Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Dolman
Christian Names: Rodney Scott
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bendigo
Service #: 3797219
Service: Army
Branch: RAAMC
Commencement of service: 01 Oct 69
Completion of service: 17 Jun 70
Case Notes:






3797219 Private Rodney Scott DOLMAN, born 11 April 1949, served as Australian Army conscript (National Serviceman) from 1 October 1969 until discharged as Medically Unfit on 19 June 1970 .

The above service of DOLMAN clearly details that this soldier served only eight months of his two years National Service obligation.

Post Army Service DOLMAN was employed by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, and was regularly observed wearing the ribbons of the Australian Vietnam Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal on his uniform shirt. Whenever a photo opportunity arose, DOLMAN would don a pullover to conceal the ribbons.

At one time Dolman was the Secretary of the Yarra Glen RSL (Returned and Services League) and led the march on our most sacred day - ANZAC Day.

ANZMI hold two signed Statutory Declarations which attest to the fact that as far back as 1998, DOLMAN as a CFA Fireman at Kinglake, Victoria wore the Vietnam ribbons on his shirt, and he would produce a laminated Australian Army ID card, purporting himself to be a Commissioned Officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

DOLMAN proudly told two CFA employees that he had served in South Vietnam as a "specialist sniper with 2 SAS" (Special Air Service Regiment) and that his radio call-sign was "God" whilst serving on Operation Phoenix. This operation was one of the most deadly actions of the Vietnam conflict. According to DOLMAN, his SAS team came upon a Viet Cong (enemy) team about to ambush an Australian Army patrol and his team attacked killing all the VC, thus saving his Infantry Battalion counterparts. For his actions, he was personally thanked by Major Peter COSGROVE (our current Governor General). The problem being is that history will show that Peter COSGROVE was a Lieutenant during his time in Vietnam from August 1969 to July 1970!! Not satisfied with extolling his own fantasies, DOLMAN insists that at a later meeting he was again thanked by Major COSGROVE.

Obviously there were questions raised over DOLMAN's military service. Concerned members of the CFA and the veteran community put their collective heads together and saw an obvious wannabe. Contact was made with ANZMI and the investigation commenced. In a matter of a few days it was ascertained this miscreant was certainly entitled to some prominence, and we don't mean the back slapping version of a prominent leader of men who to this day has earned the title of "Boss". DOLMAN has rode roughshod over every veteran who had spent time in a most dangerous and unforgiving theatre of war that was South Vietnam.

Dolman is a failed Medic who was discharged as "Medically Unfit" after only eight months. He is an oxymoron if ever there was one - a conscript who has deviously walked in the blood of every Vietnam veteran alive and dead. There is only one place in this universe for this failed creature, and that is here on the www for all to witness.

ANZMI mailed DOLMAN a letter giving him the right of reply to all accusations made. A deadline of 24 April was given and like most cornered vermin there was no reply. We were not surprised!

Our informants have advised ANZMI that DOLMAN has ingratiated himself into the ranks of the Victorian Rifle Association in Bendigo (Vic) and is currently attempting to raise funds for an indoor shooting range.

It would be most appropriate that a person of dubious character be removed from any such respectable organization for reasons of propriety and integrity alone.

Without any doubt, Rodney Scott DOLMAN has earned his correct place in history. It is of interest that this is further exposure of yet another bogus veteran sniper, who together with Rhodesian special service operative, Neil SPARK from the Bendigo RSL, have falsely pretended to be some sort of war heroes.

Is it the country air that attracts these deadbeats, or the assumption that everybody they speak to about their war experiences is a complete uneducated fool?

ANZMI leave it to the fair citizens and veterans of Bendigo. DOLMAN can be charged and convicted of serious offences against the Defence Act. The maximum penalties are stiff fines and a spell in prison. We leave that up to all of you.

Surname: Ben-Avi
Christian Names: Zev
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yarraman Area
Service #: 3179822
Service: CMF and ARA
Branch: RAAC and RAAOC
Commencement of service: 29 Oct 67 & 24 Apr 6
Completion of service: 23 April 1983
Case Notes:





As has been noted in these pages before, wannabees and valour thieves come in many forms, but the lies told by Zev Ben-Avi over many years are breathtaking in their scope and the length of time that he has gone unchallenged. Ben-Avi has lied to the Army as a whole and to the veteran community.

To start with some of his lesser transgressions, Ben-Avi is often seen wearing a green Commando beret and metal Commando beret badge. He also gets about with a Commando shoulder flash sewn onto his motorcycle jacket just in case you missed the beret.

Ben-Avi has no right to wear this beret or badge as he never qualified for the green beret as a trained Commando. He enlisted as a Recruit in 2 Commando Company, CMF on 29 October, 67. He completed his recruit training between 23 March, and 5 April, 68 before enlisting in the ARA on 24 April, 68. He simply was not a member of 2 Commando Company long enough to ever qualify for the coveted green beret.

Ben-Avi certainly does not measure up to the Commando's code.

But wait there is more! Ben-Avi joined the ARA and was allotted to Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC) where he was known for wearing the Commando flash on his tracksuit whilst at 1 Armored Corps.

To make matters worse, Ben-Avi seems to have developed a fetish about the Israeli Defense Forces and went about convincing people he had been a paratrooper in the Israel Defence Force. (IDF). Various versions of this claim are about but ANZMI located this interesting one on file at the Australian War Memorial.

The film was made in October 1973 and is captioned as follows :

An Armoured column heads out of Alice Springs to tackle a gruelling 1,000-mile desert trek through the Northern Territory. The men and machines are from the First Armoured Regiment normally based at Puckapunyal, Victoria. A total of 130 men and 12 armoured troop carriers are taking part in the month-long exercise, aptly named Giant Stride. It is aimed at testing the carriers and their crews in Desert Navigation, Long-range Communications, Tactical Movement and Survival. Before taking to the desert on the main stage of the exercise, the troops were taught special desert survival techniques. One of the skills was to make a solar still, to provide water through condensation. Their tutor was Sergeant Zev Ben-Avi, a former Israeli Army Paratrooper (for identification, he is the man with the big moustache). The more conventional method of drawing water from Artesian Bores was used to fill jerry cans for the long hot haul through Central Australia. The troops are due to finish the exercise later this month.

This clearly shows how he hoodwinked the Army with his masquerade as a former Paratrooper and Commando using it to advantage himself within the Army.

The story has got even bigger since those early days. Note the claim in this letter written by Ben-Avi himself :

The whinge - not all Jews are stereotypical. For instance some live in a country about a third the size of Tassie, many of whom understandably suffer from Holocaust paranoia, surrounded by about 80 million hostiles who live on the borders and who also (understandably) hate the guts of those 4 1/2 million Jews who live in that land of Israel.

One of those Israeli people has lived in Australia since 1967, coming here after the Six Day War of June '67 on 'loan' from the Israeli Defence Forces. This bloke was conscripted for service in Israel in 1956, serving during the '56 Suez War in 202 Paratroop Brigade under then Brigadier Moshe Dayan followed by service in the same Para unit in reprisal cross-border raids on terrorist camps in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. This service was followed by secondment as a military advisor to 5 different African countries (Ethiopia, Belgian Congo, Katanga - now part of Zaire as is the Congo - Uganda and Kenya). The African service was from 1959-64.

During the '67 Six Day War, this bloke commanded one of the three Paratroop Battalions that captured the old city of Jerusalem and the famous Wall of the Second Temple during vicious street fighting, being decorated twice during this fighting and the last two days of this was on the Golan Heights - again not much fun.

In October '67 this bloke was seconded again for foreign service this time to the Australian Regular Army being placed with 2 Commando, attached to SAS for service in Vietnam on special operations with MACVSOG (US) - Military Assistance Command Special Operations Group based in Danang.

This bloke came back to Australia determined to stay here as a migrant. The price to stay was - "Join the Army"! He did, being enlisted as a Sergeant (from Israeli Major, but no matter the pay was heaps better). He was posted to a Cavalry Sqn equipped with Armoured Personnel Carriers and found himself back in Vietnam.

Subsequently this bloke did 15 yrs with the Australian Regular Army before 'retiring' on a Veterans Affairs pension (TPI - Totally and Permanently Incapacitated). This bloke was also a founder of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. This bloke was an orphan and grew up on a children's kibbutz in Israel where due to the border location, military training started at 10 years old with border patrols begun at 13 years old and this bloke came from a family (from grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters parents etc) of 48 people. Only two of this family survived the "White Aryan Brotherhood" and its "gas appliances" and its "German shepherds" and its '"railway sidings". This bloke is now the only survivor of that holocaust and gets just a bit pissed off at cheap so called stereotypical shots at his own kind, including those rich cunts who live in Bellevue Hill NSW.

In case you hadn't yet guessed, the "bloke' that I am referring to is a hairy, ugly bastard who goes by the name of Zev Ben-Avi.

I have personally spent a childhood (if you can call it that) surviving through Adolph Hitler's mad schemes, followed by several years on hostile borders, followed by 11 years of professional soldiering in what is arguably one of the best defence forces in the world, followed by 15 years (including tours in Vietnam) in the Australian Regular Army. I am an expert at survival and I have spent most of my life in defence of the rights of people who cannot defend themselves against those who would put them down - from unsubtle cheap shots to outright genocide.

Zev Ben Avi
A Proud Hebrew

Thats the story he was telling by October 1992.

Unfortunately for Zev Ben-Avi this is easily demonstrated to be an outright tissue of lies.

Firstly, 2 Commando Company was never deployed on Active Service. It was strictly CMF.

Secondly, Ben-Avi was never in the IDF but safely in Coburg, Victoria. Any of these claims can be dismissed as outright lies.

Thirdly, he enlisted as a recruit in the ARA and not as a Sergeant.

Finally, his education and employment history shows that he completed the Intermediate Certificate at Geelong Technical College in February 1956 aged 16 years

He then attended a five years Optical Technical course at Kodak Australia.

Other Employment history shows:
Scientific Optical Labs Adelaide - Mar 63 to Apr 64
Murray Motors Echuca - Apr 64 to Dec 64
Self - Echuca Jan 65 to Oct 65
Tongala Milk - Tongala - Oct 65 to Feb 67
Kodak Research Lab - Coburg - Feb 67 to Mar 68.

So while he claims to have been an Israeli War Hero, he was just a normal everyday Victorian country boy with a fetish about the IDF.

Ben-Avi was born in September 1940. Apply that year of birth to his fanciful claims and you will see how ludicrous his claims are. It is not necessary to refute each individual claim as the whole document is clearly in the realm of the fairies. The Israeli Defense Forces would be interested to know how he has usurped the valour of the Parachute Brigade Commanders and its capture of Jerusalem during the Six Day War.

Coburg is a long way from Jerusalem and Ben - Avi must stand condemned as a valour thief, a wannabe and an outright liar.

When asked by ANZMI about his IDF service, he stood by his claims and offered no proof, as he said it was against IDF policy to do so.


What makes this case all the worse is that Ben-Avi did serve in Vietnam with 3 Cavalry Regiment and was wounded in action. He left the Army with the rank of Sergeant and he should be pleased with that. As you can see however Ben-Avi was never satisfied with being a mere Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) crewman.

To improve his status to a level that he approves of, Ben-Avi has started wearing the South Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry in recent times.

When challenged by ANZMI on his right to wear this medal he replied as follows :

The SVN Cross of Gallantry with palm is an individual award and I was only aware of this some years back when I received a letter from the USA having been promulgated by the Republic of Vietnam government in exile in Department of the Army General Order Number 8 (March 1974). There are two typo errors on the citation. My name has been misspelt -Zev Ben-Ami and my unit has been designated as -Royal Australian Army instead of Zev Ben-Avi and Royal Australian Armoured Corps. The citation reads -"For Individual Valorous Achievments in Support and Combat During The Twenty Year Allied Forces Democratic Mission in The Republic of South Vietnam."
The heading on the citation reads -
Military Assistance Command Vietnam
To all who shall see these, presents, greeting:
Established by the Vietnamese Government by Decree No. 74-b/Qt,
dated 15 August 1950 and Decree No. 96/DQT/HC, dated 2 May 1952.
This is to acknowledge that the President of the Republic of Vietnam
Has ordered that
Awarded to:
Zev Ben-Ami

The Government in Exile was never the recognized Government of South Vietnam and has no authority to issue any medals on behalf of that Government. This award is not approved by the Governor General and amounts to a "Tin" medal that Ben-Avi knows is bogus. The Government in exile is now defunct but when doing business, it was based in Orange Grove California amongst the Vietnamese refugee population who funded it. We are sure that they would have been happy to issue trinkets on request. Again this award is totally without legitimacy and Ben-Avi must remove it from his rack immediately.

It is amazing how often medals just seem to turn up in valour thieves' mailboxes all by themselves. The wearer is still responsible if he or she chooses to wear them, and this is another outright insult to the veteran community from this low life.

Ben-Avi has earned his place on these pages many times over. His offence is so serious that removal of the offending medal and regalia will not suffice. Ben-Avi should apologise to all IDF veterans both here and in Israel. He should never be welcome at any RAAC or Commando function ever again for the damage he has done to their names.

Your shame will remain on public view forever.

Surname: Doubrova
Christian Names: Jaromir Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Coober Pedy
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:





Sitting around a public bar spinning yarns of military daring-do is the thing to do for many ‘wannabes’, but when those ‘yarns’ make their way into the National media and the storyteller tries to pass himself off as something he definitely is not then that is a whole new kettle of fish.

This is the story of Jaromir ‘Henry’ Doubrova, bar fly from Coober Pedy who used an interview to tell his farfetched story of service in Vietnam.

Reading the article, it would be clear to most that his story of service in Vietnam is nothing more than a fanciful tale cooked up in his own mind. That is until he tries to make the reader believe he was a Prisoner of War (POW). This statement moves him from just a ‘wannabe’ to being a Valour Thief of the highest order, deserving a permanent place on this website.

Doubrava’s flippant claim of being approached by Australian Army and American personnel to deploy to Vietnam without the hint of formal training in anything is ridiculous. Jaromir Doubrava did not arrive in Australia until October 1969 as a refugee.

Allowing for time for him to settle into Australia as a migrant, undergo vetting and training, relocate to Darwin, find employment as a gardener it is clear that it is completely impossible for him to have seen service in Vietnam as he would have us believe.

His claim to have been a POW is offensive and vile. The history of the Vietnam War will forever be marked by the ill treatment, depravation and torture meted out to US and Allied POW’s during the conflict. The experience broke many strong men and has left lifelong scars on all those who suffered at the hands of their captors.

Jaromir Doubrava was not a Prisoner of War in Vietnam.

For making the claim that he was a POW, and attempting to place himself in the same company of those brave men who endured, and those who lost the fight for life while in captivity Jaromir Doubrava deserves to be named and shamed. Such claims are offensive and cannot be brushed off as bar talk.

Jaromir Doubrava should apologise to the Veteran community as a matter of urgency, and in particular he should remove his hat, bow his head and give thanks to the men and women who served in Vietnam and to those who were POWs, because he was not one of them.

Surname: Spark
Christian Names: Neil
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Maiden Gully
Service #: 358375
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Claims 1978
Completion of service: Claims 1996
Case Notes:




Neil Spark was born on the 2nd September, 1957. He is 56 years old. He has been a member of the Bendigo and District RSL Sub Branch since May, 2012. Prior to that he was a member of the Cohuna/Leitchville RSL Sub Branch in Northern Victoria.

Spark is a blatant liar, a wannabee and a Fraud.

Spark has enthralled his fellow Bendigo and District RSL Club colleagues over the past two years with stories of his unique service with the British Army Training Team in Rhodesia from 1979 until 1980, as a seconded Australian Regular Army soldier sniper.

Below is a recent photo of Spark at a memorial service wearing the following medals -;

1. The Australian Conspicuous Service Medal. (CSM)
2. The Australian Service Medal with clasp SE Asia. (ASM)
3. The Commonwealth Monitoring Force Rhodesia Medal.
4. The Australian Defence Force Long Service Medal. (DFLSM)
5. The National Medal.
6. The Australian Defence Medal. (ADM)
7. (Right chest) The Zimbabwe Independence Medal.

Spark has made the following claims to genuine returned and serving personnel at Bendigo and District RSL functions over the past two years.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's he claims to have been a sniper in 1 Royal Australian Regiment ( 1 RAR). As part of his Sniper Course he was sent to England to train with the Grenadier Guards. Four other 1 RAR Australians were then selected to travel to Rhodesia. He claims that he was sent to Rhodesia with a British Unit. He arrived in Rhodesia in October, 1979 and left in 1980. He was attached to the British Army Training Team (BATT). Spark claims that he was in Rhodesia with British Forces for 110 days.

Spark claims that he enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 1978 but he cannot remember his enlistment date. He has told colleagues that he served for 8 years Regular Army and 10 years a Regular Army Reserve soldier. He had such bad memories of Rhodesia that he did not tell his wife he went there for twenty years. He claims that because of this traumatic service, he was medically discharged from Army Reserves in 1996 with a service related psychiatric condition.

He claims that from 1983 to 1986, he was attached to the School of Infantry where he was a weapons instructor. In 1987, he states that he was transferred to the Military Police and was then discharged from the Army that year. He then states that from 1987 to 1996, he was a member of the Australian Reserve Forces attached to 8/7 Royal Victoria Regiment, Infantry, where he claims he was a Corporal.

During the past few years, Spark has also been observed on commemorative occasions wearing the Australian Infantry Combat Badge. (ICB)

When informed by other RSL members that he had no entitlement to this award, he commenced to wear the Army Combat Badge (ACB). He was then informed he had no entitlement to this award either. He then provided some bogus paper work to the Victorian State RSL H.Q. in the hope that they would approve his entitlements to wear one of these awards. His requests were eventually declined. He then admitted that Honours and Awards had sent these awards, (ICB and ACB) to him by mistake.

He then continued his deceit for a further period of time even though he must have known that he was being suspected as a fraud. He continued to add the post nominals of CSM (Conspicuous Service Medal) after his name in E mails and letters that he sent to individuals and organisations to further his deceit.

To be a good liar, you need to have a good memory. Over the past couple of years, Spark's stories of his unique military service started to waver and his stories became inconsistent.

As a result of this, Spark's RSL Club colleagues became more suspicious, instigated their own inquiries and eventually requested ANZMI to follow up their suspicions.

Inquiries were made at It's an Honour website and it was ascertained that Spark is not listed as a recipient of the Conspicuous Service Medal or the National Medal.

There is also no evidence of Spark being awarded the Australian Service Medal (ASM), let alone a clasp for SE Asia.

Inquiries were then made with lists of Australian Service personnel who served with the British Forces in Rhodesia. Spark's name does not appear on any pay records of personnel engaged in that theatre of operations. His name also does not appear in the book, "Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers," Alexander Palmer, 1996. This publication names the 152 members of the Australian Army who were awarded the CMF Rhodesia Medal.

As there was a distinct lack of evidence supporting Spark's assertions, he was contacted by ANZMI and asked if he could support his claims with documentation.

Lo and behold, Spark responded with the standard reply. One which nearly every wannabee clings to when they are caught out. Ill health.
Spark responded claiming that he was suffering ill health and was housebound most of the time due to back problems, constant pain, blood pressure, constant medication etc etc. However, we are aware that only two weeks ago he attended an RSL function where he was in jovial spirits extrapolating more Rhodesian war stories to whoever listened over a few of drinks.

He then went on to say in his response to ANZMI, that he was never awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal, The Australian Service Medal with clasp SE Asia or the Commonwealth Monitoring Force Rhodesia Medal. He also mentioned that he has no entitlement to the Zimbabwe Independence Medal.

He did claim however that he is entitled to the National Medal for his service to the Victorian CFA in 1994. He also claims entitlement to the DFLSM and ADM as he claims he joined the Army twice. We doubt that he can provide evidence for any military service. He was given the opportunity to provide a copy of his Certificate of Service or Discharge Certificate, but none was forthcoming.

He claims that his deceit started three years ago when-; "I was standing at the side of a road in a small Victorian country town on Anzac Day and someone asked me to carry their flag in the Anzac Day march. Even though I was in great pain, I joined the march and felt 10' (feet) high. I then moved to a larger City and embellished what I already had" (done).

Spark has purchased his non awarded medals from a Medal Shop or the Internet. He has then had them court mounted at a Medals Shop and worn them brazenly to commemorative services.

He has continued the facade for at least three years that we know of. He has lied to his genuine RSL colleagues and shown them the ultimate disrespect by treating them like fools. He should be summoned before the next Bendigo and District RSL general meeting and requested to apologise to all the members present for his deception, arrogance, disrespect and outright lies. Then his association with the Victorian RSL State Headquarters should be terminated for good.

Bendigo and District RSL Sub Branch Club members are to be congratulated for their diligence and awareness of a medal cheat within their midst and exposing Spark's fraudulent activities.

They have set an example that every other RSL Sub Branch Club in this country should follow. If you have a wannabe wearing non awarded medals or embellishing their service for their self gratification, they should be exposed and shamed for stealing the honour of those military personnel who served and/or died in all conflicts.

For his actions, the not so bright Spark has earned his place on this website for evermore.

Surname: Bayliss
Christian Names: Blayne
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Camberwell
Service #: A221147
Service: RAAF
Branch: Clerical/Linguist
Commencement of service: 1961
Completion of service: 1969
Case Notes:




Blayne Murray BAYLISS "PhD".Previously known as Blayne PEARCEY and was born Blayne JAMES now of the leafy suburb of Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria, served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) under the name of Blayne PEARCEY.

Pearcey desired fifteen minutes of fame and sought it through a media release which is farcical. Instead of fifteen minutes of fame as a "Super Spy", he has found, a lifetime of infamy on this website.

Here is the truth of Pearcey's service, the information was derived from his 171 page RAAF File.

Joined RAAF 11 July 1961 aged 18 years

Worked as Trainee Clerk and Administrative Clerk until 3 Dec 1964

January 1964,commenced Chinese Mandarin Languages course at RAAF
Language School

January 1964, promoted to Acting Sergeant

Promoted to Substantive Sergeant 4 Dec 1965

Applied for Commission. Application rejected 1October 1965

Posted to Hong Kong 22 Feb 1966

Returned from Hong Kong for disciplinary reasons 28 March 1967

March 1967 posted to Department of Air Linguists Pool, at School of Language Laverton.

Posted to Department of Defence as Linguist Melbourne 7 Feb 1968

Discharged from RAAF at own Request 24 March 1969

Bayliss has played childish games causing Politicians, Defence bureaucracy, and Department of Veterans Affairs to waste time in searching for information that he well knows, does not, and never has existed. Genuine applicants for Veterans entitlements have been made to wait while Bayliss plays out his fantasies.

We phoned Bayliss and he iterated what was said in the media release. In addition, he said that he was secretly working with the United States (US) National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other secret agencies, as well as spending time posted to the secret intelligence establishment at Pine Gap in Australia. He further said that all information about his secret work had been deliberately omitted from his RAAF Service File. Bayliss also disclosed that he worked at an Australian Intelligence establishment, where he would go to work in the morning and could be sent on "secret missions" at the drop of a hat, like the jaunt in the US Submarine in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Bayliss went on to say that some years ago he had to disclose his "secret service" because his medications for his "war caused" illnesses were costing him more than $100 dollars a month and he was hoping that his disclosure would influence the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to provide him with benefits. Bayliss soon learned that DVA do not give benefits to false claimants

Notice in the media release, that Bayliss has influenced his local Federal Member of Parliament to make enquiries on his behalf to get his "phantom" service recognised. He also said that a prominent Senator had on another occasion investigated his case with negative results (No surprise there). Bayliss is making claims in an attempt to falsely gain benefits, and is costing Tax payers money by wasting DVA time, and the time of busy Politicians.

His file is complete and accounts for his time during the 1960s when he claims to have; "Spent much of the 1960s near enemy lines decoding messages for the US Armed Forces in the Malayan Emergency and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident"

The US were not involved in the Malayan Emergency and in any case it ended in 1960 before Bayliss joined the RAAF.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred on the 4 August 1964 at that time Bayliss was at the RAAF School of Languages, Laverton learning Chinese Mandarin

Bayliss also claims a Doctorate in Information Technology (IT) and uses the Post Nominal PhD. We are reliably advised that he has noted "PhD" on his RSL membership form. He told our investigator that he was awarded the Doctorate by the Bridgewater University, located in the United States.

There are two Bridgewater Universities in the United States one is in Massachusetts and the other in Virginia. We have contacted both establishments and neither have any record of a person named Bayliss or Pearcey ever earning a Doctorate.

Bayliss was again asked about his PhD and he said "Oh sorry. I meant Bridgewater in London" In fact he does not have a PhD, that, like his secret jaunts is no more than scurrilous deception.

He was involved in Intelligence work but only as a Linguist in an office, he was never a "James Bond" as he would have you believe. It could well be argued that his lies about his RAAF Service fall into the criminal category of "Deception to gain benefit".

Bayliss appears to be a respectable elderly gentlemen, however beneath the facade there is a calculating liar, fraud and wannabe.

People do not become "crooks" overnight and Bayliss is likely to have been falsely representing himself in one way or another all his life. We don't know what happened in Hong Kong that caused his immediate return to Australia but we are not surprised.

Bayliss holds the senior position of Treasurer at the Camberwell, Melbourne Returned and Services League (RSL) . Allowing such a person to hold that position of responsibility and trust after this exposure, would be an act of negligence by the Executive Committee of the Camberwell RSL

Australian and New Zealand veterans will not allow liars and fools like Bayliss to extol false claims of heroic service and at the same time disparage the ability of Defence to keep proper records of service.

Bayliss has used the valuable time of hard working politicians in an endeavour to falsely gain benefit. We do not have the naivety of politicians and we condemn Bayliss for his calculated, dishonesty.

He well deserves this place on our web site.







Surname: Kingston
Christian Names: Timothy
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Cairns
Case Notes:



Timothy Kingston of Edmonton, Cairns, Far North Queensland has somewhat exaggerated his Military History.

According to Timothy he served in the Army and completed four clandestine tours of Afghanistan.

In reality, this dud has never pulled on a boot, and never suffered the lash of a Regimental Sergeant Majors tongue. He has not a skerrick, not a scintilla, not a crumb, of military history. He is just a pathetic wannabe liar.

He has told all who would listen that "he served for six years and did four tours in Afghanistan. His service in the "Sand Pit" involved secretive missions where he was parachuted in to conduct hostage recovery missions, in some cases he had to shoot his way out".   He also explains that he sought discharge "because he was "Sick of dropping people"

He said his unit was"4," which was an Intelligence Special Forces Unit. Initially there were eight people in his team but now there were only two left, all the others have been killed".

He further said he was "in a bad way, because of "PTS" (sic) and was waking up with bad dreams from when he was on tour." He also related that "he had to carry his dead friend out of the "field" when he was deployed, and had been involved in his funeral and another one of his friends".

More verbal garbage, "After he was discharged he was made redundant from a civilian job and within a day, the Army contacted him to offer him his job back as they really needed his skills and they had been keeping an eye on his career".

Kingston has a severe case of the "Walter Mitty syndrome" with unremitting tales of his heroic Defence Service. Kingston has never served, and would have no idea of what it takes to be even an ordinary soldier let alone one of the very elite who become involved in Special Forces Operations in war zones

We contacted Kingston and asked him about his Military Service.


Am back again, there seems to be controversy as to whether you have ever served in the Australian Defence Force, as have been unable to locate a Defence Service File for a person with your name?

Can you please confirm that you have served.?"

Here is his answer of the 8th April 2014

"Ididn’t serve in the army and don’t know where that information has come from

As we have numerous Statutory Declarations clearly defining where the information came from we responded to Kingston, see below:


We hold numerous Statutory Declarations from people who allege  you have related your military history to.

Because you state that the Statutory Declarations are untrue, we will report the Signatories to the Cairns Federal Police  for investigation regarding the possibility of making false declarations, which is a serious Federal offence.


Some advice for Kingston is to shut up, or join up, and put some substance to his tales, however, we would wager that he doesn't have the physical or psychological strength to pass even the Army Recruit Training program.

Fame and infamy is found in many corners. Kingston's corner, for ever more, is this web site, whenever his name is "Googled" it will lead straight to here, which is the price paid by those who falsely claim heroic Military service.

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