Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Delamore
Christian Names: Kenneth Rex and Jo
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service #: 2817398
Service: Army
Branch: Chaplain Army Reserve - Now Red Shield Representat
Commencement of service: 7 Feb 01 - Aug 02
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




We are reliably advised that Kenneth Rex Delamore served in the Australian Army Reserve as a Chaplain for 19 months and would have worn the uniform of an Army Chaplain during that time. He and his wife have now donned the quasi Army uniform of Salvation Army Red Shield workers and are employed at Royal Military College, Duntroon in Canberra, ACT. 

The Defence Force accepts that members of the Salvation Army Red Shield organization may wear Military Officers uniform without badges or military rank. Instead they wear the Salvation Army logo of the Red Shield. We note also that a Sam Browne is involved, this is the leather strap over the right shoulder which attaches to a leather waste belt. The Sam Browne is used to support a sword. We have no idea when a Salvation Army Red Shield representative might need to wield a sword.

The Delamores are both wearing medals, Kenneth Delamore is wearing:

NZ Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) with two bars - As we have no information about his NZ service, we will give him a free kick and assume he is entitled to the NZDSM

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)- He served for only 19 months as an Army Reserve Chaplain and therefore, at the time of publishing this report he is not entitled to the medal.

International Year of Volunteer Medal (IYVM) - Self purchased "Tin" medal, that is not worn on military uniform.

New Zealand Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (NZFBLSGCM) with two bars - Not an authorised medal to wear on Australian military uniform.

Jo Delamore is wearing:

International year of Volunteer Medal - Self purchased "Tin" medal.

Old soldiers will also note that in both cases the chin strap buckle is in the wrong place. Tradition demands that the buckle must be level with the edge of the mouth.

We contacted the Chief Commissioner (National) of the Red Shield organisation. His comments are indicative that the problem with Philanthropic Organisations starts at the very top. In response to our notification to him about the Delamores, he chose to disparage the Defence Force and ANZMI.

He said this about RSMs

"Ken sort (sic) advice from his RSM at 2 RAR at the time and he took the advice in good faith. After investigating it further he realised that there may be more to it and remedied the situation by not wearing the other medals on his military uniform."

"I would challenge you to try and get any form of coherence from RSMs about honours and awards when it comes to philanthropic personnel and I guarantee you will get differing advice",

He also suggests that Red Shield workers should wear whatever medals they like. We previously exposed one of his colleagues Barry Nancarrow for mixing a Salvation Army Medal with his official Defence rack. See here:

The commissioner said:

"As for Barry Nancarrow he is not a fraud and should not be on your website. Barry has earned every medal he wears your ridicule of him is a disgrace"

Religious medals have no place being mixed with Defence Medals. We suggest the Commissioner appraise himself of Defence Honours and Awards protocols and traditions and his duties as leader, so that his flock don't end up on this web site. Blaming RSMs for his lack of knowledge and the recalcitrance of his staff is the epitome of "Buck passing".

We point out to the Commissioner and the Delamores that medals are presented by the Sovereign to those who have earned them. Attaching whatever you fancy onto the left side of your shirt will fool some of the people some of the time, but Veterans and ex Servicemen who have earned their medals the hard way, see buffoons living in a world of pretence.

Australian and New Zealand Veterans have zero tolerance for medals cheats, therefore the Delamore's recalcitrance will be featured on this web site forever more.

Surname: Meehan
Christian Names: Terrence John
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Terence John Meehan Queensland Branch Returned Services League (RSL) State President.

Meehan, the Queensland State President of the RSL is a medals cheat. Be assured we take no pleasure in exposures of high profile Veterans; however, neither status nor position deters us. The higher the status the greater the offence, because public appearances and medals protocol are all part of the high profile individuals responsibilities. If a RSL State President can thumb his nose at protocol, and wear whatever he likes, then the integrity of the Defence Service medals system is doomed.



In recent times ANZMI has been assailed with vicious and obscene emails from executives of the Australian Peace Keepers and Peace Makers Veterans Association (APPVA) because a very senior member of their organisation was featured for wearing a “Tin” medal. It behooves our organisation to work without fear or favour and to expose those who do not follow medals protocol and choose to add that extra “pretty medal” to their Defence Force rack.

Hence we feature ex RAN Veteran, Terence Meehan, the Queensland State Branch, President of the RSL with expectations of “thunderous protest” from those who do not respect medals rules and protocols.

The offending medal is second from the right and is the Western Australia (WA) State Police Medal.  See below:



Meehan served in the WA State Police and was issued the medal by the State of WA.  Protocol for wearing State and Territory Government Awards is clearly promulgated on the Federal Government Medals web site

“Unofficial medals

Ex-service organisations sometimes commission their own unofficial medals to mark participation in particular military campaigns, periods of service or types of service that have not been recognised through the Australian honours system. Awards made by foreign governments which have not been approved by the Governor-General for acceptance and wear are also "unofficial". There is no impediment to wearing such medals in appropriate private settings, such as a meeting of the relevant ex-service association, or a reception hosted by the relevant foreign government. Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn at public ceremonial and commemorative events, but if they are worn as the occasion demands, the convention is that they are worn on the right breast.

Q14.       How do I wear my state awards?

A14.       State awards are worn on the right breast because only national awards in the

               Order of Wearing  Australian Honours and Awards are worn on the left breast.”

During 2012, Qld RSL republished a feature in the “Qld RSL News” from the South Australian RSL booklet “The Signal”, written by Keith Harrison, see excerpt below:

“Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn. However if they are worn as the occasion demands, they may be worn on the right breast.

Meehan, as an RSL State President, must be aware that he is responsible to set an example by following medals protocol. If he is not capable of this simple task, it beggars belief that within Qld RSL State HQs, there is so little care given to the traditions of the Service.


Update Terrence Meehan - Queensland Returned and Services League (RSL) President -  07 April 2014

We are nonplussed and amazed at a recent announcement made by the National President RSL. See his announcement below


The repercussions from this statement will be immense, it means that on ANZAC day 2014, there could be thousands of State Medals added to the end of Defence racks. This could include Police Service Medals, Fire Fighters Medals, Ambulance Medals, and any other medal issued by State Governments. It could then be extrapolated to include Regional Council medals and all manner of trinkets.

Instructions from the office of the Governor General are very clear and based on the following statement:


We believe that Meehan wears his State Police Medal on the basis that a Western Australia Police Commissioner issued a decree that Western Australia Police Medals could be worn at the end of Defence Medals. This also happened with the Northern Territory and the New South Wales Correction Services. This ruling is of course contrary to our Governor Generals policy

It is a sad situation when the National President of the RSL, and the Queensland RSL State President do not understand that State employed Commissioners have no authority to make policy regarding National Medals that are issued by the Sovereign.

Simply put, the National President's latest statement, and Meehan's behaviour degrades the value of hard earned Defence Medals.

It appears, the National President has made his amazing statement following an announcement recorded in the Minutes of the Queensland Northern District Sixteenth Annual General Meeting and Conference held on 22 March 2014.

Initially Meehan "fell on his sword" and issued a "heartfelt apology" for his poor form in mixing a State Medal with his Sovereign conferred medals

"Good Afternoon,

Some time ago I had my medals re-mounted by a person whom I believed to be a reputable dealer, I was advised that medals awarded(as opposed to commemorative medals purchased) by both State and Federal Governments were to be worn on the left breast this advice has now been shown to be incorrect.

Yesterday I had the medal removed from my defence force rack, I unreservedly apologise for offending members of the defence community.

Kind regards
Terry Meehan
State President
RSL (Queensland Branch)"

Since his apologetic epistle, a medal's whisperer appears to have got into his ear and without Meehan properly checking the whisperer's advice, has done a three hundred and sixty degree turnaround. Hence his statement at the Queensland Annual conference. It is also reliably reported that Meehan is mumbling about suing ANZMI for defamation. We believe he has even "identified" some individuals to have his Process Servers target.

Meehan is causing turmoil and angst in the RSL. As an RSL State President he has worn a medal contrary to protocol and policy. He has apologised for his actions, then recanted, then influenced the National President of the RSL to make an incorrect announcement and exacerbate the problem of tacking State Medals to Federal Medals.

In essence Meehan is a "bumbler". Evidence of his bumbling leadership is particularly apparent in the Gold Coast region of Queensland where medals cheats and wannabes abound as executives in RSLs.

In Summary

Meehan's continued wearing of the Western Australian Police Medal, and his action being ratified by the National RSL President will open the door to the devaluation of Defence medals.

We can expect an explosion of activity by medals mounters, stitching on all kinds of State and other Awards to Defence racks.

The RSL is in a Lassez-faire style of leadership, where medals cheats and wannabes are able to rule the roost.

This is a monumental error. Australian Veterans must ensure that One Hundred years of tradition is not trashed because of the vanity and ignorance of a leader. State Medals must be worn on the right hand side and are not to be included on the left mixed with hard earned Defence Medals.

Meehan as an RSL leader has shown reckless disregard for protocols and tradition and has entangled the National RSL President in his disregard. In essence he has brought the RSL into disrepute.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Update Terrence Meehan - Queensland Returned and Services League (RSL) President -  23 Oct 14

As described in our last update, Terry Meehan incorrectly berated ANZMI for "wrongly" exposing him for wearing a State medal with his Defence Medals.

He also embarrassed the RSL National President by having him make a statement in support of his recalcitrance. Rear Admiral Ken Doolan AO RAN Rtd specifically stated that "It is hoped ANZMI will correct this mistake on their website and more closely check the facts in future"

At the last Annual General Meeting of the Queensland RSL we note that Meehan has adjusted his medals by removing the offending Western Australia State Medal. Obviously he has realised that he was wrong.


Perhaps both Mr Meehan and Rear Admiral Doolan OA RAN Rtd may wish to apologise to ANZMI for their incorrect and disparaging remarks.

Most Veterans and ex Service personnel support ANZMI, we have vast support from all over Australia and Overseas. The support base covers Veterans from World War 2 to current Middle East conflicts. There are very few detractors.

Those who campaign against us, and threaten us, are those who have been exposed as wannabes frauds and liars.

We are self funded. We are not allied to any other organisation whatsoever and we proceed without fear or favour.

Simply put, to have two top executives of our senior ex service organisation wrongly question our integrity requires an apology.

In this matter we have achieved our objective, Meehan has adjusted his medal rack. and we have pointed out that degrading medals protocol and then disparaging ANZMI is not what is expected from a leader of the Veteran Community

Surname: Reed
Christian Names: Edward Segundo
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8097093
Service: RAN
Branch: Boatswains Mate Grade 2
Commencement of service: 01 Aug 94
Completion of service: 27 Sep 04
Case Notes:




Edward Segundo REED is a legend, a war hero and a member of the elite Clearance Diver fraternity. Well, that is what he would like us to believe. As is the case with all wannabee’s, the truth about REED is much less dramatic and so much more mundane than the image he portrays.

Edward REED tells an interesting story over a few beers. Examples of his ‘daring do’ have rebounded around the pubs of Sydney for a while now, some of his claims include:

• He had been deployed and came back early from the mission shot in the groin.
• He is / was a Chief Warrant Officer and is a Clearance Diver.
• He advised that the Navy is treating him for bowel cancer at St
Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney (Naval Wing) and he’s getting
psychologist help from them as well.
• He has been promoted and is now in charge of the dive school.
• He was either in the same team or trained the young man who was bitten by sharks in Sydney Harbour on a training event.
• He has a house in Mosman that he rents out through the Navy.
• He can’t have his photo taken because of his job
• Was a Clearance Diver (CD) in the 1st Gulf War
• Is a Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
• Ex SAS Clearance Diver
• Has 20 years’ service in the Navy

To add credence to his tales, REED has adorned himself with an impressive rack of medals, none of which he has an entitlement to. REED has been seen strutting his stuff on ANZAC Day wearing;

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) (Clasp East Timor) – No Entitlement
Australian Service Medal (ASM) (Clasp GULF) – No Entitlement
INTERFET Medal – No Entitlement
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) – Entitled
UN Medal (believed to be UN East Timor) – No Entitlement

The truth about Edward REED is far less flattering but nonetheless, it is the truth. REED enlisted in the RAN on the 1st of August 1994, well after the 1st Gulf War so bang goes that story. His trade during his Navy service was as a Boatswains Mate. At some point in his career, REED applied to undertake the Clearance Diver Acceptance Test but withdrew. Similarly, he withdrew from the Scuba Air Diver course twice.

Well, why not? It is much easier to make up stories about being a Clearance Diver than it is to put the bloody hard yards into actually making the grade!

REED discharged from the Navy on the 30th January 1999. He did re-enlist but not until 2nd of September 2002, bang goes the East Timor story. His second stint in the Navy did not go to plan, he spent from 5th December until the 24th December 2003 in military imprisonment before being discharged on 27th July 2004 ‘Retention Not in the Service Interests’ with the rank of Able Seaman. Bang goes the CPO/Warrant Officer story and the Officer in Charge of the Dive School story.

Edward REED is yet another in a growing number of younger ‘wannabes’ who just can’t accept the fact that glory passed them by. He served at sea on board HMAS Melbourne from January 1995 until May 1996. He did not see active service as reflected in the dates relative to HMAS Melbourne’s Battle Honours which include:

East Timor – 2000
Persian Gulf – 2002

The majority of his service during both stints in the Navy was at shore establishments including HMAS Cerberus, Penguin and Maritime Headquarters. Bang goes the wounded in action story.

So, if we look again at REED's claims, just about all of them have been well and truly shot down in flames:

• He had been deployed and came back early from the mission shot in the groin.
FALSE - he has never deployed or been on Active Service
• He is / was a Chief Warrant Officer and is a Clearance Diver.
FALSE - He reached the rank of Able Seaman
• He advised that the Navy is treating him for bowel cancer at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney (Naval Wing) and he is getting psychologist help from them as well.
FALSE - If he is ill, it is not related to his service
• He has been promoted and is now in charge of the Dive School.
FALSE - AB Boatswain's Mate cannot be in charge of the Dive School
• He was either in the same team or trained the young man who was bitten by sharks in Sydney Harbour on a training event.
FALSE - He was not a Clearance Diver and withdrew from the CD Acceptance Test
• He has a house in Mosman that he rents out through the Navy.
FALSE - he has not been in the Navy since 2004
• He can’t have his photo taken because of his job.
FALSE - See above
• Was a Clearance Diver (CD) in the First Gulf War.
FALSE - He wasn't even in the Navy at the time of the First Gulf War
• Is a Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
FALSE - He was an Able Seaman
• Ex SAS Clearance Diver
FALSE - See above
• Has 20 years’ service in the Navy
FALSE - he served two stints totalling 10 years.

If you have the misfortune to run across Edward REED at a reunion, or an ANZAC Day gathering, don’t be taken in by his lies. Clearance Divers in the Navy are an elite group, who like their SASR counterparts have endured significant hardship and gruelling training to perform their role. Wannabee’s like Edward REED, who withdrew from the CD acceptance course will try and bluff their way through. However, the truth will always win out. Welcome to our website Edward Segundo REED.

Surname: Shortis
Christian Names: Ronald Alan
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Tamworth
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




Ronald Alan Shortis is continually going "broke" after using other people's money to fund business ventures. Such activities are not our business, but when false claims are made about military service to induce people to invest in business ventures, it becomes our business. Shortis has been involved in managing a Fifty year old Sikorsky S62 Helicopter.


Shortis alludes to having been a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Pilot and also to having been a Colonel in the Australian Defence Force. We believe he steals the honour and credibility that surrounds Defence Force Commissioned ranks as a tactic to raise investment for his business enterprises. Here are examples of him falsely alluding to Defence Service.

Shortis claims to have flown 600 combat missions:

Shortis was employed as a private contractor to fly helicopters for the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government during the civil unrest in Bougainville PNG during the 1990s. He now claims that prior to his PNG employment he served with "The Special Duties Branch" of 9 Squadron RAAF.

Shortis is not known by the 9 Squadron Association and his claim to have served in that unit is a lie.

In a Facebook, entry Shortis wrote to a United Kingdom Major General with the same surname to see if they were related, he claimed to be an ex RAAF Officer.

Shortis was operating his Sikorsky from Geraldton in Western Australia, flying divers to nearby islands. It soon came to the attention of the Australian civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that on one trip Shortis ran out of fuel and also learned that he had a medical condition, so that he was not allowed to fly with passengers. He then had to employ two pilots. The business was then charged by CASA for reckless operation. The business went "bust" and all investors lost their money. The helicopter was purchased by a Geraldton business man and Shortis convinced him to send him and the helicopter to Honduras. As President of this new enterprise Shortis gave himself the title of "Colonel (R)" The "R" stands for retired from the Australian Defence Force.

Here is the signature block used by Shortis for his Honduras business:

This business ceased when Shortis parked the helicopter, removed the engine, and shipped it back to Australia for "repairs". At the same time he tearfully advised his "Honduran" investors that he had to return to Australia to bury his wife. He, the engine and the money disappeared, never to return. Honduran investors then discovered that Shortis had no Australian wife to bury.

Shortis is a "Bumbling" businessman who at one time flew helicopters for the PNG Government as a private contractor. At that time, he would have met RAAF Officers who were posted to PNG. He uses that experience to allude to having served with "The Special Duties Branch" of the RAAF (9 Squadron)he however claims his 9 Squadron service was secret and he has signed the Secrecy Act and can't talk about it. Here is an example of him "not talking about it":

Our job is to protect the integrity of Veterans and ex Servicemen. From now on whenever Shortis's name is entered into a Computer Search engine this report will appear as a warning to those who desire to be dishonest about Defence Service. It should also raise alarm bells for those considering investing with the less than erudite Ronald Shortis.

Surname: Owen
Christian Names: Roy Anthony
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Childers
Service #: 175236
Service: CMF (Part Time)
Branch: Artillery
Commencement of service: 23 Jul 66
Completion of service: 06 Apr 76
Case Notes:




It never ceases to amaze us here at Anzmi how many current Presidents of RSL (Returned Services League) Sub Branch Clubs are brought to our attention for falsifying their service, having no service at all or wearing military medals on their left breast that have not been awarded to them.

In the past eighteen months alone, we have exposed five Victorian Presidents of RSL Sub Branches for one or more of the above reasons.

Roy Anthony Owen, born on the 26 July, 1949 enlisted in the part time Citizens Military Forces (CMF) on the 23 July, 1966. He served in 11 Field Regiment, 41 Battery Royal Australian Artillery. (RAA.) in Queensland. He is 65 years old.

Owen attended monthly parades and annual training exercises as required and discharged from the CMF on the 6 April,1976. He had no operational service and his entire enlistment period was in Australia. He would be entitled to the Australian Defence Medal. (ADM).

Owen joined the Roma RSL Sub Branch Queensland in 2006. In 2012, he transferred his membership to Childers RSL Sub Branch, Queensland. He then stood for election and was voted in as Secretary/Treasurer. In early 2014, he was voted in as President of the RSL Sub Branch.

Owen is a medals cheat and an imposter.

In the photograph below, Owen is wearing numerous medals.

On Anzac Day, 2014, Owen, the President, led the Childers RSL Sub Branch parade through the streets with dozens of genuine veterans and servicemen and women all marching behind him. The photograph below depicts him marching out front with all his medals displayed on his left breast and an ADM on his right lapel.

In the above two photographs, Owen is wearing the following medals on his left chest.

1. 1939-1945 Star. World War 2.
2. Possible Atlantic Star. World War 2
3. War Medal 1939-1945. World War 2.
4. Australian Service Medal 1939-1945. World War 2
5. Australian Service Medal (ASM) with clasp.
6. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM)

On his right coat lapel he is wearing another ADM.

Owen is entitled to wear only one of the above medals on his left chest. That is the ADM for his part time CMF service. Why he wears another ADM on his right lapel is a mystery. Maybe they sent him two by mistake.

Owen is not entitled to wear any of the World War 2 medals or the ASM with clasp on his left breast. He did not serve in World War 2. If they are medals of a relative, then as a President of an RSL Sub Branch, he should know better.

They should be worn on the right.

Owen is typical of many other medal cheats and wannabees that we have exposed on this site. He knows the general public would have no idea if he was entitled to the medals that he wears on the left side or not.

He has intentionally worn these medals on the left side to make himself look important to impress all those watching the parade.

Leading this parade through the streets of Childers on Anzac Day 2014 with all his unearned medals would have obviously made Owen feel statesmanlike. When in fact he is nothing more than a medals cheat who should only be wearing one medal for his part time non operational CMF service.

He is just a straight out wannabee and a fraud who has total disrespect for military protocols issued by the Office of the Governor General. The RSL do not need imposters of his ilk as Presidents in their organisation.

The members of Childers RSL Sub Branch should hoist this fraud as their leader forthwith.

Welcome to the site, Roy Anthony Owen.

Surname: Madrid
Christian Names: Jim or Jimmy
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Inverell
Service #: N/A
Service: N/A
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




According to all his publicity, Jim or Jimmy Madrid from Inverell, N.S.W., has done a bit of everything. Boxer, Boxing Trainer, Artist, Martial Arts Black Belt Champion, Script Writer, Film Actor, Soldier, Vietnam Veteran

Madrid claims in a recent article in the Adelaide Advertiser and the Brisbane Courier Mail in May 2014, that he toured the countryside with Jimmy Sharman's tent show for a number of years and on one occasion had 48 fights in ten days, beating "three Australian Champions" along the way.

In the same articles, he claims to "have joined the Army for a number of years including a tour of Vietnam" and describes himself a "Vietnam Veteran".

Also in another article titled Aust Lit, (Australian Literary Management) below, Madrid also claims that he joined the Army after a decade in the showground circuits and did a tour of Vietnam, following which he moved to Adelaide and played a minor role in the movie Rabbit Proof Fence.

Madrid was born on the 10 April, 1950. His name does not appear on the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans. As a consequence, we contacted Madrid and requested that he provide his service number, Unit service particulars and dates that he toured Vietnam in the Australian Army and also the name he served under. We received no reply. After several more unanswered requests, research was conducted through the National Archives and lo and behold, Jim Madrid does not appear there either. He has no military service.

So Jim Madrid, you might be a lot of things to a lot of people but to us you are just a miliary fraud and imposter. Placing yourself out there as a Vietnam Veteran with "a number of years Army service" is just a lie. You have attempted to take the honour of real Vietnam veterans who did serve and now genuinely suffer in their own ways, to glorify your own existence in an attempt to gain kudos and undeserved public recognition.

Our advice to you Madrid, is go and give yourself a couple of uppercuts and stop claiming to be something that you are not. He mentions on his Face Book page that in his view, "the narrower the mind, the broader the tongue". He has certainly given himself an accurate assessment in regards to that philosophical statement.

There were a lot of great indigenous Australians who were either Regular Soldiers or National Servicemen, who served gallantly in Vietnam and other wars, who would be horrified at reading Madrid's false claims of war service and disrespectfully stealing their honour.

Your Agent might be interested to know that due to your total disrespect, Jim Madrid, we have granted you some more free publicity by featuring you on our website for evermore. 



*** If you are offended by obscene language, please read no further***

Since the write up of Jim Madrid on our website, he has posted on his Facebook page that someone has hacked his Facebook and removed photographs of himself.

We are not sure why anyone would do this. However he blames a military researcher who had asked him some questions about his Vietnam service.

He threatened this researcher that "I will punch your guts out. I can and will do it, get f**ked" See below.

". Yesterday at 5:00pm • Like

Jim Madrid - l worked this out you fuck. your the fuck that hacked my fb. get fucked or l will punch your guts out. l can and will do it. get fucked
Yesterday at 7:56pm• Like • 1"

Madrid had previously reported to the Brisbane Courier Mail, the Adelaide Advertiser and a journal called Auslit , (Australian Literary Management) that he was a former Australian Army indigenous serving soldier who had a tour of duty to Vietnam. This was obviously to increase his standing in the community as a veteran of the Vietnam War.

The researcher then contacted us for assistance as his polite requests to Madrid were met with a tirade of obscenities and abuse.

When Anzmi could not find any trace of a person who had served in the Australian Army by the name of Jim Madrid, he was again contacted and asked why his name did not appear amongst all the people who had ever served in the Australian Army in his particular time period. Particularly in Vietnam.

He then claimed that he served in the Australian Army in another name. He was then asked what name he served under and he replied -;

"• Yesterday at 4:34pm • Like

Jim Madrid - once again l will say please check your messages l sent some weeks ago. the man who wrote the story is "xxxxxxxx" check your messages for his number. yes l was in the Aust army under another name. l will not reveal this to you. check messages"

"Yesterday at 5:00pm • Like

Why won't he tell anyone what name he served under? Top secret perhaps!"

Madrid is trying to shift the blame to the journalist who wrote the original story in our initial write up as obviously misquoting him. A journalist would never report unsubstantiated facts unless he was told by the person being interviewed. Otherwise, where else would he/she get the information. You just can't make it up. In addition, why wouldn't Madrid tell the journalist that he served under another name. What is the big deal? If he was misquoted, why didn't he take action to correct it when he read the article.

Madrid was then asked when he went to Vietnam, what Unit he served in etc. He replied that "he really didn't go, but he was the next to go". He was then asked what was the unit he was in, that was the next to go and when? He then commenced the abuse and refused to answer the request.

Madrid is a military fraud and a bully. He is a liar with no respect for genuine Vietnam veterans. He has no military service, let alone Vietnam service. He claims he served under another name.

We have checked other names he uses, including Jimmy Brown and Jimmy Merino, and he still does not appear with any military service whatsoever.

Madrid likes to physically threaten anyone who discovers his deceit. He thrives on his reputation as a tent boxer and a martial arts exponent.

Whilst he continues to threaten people about his alleged false military service, we will continue to protect those people and keep exposing him for what he is.

And that is a blatant false pretender.


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