Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Mueller
Christian Names: Frank Fred
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bundaberg
Service #: 313522
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Medical Corps
Case Notes:


Frank Fred Mueller of Bundaberg is a medals cheat. He is entitled to wear three military medals, however he wears four medals together with thirteen badges, buttons and bows.




Muellers medals are:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)   Entitled

Vietnam Medal (VM) Entitled

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) Not Entitled


Mueller does not meet the criterion to wear the RVCM as he served only 88 days in Vietnam instead of the required 181 days.




Initially Mueller was contacted direct, but he responded with a tirade of swearing and abuse.


Advice was then sought from the Bundaberg Returned and Services League (RSL) where he is a member. That RSL was aware of his offending but chose to protect him by refusing to participate in checking Mueller's medals entitlement.


They advised a researcher as follows inter alia:


"Bundaberg RSL has neither the resources nor the access to records and further we are here to support veterans not dishonour them. This member is a veteran of the Vietnam War, he has health issues and he needs our support.

 I urge you to handle your concerns with great caution, and suggest you refrain from undertaking any action other than that recommended by the Department of Defence."


We would aver that the Bundaberg RSL was dishonouring all veterans by knowingly allowing a medals cheat in their midst. They were operating against their own constitution and trashing long established Veterans protocols and traditions.

 Fortunately, and after some prodding, sanity prevailed at Bundaberg RSL and another communication was received which says inter alia:


Re my correspondence of 17 August regarding the wearing of a medal by Mr Mueller.

 I have been advised that Mr Mueller sought clarification of his eligibility and now accepts that he is not entitled to wear that medal and will refrain from doing so.


The situation at Bundaberg was indicative of the ever increasing laissez faire attitude in some RSL Clubs throughout Australia.

Mueller has well earned his place on this website and can settle in for a long stay.



Surname: Woodward
Christian Names: Roy Gerald
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Victor Harbour
Service #: 447746
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Case Notes:


Roy Gerald Woodward did hard service in Vietnam as an Infantry soldier. Arguably the hardest job in the Army.




Woodward was well rewarded for his service by being presented with four medals. For reasons known only to himself he has purchased and attached a fifth unauthorised "Tin" medal to his rack. It is the medal nearest his left shoulder.

 He wears:

 Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) - entitled

Vietnam Medal (VN) - entitled

Australian Defence Medal - entitled

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal -entitled

Front Line Medal - A non official medal that must not be worn on the left breast.


The "Front Line Medal" is occasionally seen mixed with legitimate medals. There is no reason for any person to wear it, particularly a Vietnam Veteran. It is an unofficial medal that was created by the 2/18 Infantry Battalion Association after WW2 to raise money, and as an "In house" memorial to members of the 2/18 Battalion who were captured by the Japanese in Singapore in 1942 and suffered brutal hardship.


Here is the controversial medal:




He and all those who flaunt protocol and tradition by wearing unofficial medals will be allocated space on this website.


Surname: Pitts
Christian Names: Kevin William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Myrtleford
Service #: Army
Service: 37958
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Case Notes:


Kevin William Pitts is the President of the Myrtleford RSL, he along with his Secretary Bryan Meehan are medals cheats.




Pitts is wearing:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

General Service Medal (GSM) Malaya

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa Medal (PJM) Malaysia

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - NOT ENTITLED


He has earned all the medals except the RVCM, which he has "tacked" onto his rack.

 Being an RSL President and having done hard service he should be the epitome of a preserver of protocol and tradition. Here is a photograph of Pitts and his Secretary Bryan Meehan, both are wearing non earned RVCM medals




His Secretary Bryan Meehan is separately listed on this website.

 When contacted, Pitts could not accept that he is a medals cheat and strongly and wrongly defended himself and his mate Meehan. When asked if he would like a copy of the criterion for the medal he refused to discuss the matter further.

 Pitts served for 133 days in Vietnam which is 48 days short of the required 181 days. In addition he was not returned to Australia as a Battle Casualty.




Here are the rules for the RVCM, these rules have stood for the fifty years that Pitts has worn the medal.




As both are senior executives of the Myrtleford RSL, perhaps an audit of membership medals is in order, however neither Pitts nor Meehan should be involved as they are known offenders.

 Kevin Pitts is welcomed to this website where his behaviour as a medals cheat is recorded for posterity.

Surname: Tereva
Christian Names: Tui (aka) Malcohm
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Case Notes:


Mr "Maj" Tui Tereva also known as Malcolm Wiki is from the Cook Islands in the Pacific and now resides in Queensland Australia.  He is a "Love Rat" fraud who takes advantage of vulnerable ladies by claiming to be a very busy SASR operative who is constantly deployed on "missions".




Perhaps he learned his trade from these two disgraceful human beings who already grace this web site for similar behaviour.


Jenkins -

Gwilliam   -


Tereva claims to be of the rank of "Major" in Army Engineers involved “In Special Activities”. 




He claims to be trained in hand to hand combat and will demonstrate by revealing  his concealed knife which is part of his belt buckle.  He "proves" his bona fides by giving his victims SASR “Coins” like this one below:





He also claims to have been trained by the SAS in the United Kingdom and the French Foreign Legion.  Like all liars and wannabes of this genre he claims to be “riddled” with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and suffers severe night terrors and states he "should not be approached when in the grips of an attack".


From January 2018 until July 2018 Tereva maintained a  charade of being deployed in Afghanistan. In fact, he was never in the Australian Army, never served with SASR and was never deployed to any war zone.  Since July he has disappeared, and we are sure he will reappear to further attempt his poorly researched deception. 

Surname: Meehan
Christian Names: Bryan Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Myrtlford
Service #: 3790016
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Completion of service: 1968
Case Notes:


Bryan Meehan is Secretary of the Myrtleford, Victoria,  Returned and Services League (RSL).




Meehan wears five medals they are:


Australian Active Service Medal  (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Commemoration of National Service Medal (CNSM)

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal  (RVCM)  -  Not entitled


As an Infantry Soldier in Vietnam, Meehan certainly earned the first four medals, but he did not fulfil the requirements to wear the RVCM.  The requisites are clear and concise and cannot be changed because the medal was presented by the now non existent country, The Republic of Vietnam.  Here are the requirements:




Meehan served for 154 days,  which is 27 days short of the required 181 days.  He was not medically evacuated as being a battle casualty.




Meehan was contacted and he asserted that he was entitled to wear the medal because he had no leave whilst in Vietnam and the medal was endorsed on his Army Records. When asked to produce the certificate he refused to do so.  He was insistent about the matter and declined further discussion.


Perhaps those from the Myrtelford RSL can ensure that he becomes cognizant of the details for wearing the medal and make sure he removes the medal from his rack.


Meehan says he has worn the medal for fifty years, therefore fifty years ago, he would have purchased it and had it mounted on his rack. He knew then that it was not legitimate.

Surname: Lewsam
Christian Names: Geoffrey Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Canley Heights
Service #: R53310
Service: Navy
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Commencement of service: 1957
Completion of service: 1963
Case Notes:


Geoffrey Charles Lewsam served as a Leading Seaman in the RAN.  During his service, he had active service with the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) with a trip to Malaysian waters. 


Lewsam wears:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Australian Service Medal  (ASM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa for service in Malaysian waters

Purchased "Tin" FESR medal   -  Not Authorised

Purchased "Tin" Commemorative Logistics medal for Vietnam - Not Authorised.

Lewsam is wearing four genuine medals and has added two "Tin" self purchased medals, here are the details of the two offending medals..

FESR Commemorative medal, self purchased for $65:


Vietnam Logistic Support Medal Commemorative medal self purchased for $60. It was a trinket to be worn on the right breast by RAN servicemen who had served in Vietnam waters. The whole thing was scrapped when an official Logistic Support medal was issued by the Government. Lewsam never served in Vietnam waters.


Lewsam is the Vice President of the Canley Heights Returned and Services League (RSL).  In the lead up to ANZAC Days he visits local schools in his official capacity to talk about Australia's involvement in wars.  He is blatantly falsifying his service and portraying himself in a false manner. Wearing these two fake medals can only be for the purpose of massaging his ego.

His mate, Mr Richard Pritchard, the President of the Canley Vale RSL has failed to correct Lewsam's behaviour.  The President is a genuine Vietnam Veteran and is well aware of Lewsam's deceit, but  does nothing.

Although the behaviour of most ex service persons is unquestionable, ANZMI will continue to detect and report those who, for their own vanity choose to erode protocols and traditions.

We welcome Geoff Lewsam to the good ship ANZMI where he is welcomed as a crew member with a long time to serve.

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