Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Bettison
Christian Names: Luke Kevin
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: .
Service #: Nil
Service: No Military Service
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Luke Kevin Bettison is a current member of the New South Wales Police Force and is stationed in Sydney. He has recently been promoted to Sergeant from his former rank of Leading Senior Constable.

Bettison performs duty at NSW Police funerals and at other NSW Police ceremonial occasions as a Protocol Officer when required.



The above photographs depict Bettison performing the duty of a Protocol Officer at a Police funeral in 2018.

He wears the following medals.

1. Afghanistan Medal. Not entitled. Purchased.


2. Iraq Medal. Not entitled. Purchased.


3. Australian Defence Medal. Not entitled. Purchased.


You will notice that Bettison is not wearing the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with two clasps. Iraq and ICAT (ICAT - International Coalition Against Terror) The AASM is a pre-requisite for the wearing of Australian Active Service campaign medals and ribands. If genuine, Bettison would be wearing the AASM as the first medal on his rack, followed by the three purchased medals he displays. An example of the AASM, with a clasp, appears below.


Bettison has claimed that he served in the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years on HMAS Tobruk and was awarded medals for Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. Tobruk did not deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan during its entire service, whilst commissioned in the Royal Australian Navy.. Tobruk's Battle Honours include East Timor only.

Inquiries with relative Military Associations concluded that Bettison has never served in the Australia Defence Force, let alone having deployed on active service to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is not entitled to any of the three medals that he wears.

As a Protocol Officer in the NSW Police Force, he sets a very bad example by purchasing unearned medals from the internet or Medal Dealers, and fraudulently wearing them on his Police uniform at ceremonial occasions. He lacks credibility and integrity.

Bettison was contacted on two occasions, and offered an opportunity to explain his wearing of Australian Military Awards on his NSW Police uniform. He declined to respond on both occasions.

Bettison has committed offences under the Defence Act 1903, Section 80A -;

Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:
(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain;
(b) returned sailor means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Naval Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Naval Forces of any Ally of Great Britain; and
(c) returned airman means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Air Force, air service or flying corps raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire or as a member of the air forces of any Ally of Great Britain.

and 80B -;

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

However, we are aware that the NSW Police Force is reluctant to pursue these matters through the Courts for some reason. Other States take action where appropriate. Bettison’s recruitment application should be checked to ascertain if any other offences have been committed, prior to his acceptance for service in the NSW Police.

Bettison joins other NSW Police Force colleagues on this website, who have also fraudulently worn un-entitled Australian Military Awards on their Police uniforms..

See -; Hooper - Kennedy -

Surname: Randazzo
Christian Names: Donato
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: North Perth
Service: None
Case Notes:


Donato Randazzo is 48 years old and has spent many years claiming to be a "veteran" of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). His claims are all fanciful lies.


Notice the "rakish" angle of his SASR Beret. Only a fraud would wear the coveted Sandy Beret in the fashion of a "spiv", (a man, typically a flashy dresser, who lives a disreputable life).

In addition to his "rakish" beret, he also sports an impressive tattoo on his chest.


Randazzo commissioned the tattoo at a local tattoo shop and during the procedure extolled his extensive SASR service to the tattooist. The tattoo is very well executed by an artist and it is fair to say that Randazzo is also an artist, but one of the bovine excreta genre.

We hold Statutory Declarations from people he has directly told, that he is an SASR Veteran.

He was contacted by a researcher by phone on 18 Jan 19 and asked about his SASR service he said:

He had never claimed to be an SASR Veteran.
Had never worn and SASR beret
Does have an SASR tattoo on his chest because of an ex SASR friend.

The tattoo artist has advised that the person in the SASR beret is the person who received the tattoo and discussed his overseas deployments with SASR.

SASR is an elite Australian Army unit manned by people of exceptional talent who have given hard service to Australia. Having been selected to serve with SASR is a great honour that must not be usurped by frauds like Randazzo.

He is the epitome of why we do our work and we are very happy to welcome him to the ANZMI Regiment where it takes exceptional dishonour and lies to become accepted.


Surname: Hodge
Christian Names: Damien Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 8288664
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry (Royal Australian Regiment)
Commencement of service: 21.07.1997
Completion of service: 08.10.1998
Case Notes:


Damien Richard Hodge, born 7/7/1973, is a valour thief and a fraud. He enlisted in the Australian Regular Army and stayed for 15 months, before it all became too much for him, or perhaps, too much for the Army. He did not deploy overseas.

Not everyone is suited to the rigours of military life and ANZMI understand that some people just cannot adapt. That is how it has always been and how it will always be. However, when they blatantly embellish their basic service and claim medals and awards that they are not entitled to, ANZMI will feature them on this website.

Hodge, now 45 years of age enlisted in the ARA in July, 1997. His service terminated in October, 1998.




In the above photograph, Hodge is wearing the following ribands on the left side of his motor cycle jacket.

The riband bar is upside down.

  1. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) No entitlement
  2. International Force East Timor Medal. (INTERFET) No entitlement.
  3. Australian Active Service Medal. (AASM) No entitlement.

Above the ribands, he wears the Australian Army Rising Sun badge.

On the right side of his jacket he wears the following badges,

  1. Royal Australian Regiment Infantry cloth badge.
  2. A cloth badge denoting the chevrons of an Army Corporal or Lance Corporal. No entitlement.
  3. The 3 RAR parachute badge. No entitlement.

Hodge, not being the recipient of any medals or awards, would have no idea that he was wearing the riband bar upside down. The ribands should be in reverse order if genuine.




The above photograph depicts the ribands and medals that Hodge falsely claims, in the correct order.

Hodge joined a veterans motor cycle club in Queensland where he told false stories of his military service.   Things just did not add up. He was reported to ANZMI by genuine veteran club members, who provide a brotherhood environment for current and former serving Australian Defence Force members.

Welcome to the website, Damien Richard Hodge.

Surname: Hooper
Christian Names: Darrin
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Recruit
Branch: Recruit Traning
Case Notes:


New South Wales (NSW) Police Acting Sergeant Darrin Hooper has found fame and infamy on an official Police reality show where the great work of Highway Patrol Police was demonstrated.

Hooper1 2019 02 14Hooper

Hooper wears Defence Force awards on his Police uniform. They are:

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) - Not entitled
Australian Service Medal (ASM) - Not entitled
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) - Not entitled

The awards are incongruous, as it is not possible to receive an ICB unless you have been awarded an Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) for active service in war zones.

The two medals and the ICB Hooper wears, infer service in East Timor as part of an Infantry unit in an operational area.

Here is the ICB and its criterion

Hooper5 2019 02 14

We are reliably advised that before Hooper became a NSW Police Officer he did serve in the Australian Army for a few weeks, but was discharged before he had completed basic training. He has never been deployed overseas with the Australian Defence Force.

The most potent medals cheat detector, is the combination of the media, and the veteran community. Medals cheats relish publicity and the veteran community can easily identify cheats like Hooper when they wear the wrong combination of medals.

Hooper has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII, Sections .

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier.
80B. Improper use of service decorations.

Both these offences have a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both.

There are no grey areas in medals protocol. All is defined in official publications emanating from the Office of the Governor General of Australia.
Being awarded the ICB is a prestigious and hard earned distinction for a Serviceman. Hooper has falsely worn the ICB and two false medals indicating active service.

For his lapse of judgement he has been awarded a place on this website as a cheat.

Surname: Wade
Christian Names: Robin Cardwell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Kalgoorlie
Service #: 57998
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Qualfied Clearance Diver from 22 July 1961
Commencement of service: 08.05.1961
Completion of service: 02.11.1964
Case Notes:


"Petty Officer" Robin Cardwell Wade is the Officer in Charge of a Navy Cadet unit in Kalgoorlie WA.


Notice Wade is wearing a "hotch potch" of medals on his left breast, which he purports were issued to him for his Navy service. On his right breast he wears three other medals, that perhaps belonged to a deceased relative. Wearing relatives medals whilst in a Navy uniform is not appropriate.

Australian Service Medal (ASM) - May be entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Entitlement unknown
Australian Service Medal (ASM) worn backwards - Not entitled
Unknown Medal - Not entitled to wear on left breast.

Wade may have earned the ASM for service in Papua New Guinea when he served aboard Survey Ship HMAS Paluma between 4 November 1963 an 6 January 1964. Ship's documents show he was admitted to Port Moresby Hospital for three days between 31 December 1963 and 2 January 1962.

In the Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper, dated 23 October 2018 he gave the following quotes

"He said he was just one example of never seen seawater until he joined the Royal Australian Navy aged 20.

PO Wade said he served in the navy as an able seamen clearance diver, which included time in the Vietnam War combat operations area."

Wade joined the Navy aged 25years not 20 years and lived only 176 kms from the sea in Lancaster, Victoria.

Wade never served in "Vietnam combat operations area". He visited Saigon, Vietnam in January 1962 aboard HMAS Quickmatch on a goodwill visit before the war started, and he was not a Clearance Diver until 22 July 1963.

Wade enlisted into the RAN on 8 May 1961 and spent 3 years and six months as an Able Seaman until he was discharged on 2 November 1964.

Robin Wade is not a fit and proper person to be held as a role model to aspiring Naval Cadets.

For his inappropriate array of medals and his false claims of being a Clearance Diver on combat operations in Vietnam, we welcome him to this website. He has been given a berth as a less than venerable guest aboard HMAS ANZMI.

Surname: Halter
Christian Names: Anthony Alan
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Nambour
Service #: 8099721
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Branch: Seaman
Commencement of service: 11.03.1996
Completion of service: 5.11.2007
Case Notes:


Anthony Alan Halter, was born on the 16 October, 1972. He is now 46 years of age. In 1996, at the age of 23, he enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy. He served on the Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) vessel Wewak during the East Timor crisis and HMAS Arunta during its tour of the Middle East. According to Halter, he also served on RAN submarines for a few months in 2001.

During the last five years of his service, Halter claims he attained the rank of Sub Lieutenant and in 2005 the rank of Lieutenant. He held this rank until he was medically discharged in November, 2007 after 11 years and 8 months service.


In the above photograph, taken a few years before his discharge, Halter is wearing the rank of Lieutenant. He also wears the following medals-,

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasps, Afghanistan and East Timor.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Defence Force Medal. (DFM)
4. United Nations Transitional East Timor Medal. (UNTAET)

Halter1 2019 01 30

In the above more recent photograph, Halter wears the following medals -;
1. AASM 2 clasps.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection.
4. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal.
5. DFM.
7. International Security Assistance Force. (ISAF)

He also wears the RAN Aircrew badge above his medal rack and strangely, an Army Combat Badge. (ACB) He is not entitled to either award.

In 2012, Halter joined the Nambour RSL Sub Branch. He listed on his application form that he had service in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Peacekeeping duties.

In May, 2018, due to some concerns raised by members of the local veteran community, Halter left a copy of the following document at the Nambour RSL Services and Citizens Club.

ANZMI were notified and sent a copy from a concerned anonymous source who is not associated with either the Services Club or the Sub Branch. There are numerous grammatical and spelling errors. As well, there are references to medals that have never been awarded to Halter. An astute current or former member of the Australian Defence Force would immediately know that this letter is a forgery, and that only one person could benefit from its existence.



In this letter, Halter is claiming a great deal more medals than previously displayed. The list just keeps getting bigger.

In particular, he claims the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and the Conspicuous Service Cross. (CSC) He was never awarded these medals. There are also claims for other medals and clasps that he has no entitlement to.

He claims a clasp for active service in Iraq, yet he does not wear the Iraq Medal. He claims a Special Operation clasp and a Bouganville clasp for the Australian Service Medal (ASM). However, he does claim or wear the actual ASM.

His genuine medal entitlement for his service is the following -;

1. AASM 2 clasps East Timor and Afghanistan.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Sovereign Border.
4. Australian Defence Medal.
5. UNTAET medal.

As a result of his lies and wearing unearned medals and accoutrements that he is not entitled to, Halter was reported to the local Nambour Police. His house was searched and evidence seized. He was charged with "Misuse of service decorations", and appeared before the Nambour Magistrates Court. The following newspaper article details the demise of Anthony Alan Halter.



Halter, a former Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, is a fraud and a medal cheat. He has embellished his service to portray a false image.

For his sins he was convicted and fined $1000.00. He can count himself lucky.

At ANZMI, we wonder why Halter, who was selected as an Able Seaman to undergo Officer training and then progress through the ranks to Midshipman, Sub Lieutenant and then Lieutenant, would go to all the trouble of risking public humiliation and Court convictions to impress others, that he does not even know.

Does not make sense.

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