Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Parmenter
Christian Names: Mathew aka. John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Daisy Hill
Service: (Claims) Royal Australian Air Force
Branch: (Claims) General Duties Pilot (GDPLT)
Case Notes:


Matthew Parmenter provides a lot of verbal and written evidence about his time as an heroic RAAF Jet Fighter Pilot. The problem is it is all bunkum.

Parmenter's only experience with Jet Fighters is with a modellers club in Victoria. He has given endless verbal and written evidence of his daring exploits in the RAAF. We have a Statutory Declarations detailing that Parmenter has said on numerous occasions that he served as an RAAF Jet Fighter Pilot in Vietnam. In addition, below are excerpts from pages he wrote to his mates.

In fact Matthew (John) Parmenter has never served as an officer in the RAAF. He is:

Not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Vietnam Nominal Roll.
Not listed in the official "Stud Book" of RAAF Officers as ever having served anywhere.
Has no Defence file at National Archives Australia (NAA).

Parmenter has provided the following reasons why he is not listed on official Defence documents:

1. He was seconded to the United States Air Force (USAF) as an Australian with the USAF.

2, His service was under another name because he was/is under witness protection.

We are advised by the RAAF that there were pilots who were seconded to the USAF and flew in Vietnam. They are all listed on the DVA Nominal Roll. Parmenter is not?

Parmenter has given a "perfect" excuse for being a "mystery man", and that is, "he changed his name because he was in witness protection". Now why would a person, who is in "witness protection" publish a photograph of himself and give details of his past life?

Notice that Parmenter wears a Cap bearing the name of US Navy ship It is also noted that Parmenter claims to have flown Jet Fighters from Aircraft Carriers.  Royal Australian and United States officers who flew from Aircraft Carriers were not Pilots of the RAAF or United States Air Force (USAF) but specifically from the Royal Australian or United States Navy.

Parmenter is now an octogenarian who has been spreading his lies for many years and has done such a good job, that he has been believed and admired for his "service". We are pleased to dispel his lies and publish the truth, which is, he was never a Jet Fighter Pilot in the RAAF.

The F105 aircraft detailed as "My lil old Southeast Asia Bomb Truck" belonged to USAF 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron. We contacted that unit association and received an in depth response discrediting all that Parmenter has said. Including that he was never an Australian who flew USA F105 aircraft.

Here is a direct excerpt from our communications with 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

"He claims he shot down a MiG on 11 June 1965 while flying from Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in a mission against the Paul Doumer bridge in Hanoi. The Doumer bridge was off limits as a target until it was first attacked on 11 Aug 67 (see the book, To Hanoi and Back, pg 85). He shows two photos he claims were from his gun camera. The photos are widely available on the Internet. The color one showing the F-105 gun sight cursor and flames from the MiG's left wing tank was actually from Maj Ralph L. Kuster's MiG kill on 3 Jun 67. Ralph flew with the 469 TFS out of Korat RTAFB, Thailand. His mission that day was against the Bac Giang bridge. The link below shows the provenance of the photo, which was actually a still from a video camera Ralph had in his cockpit. The video is also on line.

To summarize:

Parmenter was never an RAAF Officer.
He never flew Jet Fighter aircraft for Australian RAAF or the USAF.
He never served with the Australian or USAF Defence Forces in Vietnam or anywhere else.

This false fighter pilot has been shot down after living a lie for many years. It is hard to image how people like Parmenter can lie to those he perceives as friends.

Daisy Hill in Victoria can no longer boast of having a Vietnam fighter pilot war hero in their midst, but they can boast to having a man who was at the very top of his game as a liar and wannabe.

"Wing Commander" Matthew Parmenter RAAF is cleared for landing at Airbase ANZMI where the landings are bumpy and there is a lot of time for reflection.

Surname: Hughes
Christian Names: Justin E.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Bassendean
Service #: 142818
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Justin E Hughes served aboard HMAS Westralia on operational duties during the Gulf War. For Gulf War service, and for his general RAN service, he wears five medals. He is entitled to wear only four:

The medals he wears are;

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Australian Service Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal. Not an official medal and breaches medals protocol.

This is the offending medal.

Hughes wears five medals for a single RAN deployment, three are for the Gulf deployment, one is for his defence service. The fifth is an unapproved duplication of the fourth.

Hughes is wrong in wearing a medal, not approved to be worn.

The RAN generally, and individual ex RAN members, have made monumental protocol errors, starting from the incorrect issue of the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) to thousands of sailors, who do not fill the criteria to wear it. That blunder has been proven by an inquiry, however the matter is so far entrenched, that the mistake cannot be rectified.

Over the past fifty years there have been dozens of ex RAN members exposed for wearing unauthorised association "Tin" medals, such as the FESR Medal, HMAS Sydney medal, and the Vietnam Logistic Support medal.

Now we have Sailors wearing two medals for the one deployment. These are the approved Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal and the not approved, Kuwait Liberation of Kuwait medal

The Kuwait Liberation Medal was offered to the Australian Government in 2000. In line with policy, the Kuwait medal could not be accepted.

It is not approved for wear by the Governor General, and if worn at all, should be worn on the right breast. Simply put, the Saudi Arabia medal is worn for participation in the Gulf War and if the unapproved Kuwait Liberation is worn it is a direct duplication.

It is disappointing that some RAN Associations provide incorrect information to members. This has been a pattern since Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) operations in Singapore Malaysia then following Vietnam, through to the Gulf War. We are constantly reporting ex Sailors wrongly wearing unapproved "medals". Usually they wrongly wear the medals on advice from RAN Associations.

ANZAC protocol and tradition has been cherished for the past one hundred years. If we wear whatever we like, we will end up looking like North Korea Generals and the value of our medals will be meaningless.

It is most likely that Hughes has been advised by an RAN Association to wear the medal, which makes both him and the association wrong.

Justin Hughes of Bassendean Western Australia is allotted a bunk on the good ship ANZMI with others of the same ilk.

Randall THURLEY Brisbane Queensland
Frederick STEWART Huskisson New South Wales
Trevor CRAINE Northam Western Australia
Simon OGDEN Melbourne Victoria
Brendan EMERY Devonport Tasmania
Gary CROSBY Logan, Queensland

We have plenty of Hammocks up forward near the bilge pump for these medals cheats.

Surname: Johnson
Christian Names: Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: Nil
Service: Never Served
Case Notes:


They say that every picture tells a story. Craig Johnson aka Foot, is another motorbike riding military imposter who has walked the walk and talked the talk about his secret army service in Vietnam. Johnson likes motorbikes and wearing Australian military medal ribands that he has not earned. When it comes to Military imposters, this dude takes the cake.

Johnson joined the Brisbane Military Brotherhood Motor Cycle Club (MBMMC) in September, 2017. He indicated that he was not ready to talk about his service in Vietnam or wear his medals, as it was too traumatic, and that he was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)

In March 2018, Johnson told other Club members that he was now “ready to wear them.” He then commenced wearing the following medal ribands on his motorbike vest as indicated below.

They are -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal riband. Not entitled.
2. Vietnam Medal riband. Not entitled.
3. Australian Defence Medal riband. Not entitled.
4. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal riband. Not entitled.

Johnson raised suspicions among other genuine military veterans when he informed them that he had to pay officials to have his military records erased due to his Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) service in the jungles of Vietnam. ANZMI has signed statutory declarations that indicate the following -;

1. He was asked his Army service number on numerous occasions, but stated that this number had been erased by officials so that his service would remain secret.
2. He would tell scary stories about his SASR mates and he would break down due to his PTSD.
3. He implied and let us believe that he was SASR.
4. He told me that an official changed his service number by one digit, so that his service records would never be found. .
5. Following repeated requests for his service number he subsequently left the MBMMC.
6. He wore Vietnam ribbons when we now believe that he was never in the Australian Army.
7. He began to 'drip feed' us stories and from my memory broke down and wept at least twice. A
particular occasion was Anzac Day 2018. He received a lot of sympathy and comfort.

The above document was obtained indicating the concerns of a MBMMC member.

Johnson was contacted by a Researcher and invited to respond to allegations that all his claims of Australian Army service were false.
He stated inter alia, that “he had never been in the Army”, but -:

I agreed to join (the MBMMC) as what they call a Sierra member,NON serving, because I knew things that id learned from a very close retired serviceman & my age they convinced themselves I was more.
From day one I told them all i wanted was to be a Sierra member, i remained in their club almost 2 years & I couldn’t put up with there (sic) crap any longer. So I left, then he followed & immediately started his crap on a larger scale & he kept blaming the illness & heat. Then when it hit the fan he started all this. Im over it.

Johnson was asked if he had worn Australian Defence Force medal/ribands. His response was inter alia that -;

While i was a sierra member of mbmmc i was told by the them (sic) national president if I had ANY reletive (sic) that served in any service I should wear their regalia so i had my fathers ribbons & some patches on my vest, when i resigned from the club I immediately removed them. I did have a vietnam ribbon to represent a cousin who passed away several years ago. I have since disposed of them as they were not original & were very tatty due to weather wear n tear.

Johnson’s version of events is completely at odds with MBMMC members who have provided statutory declarations and photographs in regards to this matter.

Johnson, has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Sections 80A and 80B, by falsely pretending to be an Australian returned serviceman, and wearing Australian military decorations that he is not entitled to.

We are told that Johnson is a Justice of the Peace for the State of Queensland. Hopefully, when the relevant authorities read this article, that honorable appointment might be rescinded.

Surname: Slocum
Christian Names: Guy Dennis
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: .
City or Town: Auckland
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 4233044
Service: Royal Air Force (RAF)
Branch: Pilot
Case Notes:


Guy Slocum is either a complete fraud, or is an RAF Fighter Pilot who exaggerates his service.

There are other retired RAF and RNZAF Pilots residing in New Zealand who noticed Slocum's recent publicity, and knowing that some of what he has said is bunkum, pointed us in his direction.

An RAF Squadron Leader named Guy Slocum is mentioned in the London Gazette, where occurrences relating to RAF Officers are published. We don't know whether this is the same person or a person who has stolen the identity.

Here is what Slocum has said at Rotary Club meetings in Auckland

He could have flown some of the aircraft listed, but there is a comprehensive list of Lightning pilots and Slocum is not included: See here:

We have reports from ex RAF and RNZAF pilots who attended the meetings when Slocum was the guest speaker. Here are excerpts from their reports:

"Hello xx,

Yes, I attended his talk at the Warbirds at Ardmore. Essentially the same talk as described in your two attachments, though I can not recall him mention being the youngest pilot. He did describe the 3 key events; refuelling, Tupolev incident and Libyan dogfight, fairly much as narrated.



"Yes, he definitely repeated the Bear/Lightning ejection story and the Libyan MiG one.

He could get away with it to a few old dears at the Rotary Club, but I'm surprised he tried it at the Warbirds where he must know there are current and former RAF and RNZAF pilots and engineers.

I attended the briefing at the Warbirds and not a single person with any relevant knowledge believed him.


Hi xx

The two attached reports are the same as what was included in the NZ Warbirds event – though I don’t recall him mentioning being the youngest pilot/youngest Sqn Ldr. He may well have mentioned this – but I don’t recall it.

Kind regards, xxxxxxx

We asked Slocum to please comment on his "Russian" North Sea Adventure and his "Dog fight" in Libya:

"Afternoon Guy

To diffuse the current situation regarding your RAF service, can you please confirm in statement form, all that has been published regarding your RAF service.. In particular information about your action in Libya and your interaction with a Russian Aircraft.

Details from you should settle the matter.



" From guy
5:04 AM (1 hour ago)

I am not at liberty to discuss any issues relating to my RAF Career with anyone I do not know and who is not prepared to fully identify themselves. Moreover, I disown any such activities as you mention

Please do not trouble me again


Notice that Guy disowns the heroic bits of his history. Other ex pilots have declared Slocum as a fantasist.

Slocum has told the stories, and now denies having told them, despite his very public presentations.

He has earned a seat on ANZMI flight 101 from which there is no ejection seat.

Surname: Gill
Christian Names: Gregory John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Rockhampton
Service #: 120293
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian ordance Corps
Case Notes:


Gregory John Gill is wearing five medals for his service in South Vietnam. He should be wearing four.

Notice that he wears:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Entitled
Vietnam Medal (VM) Entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) Entitled

The second last medal is the offending medal. It is a self purchased "Tin" Commemorative medal that is not approved by the Australian Government. It was created by Royal Australian Navy (RAN) veterans, who illegally wore it in protest, to not receiving recognition for their visits to Vietnam. In 1993 the Australian Government approved an official medal, the Logistic and Support Medal (LSM), to reward RAN personnel for their Vietnam visits. Since the protests have been appeased, there is no reason to wear the "Tin" medal. This is the offending medal.

This is the Logistics and Support Medal approved to be worn by the Australian Government since 1993.

This is the first instance reported of an Army veteran wearing this medal, whereas it is commonly still incorrectly worn by RAN Vietnam veterans. A recent instance is ex RAN Captain Brian Lawrence SWAN who also appears on this website.

When asked, Gill said that he had purchased the medal at a meeting in Brisbane many years ago, and that "lots of blokes around Rockhampton wear it"

It is amazing how the Rockhampton veteran community have ignored Gill's offending.

Although they have failed in their duty, we will not.

Gregory John Gill is welcomed aboard and we hope that Rockhampton veterans take note of the situation.

Surname: Hill
Christian Names: Allan
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Rockingham
Service #: R59496
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Fire Control
Commencement of service: 19 November 1962
Completion of service: 17 May 1964
Case Notes:


If you insist on wearing "Tin" medals it is best not to exhibit them, by getting media attention and exaggerating your service.

Allan Hill sailed aboard HMAS Parramatta on 25 May 1965 from Singapore to Vietnam on escort duties for HMAS Sydney. HMAS Parramatta arrived back to Singapore on 14 June 1965. In a media report Hill described his service in Vietnam as "A cuff diver whose roll was to work closely with Clearance Divers looking for explosives in the Mekong Delta River"

HMAS Parramatta was in Vietnam for three uneventful days, patrolling and mostly at anchor, well away from the Mekong Delta River. The Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll shows Hill as serving in Vietnam for twenty one days, but the RAN system counts days from departure from the last allied Port, to arrival back to another allied Port.

Here is an excerpt of HMAS Parramatta's Report of Proceedings for the time spent in Vietnam in November 1965.

Hill wears eight medals, for his three days service in Vietnam and his routine RAN service, he qualifies for five.

He has added three non authorised commemorative "Tin" medals, to his rack, these are.

Far East Service Medal - TIN
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal- TIN
HMAS Sydney Medal - TIN

Hill needs to adjust his ballast, otherwise he may list heavily to the port side. Not only will the listing upset his bearing but will also sink his reputation.

Such listing will never upset HMAS ANZMI, where he will stay in the brig until he removes the offending medals, then he shall be allowed the poop deck to contemplate his offence.

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