 1972
Completion of service: 26 July 1974
Case Notes:

Watmore would have you believe that:
He served for six years in the British Army  before migrating to Australia and that included active service in:
Malaysia Northern Ireland Aden Falklands


Here is a photo he exhibits wearing a UK uniform complete with bear skin hat..


He served with the Australian Army in Vietnam and was awarded The Star of Gallantry medal for carrying wounded soldiers to safety even though he was badly wounded himself.

 He served with the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) where he attained the rank of Staff Sergeant  and trained SAS Soldiers.

The truth of his military history is as follows:
When he enlisted into the Australian Army he declared on his Attestation Form that he had never served in the Armed Forces of Australia or any other country


He enlisted into the Australian Army  on the 12 April 1972. Had he been a UK Veteran who had seen service in Malaya, Northern Ireland, Aden and the Falklands his Recruit and Corps training would have been reduced accordingly, however he spent six months at Recruit and Corps training which is the same period as required for any raw recruit.

After Recruit and Corps Training he served with 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)  at Woodside in South Australian, then for a short period with 6th Battalion Royal Austsralian Regiment (6RAR) which was deployed to Singapore until December 1973. He was reposted to 18 Transport Company on 1 Jan 1974 and was Absent Without Leave from 23 March 1974 until 19 June 1974, then Discharged as a Private Soldier for the reason of being "Unsuited to be a Soldier".

Here is his Discharge Certificate


Watmore was never anywhere near Vietnam during the war, yet it 1975 we are reliably advised that he had the audacity to apply for  Vietnam Medals from the Department of Honours and Awards, his request of course was denied.  This action shows that he has desired to be seen as a Vietnam Veteran since at least 1975.

Here is what Watmore put on his Facebook page.


Watmore has earned none of the medals shown on the Blazer, those on the right are false medals from his false UK Service, and those on the left are false medals from his Australian service. He is also falsely wearing the elite Infantry Combat Badge.

The Orange coloured medal above the Australian Medals on his left hand side is the coveted Star of Gallantry which recognises acts of outstanding heroism in action in circumstance of great peril.  The Star of Gallantry was introduced into the Australian honours system on 15 January 1991. 

As Watmore was sacked from the Australian Army in 1974 it is ridiculous for him to claim a medal that was invented in 1991.  Star of Gallantry recipients are shown  here   Watmore is not listed.  Here is more information about the Star of Gallantry

Watmore's claims to have served in the SAS and been a Staff Sergeant are pure lies.

He never rose above the rank of Private and his record indicates that he has not a vestige of the stamina and courage required for what it takes to be an SAS Trooper.

This classic wannabe has been lying and cheating since 1975 about his military service.

He exhibits the characteristics of a pathological liar and therefore he has most likely misrepresented himself in all walks of life.

We suggest to Watmore to crush and  burn the false medals and the blazer, and apologise to all genuine Veterans who have done what Watmore could not do, and that is to serve honourably in the Defence Force.
We call upon all those who know him, to confront him and call him a liar, and to any ex Service organizations he may be a member of,  to cast him out with ignominy.

Watmore, for many years has bathed in the false kudos of being an heroic returned Veteran, now he can fester in the real shame of being an "outed" liar cheat and wannabe.

Surname: Hawker
Christian Names: Phillip Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Berri
Service #: 4717380
Service: Army - National Service and CMF
Branch: RAASC
Commencement of service: 1 Jul 1965
Case Notes:

4717380 Phillip Charles HAWKER of Berri in the Riverland region of South Australia planned and executed a manoeuvre to make himself a Vietnam Veteran, without ever departing Australia's shores.



Hawker's Defence File shows that he was conscripted as a National Serviceman on the 1 July 1965 and discharged on 30 June 1967. He served in the now defunct Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC) as an Air Despatcher. In 1969 he re-enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) where he subsequently attained the rank of Captain.

Hawker's Defence Service file, clearly records no overseas service, yet in an audacious manner he convinced Defence Department Honours and Awards that he had served in Vietnam. On the 5th October 2000 the Acting Director of Honours and Awards approved the issue of two medals for his "Vietnam service". Here is the letter:


Hawker-3 2014-01-18


Note that the approval was issued on the basis of a Statutory Declaration (Stat Dec)submitted by Mr xxxxx, that supported other Statutory Declarations. We have contacted Mr xxxx and he advises that he can't recall any such visits to Vietnam and he wrote on the Statutory Declaration what Hawker asked him to say.


Hawker has coerced xxxx and other members from his ex Army unit to sign Stat Decs stating that they had knowledge of him going to Vietnam. Here is xxxx's Stat Dec



We have in our possession a third Statutory Declaration, however we have been unable to contact the author.

As far as Army Records are concerned, Hawker never went to Vietnam and Defence Honours and Awards have ignored Central Army Records Office advice.

Subsequently on the 5th November 2007 Hawker endeavoured to use his Honours and Awards Veteran status to "con" benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Here is an excerpt from a long submission from Hawker to DVA, where he clearly states he served in Vietnam.




Hawker has added a bit of drama to his fictitious adventures, with a secret sortie that got "shot up with small arms fire" a "very angry Army Officer" and "long smelly boxes he assumed were coffins"

It is absurd to assert that Private Soldiers were secretly bundled off to Vietnam and then warned by Officers and Warrant Officers that they were under the Official Secrets Act and could not talk about their experience.

The real reason that Hawker waited until 1992 to submit his claims was because he had to wait until ex Warrant Officer Ray Harvey was deceased, because Harvey was the only person who could directly refute Hawker's claims

We have been working on this case for more than a year. In the early stages of the investigation we advised Honours and Awards that we believed that Hawker did not go to Vietnam and that the matter involved false Statutory Declarations. Honours and awards advised that they had advised the Australian Federal Police and they were handling the matter.

Because no action had been taken we decided to again take the matter up with Honours and Awards and we received this positive reply.

Dear xxxx,
Your phone call to the Directorate of Honours and Awards seeking information on an individual is acknowledged.
Unfortunately information of this nature canot (sic) be released to third parties. I can assure you however that we will contribute to any formal (sic) that may be conducted.

We are prepared to state that Hawker did not go the Vietnam and that he has executed a devious plan to be able to wear Vietnam Medals and falsely attempt to claim DVA benefits. He has succeeded with the medals part but despite a long winded and fraudulent submission to Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) he has been refused DVA benefits.

Hawker has manipulated people who should know better, and convinced them to commit crimes by making false declarations. As well as his fraudulent submissions to Honours and Awards and DVA Hawker has committed criminal acts by falsely wearing medals and claiming to be a returned Veteran.

Throughout his DVA submission he posed scenarios then created explanations, for instance:

ex Warrant Officer Ray Harvey, the only person who Hawker claims had first hand knowledge of the affair is deceased.

He was told he was on a secret missions and ordered not to talk about them.

The only place his trips were recorded were on his Log Book, and Central Army Records Office (CARO) had destroyed that. Log books are personal issue to individuals and are never sent to CARO.

Hawker is a devious person who systematically planned and executed an operation to defraud the Department of Honours and Awards and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Honours and Awards made a bad decision based on false Statutory Declarations.

It is clearly noted on Hawker's CARO file that Honours and Awards were advised that Hawker did not at any time serve in Vietnam during his National Service commitment or at any other time during his Army Service.

We suggest that he return the ill gotten medals and remove himself from contact of decent veterans.

Surname: Buckless
Christian Names: Michael Joseph
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: 10138 (False)
Service: RN and RAN (False)
Branch: Clearance Diver (False)
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:

10138 Michael Joseph Buckless QGM FSM CSM MBE OBE of Kwinana Western Australia, born 14th October 1962 claims many years of service in the British and the Australian Navy.


Buckless was not an ordinary sailor, he was a Petty Officer Clearance Diver and according to him, was awarded:

Queens Gallantry Medal (QGM).
Foreign Service Medal (FSM). (This is a British Tin Commemorative medal).
Campaign Service Medal (CSM).
Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Here is what this salty son of the Empire has to say about his Navy career:

He served in the British Royal Navy (RN) for thirty five years.

Quotes his RN service number as 10138.

He is a Veteran of three wars and has three war medals.

He served on Fleet Clearance Team 1 (FCTD1) in Falklands as an elite Clearance Diver.

He served in the Falklands as a Merchant Seaman

He has a bullet lodged in his back from the Vietnam War.

On his return from the Falklands war he was ostracized and jailed for 9 months.

On his return from the Falklands was awarded the QGM for rescuing his team members.

He is the last surviving member of his Clearance Diving team and refers to himself as the "last man standing".

He has worked with the Russians defusing bombs because he is the only one who knows how to do this.

He served aboard Australian Navy Ship Moresby as a Clearance Diver.

He has shrapnel in his liver and suffers from Shell Shock.

We have been able to refute most of his claims:

Quotes his RN service number as 10138.

All RN Warrant Officers (then called Fleet Chief Petty Officers) and ratings of the era in which he claims to have served (indeed right up to the present) had a six figure service number preceded by a letter indicating port division (e.g. P for Portsmouth, D for Devonport, C for Chatham) or a legacy branch designation (e.g. J for Seaman and Communication ratings) plus a random letter as a suffix. So his RN service number should appear like this "D086394B". The number he has quoted is in fact a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) number that was owned by another person and was allocated in 1945.

"He served in the Falklands as an elite Clearance Diver"

We have the names of every RN Clearance Diver who served on FCTD1 in the Falklands. There were sixteen of them and Buckless is not mentioned, nor has he ever been heard of by Clearance Divers of that era, or any other era. The story of the real Clearance Divers from the Falklands War is here: )

"He has a bullet lodged in his back from the Vietnam War"

Buckless was born on 14 October 1962. All Australians had returned from Vietnam by 1972. The war ended 1975. If Buckless was serving in the RAN when he was wounded he was 10 years old. If he had somehow found himself with some other Allied force, he would have been 13 years old, when some nasty Viet Cong shot him in the back

"On his return from the Falklands was awarded the QGM for rescuing his team members"

He was not involved in the Falklands War and was never part of a Clearance Diving Team. He never rescued anyone and was never awarded a QGM.

"He is the last surviving member of his Clearance Diving team and refers to himself as the "last man standing""

See the "proof of this statement" in the photo below.


This photograph is evidence of the extent that Buckless has manufactured false evidence of his "Navy Service".

"He served aboard Australian Navy Ship Moresby as a Clearance Diver"

He has never served in the Australian Navy, he is a scurrilous scorbutic liar.

"He has shrapnel in his liver and suffers from Shell Shock".

Feigning injury from war service is as low as you can go. Buckless claims "Shell Shock" from which many ex Defence personnel suffer and is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This man has never been subjected to any war experience that could cause him "shell shock". Like many on this web site he uses this as an excuse for his disgusting behaviour. This act is a gross insult to all genuine veterans who sufferer from PTSD.

Claims to have been awarded an MBE and OBE.

Details of all recipients of these awards are promulgated in the London Gazette. Buckless is not listed. See below where he has sent an email and included his false awards after his name.


Like many criminals, Buckless is not the brightest, as an example, he has acquired two Australian medals and had his false RN Service number and name engraved around the edge.
The medals are the Australian Defence Medal and the Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal.



As part of his subterfuge, Buckless joined the Kwinana Returned and Services League (RSL). He falsely declared on his Application that he had served with the Royal Navy from April 1975 to May 1991. As previously pointed out, his birth date is October 1962, which means Buckless would have been a British "Jack Tar" at the tender age of twelve years and six months. In 1975, when he falsely claims to have joined the minimum age for entry into the RAN was 16 years.


Also we are reliably advised that Buckless gave a description of his "Blood and Guts" service to a Committee group at the Kwinana RSL when he made a "play" for the position of President. Fortunately, there was sufficient unease within the group to ensure that Buckless' Presidential aspirations were not processed.

This bloke is such a disgusting person that we have left his contact phone number on the form, for all to contact him and seek his reason for being an odious wannabe.

Buckless has created several strategies to convince people that he was an elite Clearance Diver who served with the Royal Navy including the 1982 Falkland Islands war.

Perhaps he wrongly believes, like many others, that we are unable to check credentials of overseas Defence Forces. Buckless and all of those who lie and cheat about their service can be assured that Veterans the world over are linked by an invisible chain of harmonious resonance to rid impostors, liars and frauds from the Global Veteran community.

Western Australia, beware of Buckless, he has the propensity to lie without conscience in his bid to falsely achieve Veteran status. Why not contact him and try him out?

Buckless belongs on this website.

Surname: Sharply
Christian Names: Shane Christopher
Country: Australia
State or Province: North Queensland
City or Town: Airlie Beach
Service #: 8091392
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

8091392 Shane Christopher Sharply - Airlie Beach RSL Vice President



Sharply is placing his hand over "his" six medals as a mark of respect to those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. The gesture was introduced following WW1 to indicate that the medals the person was wearing, meant nothing compared to the sacrifice of those who were Killed in Action.

Sharply is in fact, offering the supreme insult, because only one of the six medals he is wearing was earned by him, the others are all fake. In addition, below his medal rack he is wearing a fake Unit Citation for Gallantry. Here are the medals he is wearing.


Sharply is a classic wannabe, who conned the Returned and Services League (RSL) at Airlie Beach in Northern Queensland. He claimed to be an ex Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Clearance Diver. Clearance Divers are the Special Forces of the Navy, and to have served as a Clearance Diver is the equivalent of serving in the Army's Special Air Services Regiment (SASR).

We are reliably advised that Officers of the Airlie Beach RSL were told that Sharply was a fraud in 2012 and did nothing. Even though he was known to be a fraud, the RSL elevated him to the position of Vice President of the Airlie Beach RSL.


When a senior member of the RSL executive was reminded by another member, that Sharply was a fraud he said "It's nothing really, everybody does it".

All from the Arlie Beach RSL, who knew that Sharply was a fraud, and did nothing, should be expelled as they have disparaged the organisation in a manner similar to Sharply covering his medals on the Commemorative occasion.

It took a letter from the RSL National Headquarters to induce the Airlie Beach RSL to take care of the situation.

Even when they acknowledged that Sharply was a fraud their actions are hard to comprehend. Instead of exposing Sharply, and expelling him from the RSL, they determined that Sharply had psychological problems and investigated this hypotheses, at RSL expense, by sending him to a Psychologist in Townsville. They rationalised their action by saying they thought Sharply may be a suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It is difficult to comprehend the stupidity of the Airlie Beach RSL in dealing with Sharply, but being stupid is not an uncommon trait with RSL executives.

We draw attention to:

The RSL at Lismore, New South Wales (NSW) where ex Major Andrew Phillip Alexander Johnstone a liar and wannabe is protected by the NSW RSL Far North District Council President, Retired Wing Commander Robert Mowle.

The Southport RSL quite happily support Secretary Mark Tull and Treasurer Sydney "Slim" Boese who both wear "Tin" medals with alacrity.

The Chairman of the Currumbin RSL Ronald Workman, wears self presented medals.

It took a lot of work to convince the Glenroy RSL In Victoria that Lance Smith, their President was a complete fake.

At Leongatha, also in Victoria, RSL President Dr David Edwards was exposed as a fake Veteran, as was a previous President of that RSL.

The RSL at all levels, have so watered down their membership criterion that executives are either blithely ignorant, through lack of experience, or simply don't give a damn. Perhaps they are more interested in the glory of their high position than taking care of integrity and honour.

The leadership of the Arlie Beach RSL knew of the accusations against Sharply, but did nothing except promote him to Vice President, then when they received a letter from RSL National Headquarters in Canberra, they referred Sharply to their Welfare Section who treated Sharply as a welfare case and sent him to a Psychologist in Townsville.

Perhaps Sharply told the Psychologist how he was a damaged person because he failed the Clearance Divers Course in 1992 and his service consisted of being a Leading Seaman Radio Operator.

Most ex Leading Seamen Radio Operators, are proud of their position and service and have not need to add five shiny medals and a Unit Citation to their chest and falsely boast of being a Clearance Diver.

There is no place for Sharply and his ilk in the Veteran Community. If he is still a member of the Airlie Beach RSL we suggest that he be expelled with ignominy, and that those from that RSL who have nurtured and encouraged Sharply through his deceit also be expelled.

Sharply sought fame in society by wearing five false medals and claimed within the community of Airlie Beach to be an ex elite Navy Clearance Diver

He has now achieved fame world wide on our web site, as a lying fraud and a wannabe.

Welcome aboard ex Leading Seaman Radio Operator Shane Christopher Sharply

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