Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Lyles
Christian Names: Geoffrey Philip
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Kyneton
Service #: D1082549
Service: Royal Navy
Branch: RN UK
Commencement of service: Jun 64
Completion of service: Jan 66
Case Notes:




ANZMI were contacted by Peter MICKELBUROUGH, of the Melbourne Herald/Sun Newspaper, advising us that he had been confided in that the incumbent President of Kyneton RSL was suspected to be a bogus veteran wearing medals that he had no entitlement to. Should this prove to be fact it would be the fourth bogus Victorian RSL President unmasked in the past 12 months.

Whilst awaiting confirmation from British Navy records, a background check began on LYLES. This man was a Minister of religion who had ministered to five Uniting Church congregations in the rural areas of Kyneton, Barfold, Metcalfe, Mia Mia and Sutton Grange for six years, until his retirement in October 2013. Surely a "man of the cloth" would not pose as a bogus veteran?? Read on.....

ANZMI received a copy of LYLES' RN service which clearly displayed he had served, but only from June 1964 to January 1966. His only postings were to shore based training establishments where he qualified as a Junior Radio Operator Class 1 - and then was "Discharged Shore - Unsuitable". Hence, a minimal term of service which saw LYLES never embark on any operational service. Why was it then that he had worn Active Service medals for Borneo/Malaya supposedly awarded by the RN?

Proudly pinned to his left breast at many RSL functions this pretender wore the General Service Medal and two medals depicting Borneo/Malaya service - one being the Pinjat Singh awarded by the Malayan Government. When correspondence began, the main comments were that LYLES was a reputable upstanding member of the community, a religious man who had represented the Uniting Church, surely he would not cross the line and hoodwink genuine veterans into electing him a "Veteran" President of their RSL? Contact also made by a member of the Kyneton Masonic Lodge made clear the ill-feeling within their ranks - the word "betrayed" cracks more than one mention.

Folks, this is not the first such case of its kind, ANZMI debunked a bogus Archbishop a few years back, have a look at him on this website:

When the first article of LYLES suspected fraud hit the streets, members of Kyneton RSL were stunned. One female member received a 30 day suspension from the Sub Branch for questioning LYLES at a general meeting. Instead of answering her questions regarding club financial matters and his veteran status, this "offended" President had her suspended. A Vietnam veteran who questioned LYLES' bona fides was also suspended for 30 days. Such was the power this pretender held over his committee.

Time moved on and the State President of the RSL became involved. Here we must give kudos to Peter MICKELBUROUGH from the Herald/Sun Newspaper.
He had begun a crusade to wipe out wannabes in the RSL, personally
investigating and reporting on four bogus presidents in the past 12 months. Surely the National and State Branches of the RSL need to sit up and do more that harrumph and splutter. It is time to re-write the "Rules of Engagement" and properly vet every person who holds office in Victoria.

It is interesting to read Major General McLACHLAN's statement where he says:

"There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities (police)".

We all now are awaiting notification of this ex minister of religion and bogus veteran having his day in court. All we require is a date and location.

Even after LYLES became the fourth bogus President to leave office in disgrace in the past year, his control over the current committee is still obviously present. In a letter to the suspended female member, the replacement President Graeme DAY writes - inter alia - "Because ANZAC House was notified by you and the media contacted by persons unknown - this has been the catalyst for unnecessary anguish for the former President". People - I ask you, who is this LYLES character? We also suggest that current President Graeme DAY enrol himself in a course of "ethics and moral behaviour." He may learn how to treat the members of the Sub Branch with more respect for doing their duty and questioning the alleged service and medals entitlement of a suspect Sub Branch President.

History teaches us that many years ago a mad Russian monk named RASPUTIN gained control over Czars and Counts by using hypnotherapy and mind control - has he been reincarnated in Kyneton? Get real and take a broom to the entire committee of this RSL. Proper governance and probity needs immediate attention.

Geoffrey Philip LYLES - you have walked through the blood of our brothers, men who never got to wear their issued medals. Men and women who paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

May your God take pity on you because we don't.


The extract shown below is from the latest issue of the Victoria RSL Magazine "Mufti". It reflects how serious Victoria RSL Headquarters are about eradicating frauds and wannabes from RSLs


"Over the past year or so, we have detected in our membership a number of individuals wearing campaign and service medals to which they were not entitled.

Unfortunately in four cases the individuals concerned were in leadership roles in Sub-Branches and, as a consequence, attracted adverse publicity for the Sub-Branch and the RSL in general. There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities. As a matter of governance, it is now seen as necessary to have all candidates for leadership positions in the sub-branch provide evidence to support their entitlements to medals worn. I know this will not go down well, but we need to protect ourselves from further embarrassment. I therefore ask you to work with me in this regard.

Amendments to reflect this requirement will be prepared for the Corporate Governance Bylaw as a matter of urgency".

Surname: Polglaise
Christian Names: Wayne David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bendigo
Service #: 3206970
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Reserve and Cadets
Commencement of service: 1988,1997,2001
Completion of service: 1998,2000, 2006
Case Notes:




ANZAC Day 2014 in rural Bendigo, Victoria, a leather clad biker look alike mixed it up with genuine veterans. The photos, taken at the Bendigo RSL, attest to him bedecked with medals depicting operational/active service. He also wears the coveted Infantry Combat Badge, the AIRN (Operational Readiness) badge, the Returned From Active Service Badge and what looks like an American service medal as well as other trinkets of interest.

The photo taken from his rear clearly shows the back patches which indicate he is an Australian Army veteran of the Iraq and Timor conflicts.

Those he spoke to on the 25th of April, heard POLGLAISE extol his Army history with tales of being posted to the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC) for one year and becoming their Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) (Hand to hand Fighting). He also claimed he went on to work in the "Dojo" at 2 Commando Regiment, trained Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) soldiers in CQB and unarmed combat prior to their deployment to Iraq in 1999. He claims this was all before he was deployed himself to Iraq in Close Personal Protection duties as both a soldier and civilian.

POLGLAISE then proceeded to hand out business cards of his "Kombative Concepts Method" where boldly printed appears his title of "KCM Director and Founder - Commander Wayne POLGLAISE.

His qualifications make Chuck NORRIS look like a novice!! This "veteran" sure has the stuff of heroes. On his business card he has even taken the liberty of plagiarising the badge of the US Special Forces Rangers and then added his company logo title to the badge. This is something we feel that the Rangers will be contacting "Commander" POLGLAISE about in the very near future.

Concerned veterans from Bendigo gathered and after a wonderful bout of investigations and interviews with local Army Reserve Units in the area, determined the following genuine service of POLGLAISE:

Enlisted to the Army Reserve June 1988 in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) posted to 15 Transport Squadron Bendigo.
Discharged April 1989 - no qualifications.

Enlisted July 1997 - Army Reserve - Allocated to Royal Australian Infantry Corps (RA Inf) posted to 8/7 Royal Victorian Regiment, Bendigo.
Qualifications: Recruit Training - No other qualifications.
Discharged April 2000 - Operational (War) Service Nil, Honours and Awards Nil.

In November 2001 POLGLAISE was enlisted as an Australian Army Officer of Cadets, with the rank of Second Lieutenant Instructor at the Simpson Barracks, McLeod Victoria. He resigned in 2006.

POLGLAISE was a part-time soldier for two periods of service totalling some three years and seven months with no war service and absolutely no participation in Special Forces. He was then instructing school cadets for five years.

How is it he illegally wears combat medals and the like?

ANZMI emailed POLGLAISE giving him the opportunity to explain himself see below:

To: Wayne David POLGLAISE
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 7:28 PM
Subject: Suspect Bogus Veteran Wayne David POLGLAISE

My name is Rodney from ANZMI (Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters). Our aim in life is to expose to the world those that falsify active/operational service in theatres of combat. Should you never have heard of us simply Google ANZMI and you will see what our objectives are.

I am in possession of photographs of yourself taken last ANZAC day where you are wearing current issue medals depicting operational service, an Infantry Combat Badge and other items of militaria including a back patch and Australian flag motifs depicting Iraq service with the Australian forces. A thorough check of records within our means shows no record of you qualifying for operational service.

ANZMI operates without fear or favour, this email gives you the opportunity to prove beyond doubt that you are a returned serviceman, including your factual service history, or explain why you illegally wear medals that have not been issued to you. Should you choose not to reply to this email our investigators will proceed with the possibility of exposing you to the www without delay. Take the time to visit our website and you will see that there are those who have been subject to hefty fines and in some cases imprisonment for falsely purporting to be a returned serviceman.

You have until Friday 23 May 2014 to respond to this email.

ANZMI Investigator"

It was no surprise that he never replied. This is the standard action of a bogus veteran who considers if he ignores our contact, that the matter will just disappear and nothing more will be heard.

Veterans and the general population of Bendigo must be reeling in disbelief at the exposure of three "Walter MITTY's" in as many weeks - the recent exposures of SPARK, DOLMAN and now POLGLAISE have led to concerns that the HINES twins from Brisbane may be headed their way to establish another M.A.S.K. unit and will be recruiting from the area. It seems that there is no shortage of questionable candidates to select from.

Wayne David POLGLAISE - welcome to the world wide web. Your dishonesty and total disrespect for genuine veterans alive and dead is now available for the entire world to view - you are a disgrace to any uniform you ever wore.

Surname: Allen
Christian Names: Rodney Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yorkeys Knob
Service: ARA
Branch: 6 RAR, Infantry
Commencement of service: Oct 06
Completion of service: Nov 11
Case Notes:




Rodney Michael Allen is 33 years old and resides near Cairns in Far North Queensland. His interests include being extensively tattooed and wearing military medals that he has not been awarded.

In the above photograph Allen is wearing the following medals -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal with clasp ICAT. (entitled)

2. Afghanistan Medal. (entitled)

3. Australian Service Medal with clasp Timor Leste. (not entitled)

4. Australian Defence Medal. (entitled)

5. NATO Medal with clasp ISAF (entitled)

6. Timor Leste Solidarity Medal. (not entitled.)

Following Australian Army Recruit Training in 2006, Allen was posted to 6 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) as a Private Rifleman. This was following the return of the Battalion from a deployment to East Timor. Allen served for 5 years in the Australian Regular Army, however, he never served in Timor.

In early 2010, the Battalion went to Afghanistan as part of the 1st Mentoring Task Force named Operation Slipper. The Battalion returned to Australia in late 2010 and Allen was discharged from the Army in 2011.

We have no reason to doubt that Allen carried out his duties as an Infantry Soldier in Afghanistan in a satisfactory manner. He has also been awarded the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) and the Returned from Active Service Badge.

Allen has no entitlement to the Australian Service Medal with clasp Timor Leste or the Timor Lest Solidarity Medal.

Why a genuine Afghanistan veteran of the Australian Regular Army would blatantly embellish his service by wearing unearned medals is hard to comprehend.

To answer this question, Allen was contacted by Anzmi and his medal display in the above photograph was questioned.

He subsequently responded and stated that his genuine medals officially awarded are the AASM with clasp ICAT, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Australian Defence Medal and the NATO medal with ISAF clasp.

Allen then went on to say that ," Clearly this has come to your attention over me wearing one of my fellow 6 RAR mates replica set gongs (sic) with the Timor medal attached. The only one not awarded to me".

Allen continued by claiming inter alia, "that he was asked by some of his 6 RAR mates to come along and march to remember all the mates he lost." He stated, "that being late notice and as he had lost his medals, a mate gave him his old set to keep/wear as he is still serving, and has a new set from a further upgrading of medals. I have only worn this twice as they were both last minute decisions and as I hadn't ordered a new set at the time".

He then surprisingly claimed that, "The only tour we talk about, think about is Afghanistan 2010, no one I was with or spoke to, gave a shit about the unissued Timor gong. But apparently someone has taken offence to a piss ant trip like the little Timor gong that wasn't issued to me."

There are some noteable inconsistencies in Allen's versions of events. He states that the Timor Medal, (The Timor Leste Solidarity Medal) is the "only one not awarded to me" He conveniently forgets that he was also wearing the ASM with clasp Timor Leste. He also admits that he wore these medals on two occasions. You would think that he would know how many medals were on the rack that he had been "given" by his mate and more importantly, what the medals represented. Also the fact that he was not only entitled to wear two of the medals, he was not entitled to wear any of them. They were not his!

If you believe his version of events, then he should have more sense than to wear a rack of medals on two occasions that were not issued to him.

Allen demeans his fellow colleagues who served in Timor by stating that, "someone has taken offence to a piss ant trip like the little Timor gong that wasn't issued to me." We are certain that all Australian Military personnel who served in East Timor would not appreciate those disrespectful remarks. He obviously has no respect for Australian traditions and protocols.

We are aware that Allen has been wearing these unauthoried medals for some time. He has purchased them and placed them on his rack. We had previously been informed that Allen had been told on "numerous" occasions by colleagues to remove the two medals that he has not been awarded from his court mounted rack. That advice has obviously fallen on deaf ears and he has made the decision to continue to wear them.

For that strange decision he will remain on our website for evermore.

Surname: Reeve
Christian Names: Alan Mark
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Waiheke Island
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 62985
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RAE
Commencement of service: 06 Apr 76
Completion of service: 1982
Case Notes:




For many years Alan Mark Reeve has claimed to be a Returned Veteran from the Vietnam War and whenever he spoke of his service he always mentioned an affiliation with the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR).

In fact, when cornered, Reeve had the good grace to immediately own up to his subterfuge and admit that he is a fraud.

As Reeve is a troubadour who has had considerable success at his trade, we asked him to tell us about himself, here is his response:

"Hello Will

All this sounds as if someone is wanting to verify my credentials.
Perhaps this person would like to contact me directly for more information.
Meanwhile here is a brief outline.

Regarding my military history:

First stint 1972-73 in 18 Field Squadron Royal Australian Engineers (Vietnam)

Second stint 1976 – 82 in 16 Field Squadron RAE and 22 Construction Squadron RAE

I was not an SAS soldier (and have never said I was) I was seconded from 22 Construction Squadron at Karrakatta to the SAS as a physical training instructor for approx 18 months.

I played in Australia prior to and while I was in the army (and after). On Channel 9 in Perth (Appealathon and Family Christmas Concert 1985 and ’86), supported Bob Geldoff in 1990 for concerts in Launceston and Melbourne, ABC in Hobart and TV Channel 9 in Perth and played on TV shows in Launceston. Currently play locally in New Zealand and have played in France and England. One CD called Why Change – all originals.

Best regards
Al Reeve"

We then advised him as follows:

"Dear Al

Have definitive proof that Al has never served in Vietnam, or on any other overseas operations.

As a PT Instructor he may have done some work at Swanbourne, but was never attached to SASR for 18 months.

When Al enlisted in 1976 he clearly stated on enlistment documents that he had no previous service.

It is intended that Al be placed on the web site for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran.

Would you like to comment on this action?


Reeve quickly responded through a representative, we have lightly censored the response.

"Hi Bill

Thank you for bringing all this to light although I would have appreciated a more direct approach rather than the ‘indirect’ reference to research about ex servicemen turned entertainer tack perhaps a lie by omission in itself...

(Deleted) and his army service was not something we discussed – but we certainly have now.

After a long conversation with him, just now, about your comments Al has agreed that in fact he has only been in the army once (’76-’82) and has never served in Vietnam. I understand from him that it was something he said to people many years ago, in his late teens, in an attempt to feel less insignificant. He is embarrassed to have done this and, as he says, once said it was hard to unsay it and the lie just stayed. He apologises unreservedly and whenever this may come up in any future conversation he will rectify any previous misdirection.

Undoubtedly this will not be easy, probably easier than the conversation we have just had, but he has no intention of shirking from it.

Along the way in life we all do and say things sometimes that we wish we hadn’t done or said. I know that Al is a good person and despite his shame and embarrassment feels relieved that this has come out. I know he is a good person and feels remorse to have lied to others and (Deleted).

Having learnt this about him does not detract from the fact that he is a very worthy man and has my full support, (Deleted) for the things he does and the man he is today.


We are sure that Reeve is more sorry for being caught out as a liar and a wannabe than he is for the act itself, however he has shown the courage to clear his slate of his burdensome lies and will never have to worry again about being tapped on the shoulder as a wannabe.

If you are a wannabe and are reading this report, you should prepare yourself for the embarrassment of being caught and exposed.

Be assured that eventually you will be caught.

Surname: Peters
Christian Names: Gary Philip
Country: Australia Ex NZ
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Townsville
Service #: 187407
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RACT
Commencement of service: 1991
Completion of service: 1995
Case Notes:




Gary Philip Peters found fame in the service of the family of the now deposed Libyan despot Colonel Muammar Gaddafi where he was employed as part of the Families security force.

Following the demise of Gaddafi's strangle hold on Libya, Peters fled the country, and the story of his escape has had international media attention. As the dust settled on his adventures, Peters returned to Townsville Queensland, and joined in the conviviality of an ex Services Bikers Association.

At the Bikers club, as shown in the photograph, Peters portrayed himself as a returned veteran by wearing the following medals and badges:

Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)
Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Afghanistan Medal
Iraq Medal
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)
Special Air Service (SAS) winged dagger.

Peters has no entitlement to wear any of the above medals except perhaps the Australian Defence Medal. His Australian Military Service was as a Private Soldier Driver in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport from 1991 to 1995. He served only in Australia.

We hold Statutory Declarations detailing that Peters has said that:

"He had done over 3000 free fall jumps and the large Winged Excalibur tattoo on his forearm he got in the Regt to honor (sic) of the guys who died in the Blackhawk training accident of 91".

We were able to communicate with Peters and when he realised that he was well and truly caught he sent us a series of emails detailing his service:

From Gary Peters 16 Dec 2013

"Hi xxx,

I'll help anyway I can I suppose for my military history, you mean when I served here in Australia or post military experience in Libya, Tunisia and Algieria etc? My service in Australia Im not to keen on discussing that as there is still alot going on with the ICC and the United Nations organisations.


From Gary Peters 19 April 2014

"From: Gary Peters <>
Date: 19 April 2014 17:43
Subject: Re: Military History
To: xxxxxxxx

Dear Mr xxxxxx,

Just for your information and for the records, my service # is as follows. 187407. Hopefully this will show that I have served in the RAA but as these records will show I did no overseas duties with the RAA, all my Combat experience was post Army service with private organisations in the US. Hopefully this will assist you. Sorry yes tpt corp and I meant the Royal Australian Army (RAA) sorry for the confusion. Units served in was 5 transport troop and then 85 Tpt in Moorebank Sydney"

19 April 2014

"Dear Mr Hobson,

I have served in the Australian Military from 91 to 94 in the tot (sic) corp. I have heard also that have stated that I served with the SASR, this is incorrect, but I did attempt the Cadre course in 93 I think it was but was not successful.



19 April 2014

"Hi Bill,

Sorry yes tpt corp and I meant the Royal Australian Army (RAA) sorry for the confusion. Units served in was 5 transport troop and then 85 Tpt in Moorebank Sydney".

By detailing his service, it is obvious that he has not earned any of the medals he is wearing. One of the medals is a Conspicuous Service Medal which is a prestigious award for meritorious achievement or devotion to duty in non-war like situations. Peters has obviously purchased that medal and all the others he wears, and awarded them to himself. For that action he has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903, Part VII Sections:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned Soldier
80B. Improper use of service decorations

These two offences carry maximum fines of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Peters had his fifteen minutes of fame from international media by working for the infamous Gaddafi family. Obviously he needed a bit more fame and wore medals and insignia that he has not earned, and therefore we name him as a scurrilous liar cheat and wannabe and give him a lifetime of infamy on this web site.



Surname: Carlin previously kn
Christian Names: Timothy Allen aka Harry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Newstead
Service #: 362279
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Infantry Commando Army Reserve
Commencement of service: Jul 72 and May 73
Completion of service: Jun 77 and Jul 78
Case Notes:




62279 Private Timothy John Carlin initially from New Zealand and now of Newstead Victoria, was previously known as Timothy Allen Southwick and also known as Harry Carlin.

Carlin is another "sufferer" of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by his Operational Service deployment to Vietnam. He uses the excuse of PTSD for his occasional deplorable behaviour. The problem is that Carlin has never been deployed on operational service, and his bad behaviour is just an aspect of his need to be seen as a tough but mentally scarred Commando Trained returned Veteran. He describes his education qualifications as "The Australian Special Forces College". (There is no such establishment)

Carlin's name changes did temporarily hamper our search for his true military history which is a lot different from Carlin's version.

We hold Statutory Declarations stating that Carlin said that,

"He served in Vietnam with 2 Commando Company in the late 70s, he says that 2 Commando Company were deployed as private contractors until Fraser (The Prime Minister of the era) pulled them out. In addition, in numerous Facebook Posts he gave strong indication of service in the Middle East conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan"

At no time was 2 Commando Company ever deployed to Vietnam and unlike the recent Middle East wars there were no Australian Private Contractors deployed to Vietnam at any time during or after the war

We are reliably advised that Carlin had the audacity to seek psychological counselling from Department of Veterans Affairs in relation to his Vietnam War Service. He also approached Department of Defence for the issue of Vietnam Campaign medals. Both government agencies gave him short shrift. He was able to explain to his family that the lack of Government co-operation was because his work was secret and his file expunged.

In fact Carlin's full military file is available on application to National Australia Archives.

He was a Private soldier who served two stints of one year each with the Army Reserve on a part time basis consisting mainly of week-ends and one or two nights a week.

His status as a soldier puts him at the bottom of the pile and he would in no way be sufficiently skilled for the type of deployments he claims.

In essence Carlin is a big noting, liar and wannabe who has offended many people with his laughable claims of being a Returned Veteran. Carlin need no longer seek fame through his tales of Commando service in Vietnam, as his countenance and his true military history can be viewed in every corner of the world through the medium of this web site.

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