Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Peterson aka Piatkws
Christian Names: Christian Rudolph aka Rudolph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service #: 3790478
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Royal Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 01 Feb 67, 20 Jan 70
Completion of service: 31 Jan 69, 10 Dec 82
Case Notes:




An important attribute of an Australian Commissioned Army Officer, is that they are honourable and honest. Christian Peterson lacks these qualities as he falsely claims to be a returned veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He has also dishonestly promoted himself from Army Reserve Temporary Captain to Major.

Peterson served as a National Serviceman during the Vietnam era but was never deployed on any overseas service. He completed his National Service obligation with the rank of Temporary Bombardier (Corporal). He reenlisted into the Army Reserve in 1971 and attending the Officer Cadet Training Unit, where he graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps (RAA). He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant and then to Temporary Captain prior to his discharge in 1982. As was the case during his National Service he was never posted to any areas of conflict.

When politely seeking information from Peterson, he challenged us with the foolish email shown below:

"From: Christian Peterson
You will hear from my lawyers as previously stated. You will not discover any information as I've changed my name by deed pole
Your investigations are an intrusion and to say the least, illegal"

Despite Peterson's confidence about his secrets, we discovered that he changed his name from Rudolph Christian Piatkowski to Christian Rudolph Peterson. He kept his original name a secret, as part of his strategy to keep his military history secret.

He has been heard to say that he had to change his name to advance his military career.

Here is what he has said about his Vietnam "War service". He;

"Served in Vietnam as a Commissioned Officer and Commanded forty men.
Served behind enemy lines

Saw people killed and, raided villages and shot someone

Was part of the Australian Secret Service for ten years

Coordinated missions from United States Destroyer USS Wainwright (DLG/CG-28.

Was the leader and number one Scout of his troop to set an example".

He also states that he "Knows all about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as he suffered from it for twenty years, but overcame it himself with no support or assistance from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)"

Veterans are sickened by lily livered, dishonourable fools who make claims of heroic service in war zones. There are thousands of Veterans who everyday suffer the consequences of their war service because of PTSD, for Peterson to say he overcame it without support, is proof enough that he knows nothing about war service.

We contacted Christian Peterson with a polite email to seek confirmation about his "War service". After some to and from, instead of just telling us about his military service, as would any reasonable ex commissioned Army Officer, he commenced a string threats and denials.

"From: Christian Peterson
I'm forwarding all your emails and mine to my lawyer, who'll issue a desist notice to you and your organisation. Threatening me will not work. You are questioning reputation and honesty

From: Christian Peterson
Look as hard as you like, you will not find what I did and where!!!!"


Without your input we can only conclude that you are a liar and a fraud.

From: Christian Peterson
"I'm neither, but keep digging. You'll not fine (sic) out my military history. I've got nothing to hide:)"

In relation to the above electronic discourse we publicly respond as follows:

Go ahead, send your emails to your solicitor, but make sure you tell him/her that you have deliberately and dishonourably lied about your military history.

We did keep digging as suggested and soon found your true military history and what you have lied about.

Peterson shows on a Curriculum Vitae displayed on the social media website LinkedIn the following:

Notice that he says "I have reinvented my career a number of times". We know he has reinvented his Military History, and are confident that there are more lies associated with his other claims of expertise.

Peterson struts around like a "Toff" and boasts to have been an Australian Army Officer, Engineer, Instructional Designer, Broadcaster, Print Journalist, Corporate Communicator and Business Owner, we don't know how much truth there is in his claims, but we do know that his claimed exploits of being an Army Major in the Vietnam war are despicable lies.

His actual military service was very mundane and completed on Australian soil.

A dishonourable ex Army Officer is totally un Australian. Peterson is a dishonourable ex Army Officer and well deserves to reside on this web site

Surname: Crowden
Christian Names: Ian Ronald
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:





According to his Solicitor Jason Jacobson, Ian Ronald Crowden is a gentle giant who won strongman competitions.

The 160 kilogram Crowden was facing Southport Magistrates Court in May, 2013 charged with obstructing a Commonwealth Officer and animal cruelty.

On the 24 May, 2013, Crowden was at the Gold Coast Airport baggage carousel when he was approached by a Commonwealth Customs Officer and a 6 year old female Labrador sniffer dog.

Crowden, the 160 kilogram gentle giant, lashed out at the Labrador and kicked it in the ribs. He was also accused of being abusive and aggressive to people at the Airport. (Brisbane Times) The Police stated that when he was approached by the dog, he yelled out, "get that f**king dog away from me." (Courier-Mail)

For his trouble, Crowden was arrested and his Solicitor informed the Court that he had a fear of dogs (cynophobia). The Court was told that Crowden even crossed the road to avoid dog walkers.

As well as his alleged dog phobia, his Solicitor informed the Magistrate that his client had been an Army sniper, serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor before being honourably discharged in 1999 and that since his discharge from the Army, he has had trouble sleeping.

After taking into account the Defence submissions, Crowden was fined a total of $1000 in respect to both charges.

Following the initial media stories in the Courier Mail, the Brisbane Times and ABC news, alarm bells sounded when his defence counsel was quoted as informing the Court that following his service in Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor, he was discharged honourably in 1999 and had trouble sleeping.

An astute member of the Queensland community and Anzmi follower, contacted Anzmi and brought this matter to our attention.

Following confirmation of the newspaper articles, we commenced to investigate Crowden's so called military career, which would have been taken into account by the Magistrate when detrermining his convictions and $1000 fine.

Crowden was alleged to have been discharged from the Army in 1999.

To us, it was highly unlikely that he was a Timor veteran as this operation only commenced in late 1999 under the Command of then Major General Peter Cosgrove. (Wikipedia)

It was more unlikely that he was a veteran of Afghanistan as Australian Defence Force (ADF) involvement commenced in late 2001, with the deployment of 1 Squadron Group, Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in October, 2001. (Wikipedia)

It was even more unlikely that he served in Iraq as the first ADF involvement was 2003 when Special Forces personnel were initially deployed. (Wikipedia)

No checks were obviously carried out by Crowden's defence counsel in regards to the likelihood and truth of his false claims of military service. His fraudulent claims were obviously placed before the Magistrate as uncorroborated and unsubstantiated facts.

We were reliably informed from colleagues known to Crowden that his Australian Defence Service was nil. He had never been a member of the Australian Army at any time, let alone deploy on operational service.

Crowden was just an outright liar who had made his false claims to his Solicitor and the Court to extricate himself from the seriousness of the charges that he was facing.

We would have preferred to disclose this story earlier, but as fate would have it, the Queensland Police Force acting on our information, re-arrested Crowden and charged him with Perverting the Course of Justice in regards to his false claims to the Court. As the case then became a matter of sub judice, (before the Courts consideration) we were unable to disclose his reprehensible behaviour.

However, he recently reappeared before the Court and was convicted of the Perverting the Course of Justice charge. He was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment which was suspended to be of good behaviour for two years. He can consider himself lucky.

Crowden is associated with the Commanchero Bikie Club. He has never laced on a military boot of any kind and is a 160 kilogram boofhead. He is a bully and a liar without credibility who has stolen the honour of our Defence personnel who valiantly safeguard his arrogant way of life. Kicking a defenceless dog in the ribs is indicative of Crowden's low character.

A strongman champion and a gentle giant? We think not!

Welcome to the site.

Surname: Ravell aka Michael W
Christian Names: Malcolm
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




Malcolm Ravell is a consummate conman, liar, wannabe and general nasty piece of work.

Ravell falsely claims to be a Vietnam Veteran and marches on ANZAC Days. He also falsely claims to be a former New South Wales Police Officer and a Solicitor. He recently said this about his Vietnam Service:

"NO I AM NOT PROUD OF MY SERVICE IN VIETNAM BUT I RESPECT THOSE WHO SERVED AND THEIR VIEWS.......I am crippled up in constant pain and sleep poorly....I have been diagnosed with chemical destruction of the fluid that generates bone joint lubrication and tissue...,AGENT ORANGE and they fight highly qualified specialists who claim this and call for compensation....Compensation means nothing IT WON'T FIX THE DAMAGE THE U.S. CAST UPON ME AND SO MANY...."

Ravell says he served in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot Officer. To some people and his family he claims to have served as Sub Lieutenant M J Ward of the RAN Detachment, No. 9 (Helicopter) Squadron RAAF. To others he claims to have been a Secret Agent Pilot.

We received information from more than one source about Ravell's irrational raving and he must have heard of our interest, because he sent us the less than erudite, but very entertaining letter shown below. Please note that for brevity, numerous complete paragraphs have been removed. In addition, if you are sensitive to profane language, read no further.



My name is Malcolm Ravell born at Unanderra NSW / Michael John Ward to Stanley William Ward and Esme Ravell.

My father died on the Sandakan Railway at the hands of arseholes like you.

Intrigue me ARE YOU KIWIS ?

I was raised by my Mother’s Brother and his Wife without knowing who the fuck I was until I wanted a driver’s licence and to join the NSW Police.

I then Joined the NSW Police and after two postings in Sydney’s Aboriginal Territory “Broadway” I was stationed at Jindabyne NSW on request.

I learned to fly UTAH CONSTRUCTIONS helicopter and flew Colonel Ray Green of UTAH around the scheme and did deliveries for Utah when the regular pilot was drunk, “most of the time”.

I was offered a job with UTAH on a permanent basis but saw the Navy Ads for Helicopter Pilots Training and Vietnam service. INFLUENCE WAS USED.

I left the Police in August 1965 and in conjunction with The Navy and Australian Security I completed my Helicopter Certification in six weeks and became a pilot for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration under Australian Security on request of Malcolm Fraser

I became a Government Intelligence Agent and was transferred in a position as pilot for Malcolm Fraser in Vietnam. I flew to Vietnam and delivered a H1 Bell from the deck of the Sydney in Vung Tau Harbour to the American workshops tactical repair facility

I was, with a regular Australian Air Force Pilot, chosen for a special flight on 14TH / 15TH November 1965 to take two contingents of five Special Operations Commandos of a platoon of Ray Curtis’ to the Cambodian Border and wait two days for their return.

To verify this take the chance and give this information to Department of Defence and create an International Incident that can not be released for another six years, if ever. I will then be in breach of National Security that will please fuckwits like you.

I was shot in the left hip on 19 September 1966 and returned to the Military Hospital PRINCE OF WALES Randwick and REPAIRED “Surgically” by an Orthopod Doctor, Warwick Stenning.
I later joined Ray Green at Vung Tau where not only was he the CEO of Utah Constructions but a highly decorated and known Commanding Officer “United States Military”.

On return to Sydney I took up a position with Australian Intelligence and remained there to escalate to a Senior Officer working with the National Security and Crime Department of the Australian Security and Intelligence.

NOW I fucking march in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day. I march also with some of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of associating with on Bribie Island at the Drop in Centre, not Burpengary where people like you attend.

I qualified as a solicitor and am at this time doing a refresher course at Bond University at the age of seventy to finally be admitted and to be admitted to the bar.

I assist and give PROBONO advice to Vietnam Veterans and appear in court where necessary.

I have three medals but unfortunately they are affixed to my sons grave in Mollymook Cemetery South of Nowra.

Now you have more than anyone else in history other than my friends in the Drop in Centre on Bribie.

My records were deliberately wiped out “EXPUNGED” for reasons that would be beyond you.

I believe you are the people that did Ron Workman from Currumbin RSL the damage after he spent thousands of hours assisting veterans.

Now take your little investigation and go fuck your boot because there is one in it.

Malcolm Ravell / Michael Ward, Warren Molloy, Ray Stevens, John Searle

Ravell did not serve in Vietnam and was not shot in the hip. He obviously has no knowledge of what an Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK47) Rifle does to a human hip, if he did he would not have placed himself back in Vung Tau on duty after the "wounding". In addition he has never served in the New South Wales or any other Police Force and he is not a Solicitor.

He is a lying con man who has the evil ability to charm or intimidate just about any one. We are pleased to say that although he claims affinity with the Veterans Drop in Centre at Bribie Island, Queensland he has been kept very much at arms length and is not registered as a member.

The fool says he marches in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam "Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day". "Bobby" of West Ryde was not the first conscript to die in Vietnam. It was a 21 year old Private from Adelaide, South Australia who was killed by friendly fire on 24 May 1966, 2 klm East of Nui Dat.

Ravell is a standover man who tries to intimidate all those around him. His bullying tactics have not worked and as a result, have been reported to us by persons fed up with hearing all his lies of clandestine operations.

Ravell is typical of many other imposters who grace this site. He claims that his records have been "expunged" and his war stories cannot be released for another six years because he will breach national security.

Well Malcolm Ravell, or Ward, or Molloy, or Stevens or Searle, whatever name you are using today, your secrecy and cover has now been officially well and truly blown. We all hope that this does not create an "International Incident " as you have predicted. We would hate to be responsible for that!!!!!

Welcome to the website.

Surname: Bass
Christian Names: Andrew
Country: USA
State or Province: Texas
City or Town: Dallas/Fort Worth
Service #: Nil
Service: NIL
Branch: NIL
Commencement of service: NIL
Completion of service: NIL
Case Notes:




Major Sir Andrew Bass is an ex patriot Australian who resides in the Lone Star State of Texas, in the United States of America.

His use of the rank Major, is as fictitious as his Knighthood, although he publicly advertises both on social media. He is often seen at functions wearing Australian Military uniforms. Here is an example:

Notice how "Daggy" he looks in the uniform. It is hardly the way an ex Australian Major would want to present an Australian uniform.

Here is where Bass makes his claims in writing:

The above can be found on this web site:

TXARNG is an acronym for Texas Army National Guard, where it appears Bass served as a Private Soldier during 2003 and 2005. He clearly states that he was a Major in the Australian Army.

A thorough search of Australian National Archives failed to find any information about a person named Andrew Bass as ever serving in the Australian Defence Force.

Bass also insults the people of Texas by using the Title "Sir Andrew" inferring that he has been dubbed as a Knight of the Realm of the British Empire. This act makes Australians cringe at his audacity. When we asked Bass about his Knighthood he answered as follows;

"From: Andrew Bass

I hold the title of Sir Andrew because I hold the rank of Knight's Bachelor with the order of Saint John the Hospitaller, Knight of Malta (USA Division). I was invited to join the Order in 2004."

The Knights of Saint John the Hospitaller, Knight of Malta (USA Division) have no authority to dub any person with a Knighthood except perhaps in the confines of their "Club" when they are playing dress ups. Publicly using the title of "Sir" as a result of such a "Knighthood" is the epitome of audacious and dishonest representation.

Despite requesting information from him about his Australian Army Service as a commissioned officer on three occasions, Bass failed to respond. The reason for this is that he was never a Major in the Australian Army, and we doubt that he has had any service at all in Australia,

We direct Bass to stop insulting Australian and New Zealand Veterans by pretending to be something he is not. We are pleased to note that people from Texas were easily able to detect and report his deceit.

We are pleased to advise that Major Sir Andrew Bass has left the building, and now we welcome plain old Private Mr Andrew Bass, formerly of the TXARNG to our web site

Surname: Anderson
Christian Names: Leonard James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: StocktonFern bay
Service #: 2241239
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Army
Commencement of service: 13 Feb 78
Completion of service: 09 Aug 84
Case Notes:




Leonard James Anderson, DOB 20/10/1950 is a legend in his home town of Stockton/Fern Bay, near Newcastle, NSW. He is currently the President of a Motor Cycle Club called the Sons of Anzacs in Newcastle. Leonard, or Lennie as he likes to be called has a fetish for military badges, patches and medals. As the years go by his military adornments increase remarkably on his motor cycle vest. As do the stories that go with them.

In the above photograph, Anderson is observed wearing the following adornments,

On his left chest he is wearing the Army Combat Badge which is issued to qualifying personnel for a continuous or accumulated period of 90 days unique service with an Arms Corps Unit within a war like area of operations.

Below his Sons of Anzac Patch, he is wearing an Order of Australia Riband/Medal which was awarded for his service to indigenous people. A civilian award. Next to that he is wearing the Australian Sports Riband/Medal which was awarded to him in 2000. Below that he is wearing an unofficial tin Australian Security Medal/Riband which can be purchased from the internet. Beside that is another possible tin security riband/medal that has yet to be identified.

On his right chest below the Australian Flag he is wearing a parachute badge and World War 2 ribands which we assume are that of a relative.

Below those ribands, he is wearing what looks at first glance to be a Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) patch with dagger and wings with the words "2nd Recon" . Besides that patch he wears a Sniper Patch.

Anderson has told colleagues over the past couple of years that he participated in SASR training only to fail in the last 6 candidates. He claims service in Army Intelligence. He claims that he did not go to Vietnam but he was involved in "Black Ops" in Cambodia where he was wounded twice and he shot and killed the enemy in firefights. He claims that he has the right to wear the Army Combat Badge due to his "Black Ops" service in combat where he was deployed with United States Rangers. He also claims to have been awarded the United States Rangers 1st Class parachute badge. He further claims that he was a Parachute Instructor in Darwin.

The above photo is not clear however it shows Anderson wearing a red Australian Army Parachute Display Team beret with what appears to be the UNSWR badge as well as his tin unofficial security medals on his right side.

In the above photos taken recently, Anderson is still wearing all of his regalia but has now added a United States Rangers 1st Class parachute badge above his ribands on his left chest. The United States Rangers badge can only be worn by citizens of the United States of America with qualifying military service.

We are also intrigued by the "2nd Recon Patch" (above) as we have never seen one previously. We have made some inquiries with individual Australian Army Unit officers and they have never seen it before either. It is obviously a home made designed patch that he has sewn onto his jacket himself to increase his importance and have people believe it has something akin with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

In addition to this we identified that the Order of Australia Medal/Riband that he wears on his left chest is the OAM (Military Division.) It can be distinguished from the OAM (General Division) due to the yellow bars embroided at both ends of the riband. The OAM (General Division) riband does not have the yellow bars. You can see in the attachment above the difference between the both ribands.

Anderson has purchased and mounted the incorrect riband deceitfully claiming and implying that it was awarded for honourable service in the Military Division.

We did some further research on Lennie and although all his patches, badges and ribands look impressive, we came to the conclusion that Lennie is a Military Fraud, an Imposter, a False Pretender, and I guess that you could also throw in a liar. The real story of the Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club President is a far cry from his postulations.

It is a very short story at that!!

Lennie enlisted in the Australian Army Reserves in February, 1978. He was discharged in August, 1984. He served part time during his six years attending monthly parades and the occasional two week camps within Australia. His only deployment outside Australia in his entire service was an exercise in Hawaii for about three weeks. He never completed any parachute course or sniper course. He has no qualifications in those areas.

We were contacted by some of Anderson's former Reserve colleagues who confirmed that Lennie had passed his initial subjects for promotion to 2nd Lieutenant. He was at that stage a Sergeant. He was due to be promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant when it was discovered that he had forged his Higher School Certificate. He was found guilty and reduced to the rank of Corporal. He then immediately left the Army Reserves in 1984.

His only military entitlement is the Australian Defence Medal. He is also entitled to the OAM (General Division)and the Australian Sports Medal.

He is not entitled to wear the OAM (Military Division)

He is also not entitled to wear the Army Combat Badge for all of his so called "black ops" in Cambodia, the U.S Rangers 1st Class badge, his red Parachute beret, his parachute patch or his sniper's patch. His tin unofficial security medals mean nothing and only add a bit more colour to his vest as does his "2nd Recon" home made patch.

Anderson is making himself out to be a war hero when in fact he was part time Reservist with no operational service whatsoever.

We at ANZMI have the utmost respect for civilians who volunteer and enlist in the Australian Army Reserves. Anderson however, is one of many former Reservists who feature on this site for embellishing their military service to gain notoriety and executive positions on committees in order to dominate those around them and seek ego driven recognition and respect.

Leonard Anderson, you have made your mark on the Sons Of Anzac Motor Cycle Club, Newcastle, and you have now made your mark on our website for evermore. You lack respect for genuine veterans and you lack credibility of any sort. You also lack total respect for any of your colleagues within the Motor Cycle club that you claim to represent as their President.

Our message to the The Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club committee, Newcastle, is get rid of this disgraceful imposter immediately before he does any more damage to the integrity of your organisation.

Organisations like the Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club and Patriots Motor Cycle Club do a good job for our current serving and former service personnel. But they need to screen applicants more judiciously and demand proven documentation before they accept people on face value.

This clown is a classic example of why organisations like this need to audit their members on a regular basis.

Due to his dishonesty, the Honours Secretariat at Government House, Canberra might also like to review their awarding of the OAM (General Division) to Anderson as well.

Surname: Lyles
Christian Names: Geoffrey Philip
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Kyneton
Service #: D1082549
Service: Royal Navy
Branch: RN UK
Commencement of service: Jun 64
Completion of service: Jan 66
Case Notes:




ANZMI were contacted by Peter MICKELBUROUGH, of the Melbourne Herald/Sun Newspaper, advising us that he had been confided in that the incumbent President of Kyneton RSL was suspected to be a bogus veteran wearing medals that he had no entitlement to. Should this prove to be fact it would be the fourth bogus Victorian RSL President unmasked in the past 12 months.

Whilst awaiting confirmation from British Navy records, a background check began on LYLES. This man was a Minister of religion who had ministered to five Uniting Church congregations in the rural areas of Kyneton, Barfold, Metcalfe, Mia Mia and Sutton Grange for six years, until his retirement in October 2013. Surely a "man of the cloth" would not pose as a bogus veteran?? Read on.....

ANZMI received a copy of LYLES' RN service which clearly displayed he had served, but only from June 1964 to January 1966. His only postings were to shore based training establishments where he qualified as a Junior Radio Operator Class 1 - and then was "Discharged Shore - Unsuitable". Hence, a minimal term of service which saw LYLES never embark on any operational service. Why was it then that he had worn Active Service medals for Borneo/Malaya supposedly awarded by the RN?

Proudly pinned to his left breast at many RSL functions this pretender wore the General Service Medal and two medals depicting Borneo/Malaya service - one being the Pinjat Singh awarded by the Malayan Government. When correspondence began, the main comments were that LYLES was a reputable upstanding member of the community, a religious man who had represented the Uniting Church, surely he would not cross the line and hoodwink genuine veterans into electing him a "Veteran" President of their RSL? Contact also made by a member of the Kyneton Masonic Lodge made clear the ill-feeling within their ranks - the word "betrayed" cracks more than one mention.

Folks, this is not the first such case of its kind, ANZMI debunked a bogus Archbishop a few years back, have a look at him on this website:

When the first article of LYLES suspected fraud hit the streets, members of Kyneton RSL were stunned. One female member received a 30 day suspension from the Sub Branch for questioning LYLES at a general meeting. Instead of answering her questions regarding club financial matters and his veteran status, this "offended" President had her suspended. A Vietnam veteran who questioned LYLES' bona fides was also suspended for 30 days. Such was the power this pretender held over his committee.

Time moved on and the State President of the RSL became involved. Here we must give kudos to Peter MICKELBUROUGH from the Herald/Sun Newspaper.
He had begun a crusade to wipe out wannabes in the RSL, personally
investigating and reporting on four bogus presidents in the past 12 months. Surely the National and State Branches of the RSL need to sit up and do more that harrumph and splutter. It is time to re-write the "Rules of Engagement" and properly vet every person who holds office in Victoria.

It is interesting to read Major General McLACHLAN's statement where he says:

"There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities (police)".

We all now are awaiting notification of this ex minister of religion and bogus veteran having his day in court. All we require is a date and location.

Even after LYLES became the fourth bogus President to leave office in disgrace in the past year, his control over the current committee is still obviously present. In a letter to the suspended female member, the replacement President Graeme DAY writes - inter alia - "Because ANZAC House was notified by you and the media contacted by persons unknown - this has been the catalyst for unnecessary anguish for the former President". People - I ask you, who is this LYLES character? We also suggest that current President Graeme DAY enrol himself in a course of "ethics and moral behaviour." He may learn how to treat the members of the Sub Branch with more respect for doing their duty and questioning the alleged service and medals entitlement of a suspect Sub Branch President.

History teaches us that many years ago a mad Russian monk named RASPUTIN gained control over Czars and Counts by using hypnotherapy and mind control - has he been reincarnated in Kyneton? Get real and take a broom to the entire committee of this RSL. Proper governance and probity needs immediate attention.

Geoffrey Philip LYLES - you have walked through the blood of our brothers, men who never got to wear their issued medals. Men and women who paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

May your God take pity on you because we don't.


The extract shown below is from the latest issue of the Victoria RSL Magazine "Mufti". It reflects how serious Victoria RSL Headquarters are about eradicating frauds and wannabes from RSLs


"Over the past year or so, we have detected in our membership a number of individuals wearing campaign and service medals to which they were not entitled.

Unfortunately in four cases the individuals concerned were in leadership roles in Sub-Branches and, as a consequence, attracted adverse publicity for the Sub-Branch and the RSL in general. There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities. As a matter of governance, it is now seen as necessary to have all candidates for leadership positions in the sub-branch provide evidence to support their entitlements to medals worn. I know this will not go down well, but we need to protect ourselves from further embarrassment. I therefore ask you to work with me in this regard.

Amendments to reflect this requirement will be prepared for the Corporate Governance Bylaw as a matter of urgency".

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