Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Carter
Christian Names: Leonard William (Len)
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Menai
Case Notes:


“Give a man a uniform and you will see his true character.”

Case notes:

Medal Cheats and Wannabes are fairly easy to detect. They are easily identifiable by their peers, particularly in the Military because the Wannabe is usually the loud mouth, know it all who wears honours and awards they are not entitled to and attempt to create a persona they have no right to claim. Our website is full of these characters.

While ANZMI tend to only investigate ‘military imposters’, every now and then a case comes along involving someone in the Emergency Services whose stupidity and arrogance is such that we could not refuse to investigate the case.

This the story of Len Carter, AFSM a senior member of the NSW Rural Fire Service who has come to our attention by wearing a plethora of fake ‘tin’ medals and worse, a specialist badge only able to be worn by uniformed members of the United States Armed Forces.

Here are a selection of images of Mr Len Carter, AFSM (as he likes to be called):

The problem that confronted our researcher who was looking into the case was the fact that every photo has him wearing a different medal rack so identifying the ‘tin’ has not been easy, but we were able to pin most of them down.

It is probably easier to start with the medals we believe he is entitled to wear.

Left Breast
Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM)
National Medal

Right Breast
NSW Rural Fire Service Medal (plus clasps for years of service)
NSW Rural Fire Service Commendation for Service
Year of the Volunteer Medal

And now to the rest…On the left breast, Carter displays the following:

Left Breast
QE2 Dimond Jubilee Medal (NO Entitlement) – not accepted for general wear by the Australian Government
QE2 Golden Jubilee Medal (NO Entitlement)
Foreign Service Medal (Tin)
AFSM (Entitled see above)
National Medal (Entitled see above)
National Defence Medal (Tin)
Cadet Forces Medal (Tin)

Right Breast:
NSW Rural Fire Service Medal (plus clasps for years of service)
Unknown (Tin)
Year of the Volunteer Medal
NSW Rural Fire Service Commendation for Service
Unknown (Tin)
Unknown (Tin)

In one of the images, Carter is seen wearing an unknown neck decoration, we have tried to identify it and there are a number of possibilities including the Maltese Cross of Order of St John , a popular choice among Wannabes already on our website.

'Tin' is the generic term we at ANZMI use to describe any unofficial commemorative medal that can be purchased rather than issued by the Federal or State Government, recognised philanthropic organisation or Foreign Government (and approved for wear by the Governor General of Australia). There are a number of organisations that 'create' a commemorative medal specific to the needs of that organisation but they are NOT official medals and should never be mixed with Officially sanctioned and properly issued medals.

Examples of the ‘Tin’ being worn by Carter are seen above. These type of ‘medals’ are becoming harder to find in Australia, but they are still very much in circulation overseas. While the above are predominately designed to align with service in a Defence Force, however further research indicates they could ‘loosely’ be linked to Emergency Services as well.

For example, the ‘award criteria’ for the Foreign Service Medal states:

Note the line The Medal is to commemorate overseas service in both War and Peace, that has not been recognised by any award’. We know that Carter has traveled extensively overseas attending numerous firefighting related events, but we don’t believe that constitutes foreign service in any shape or form. In any event, as a representative of the NSW Rural Fire Service, he has already been awarded the National Medal, NSW RFS Medal and not to mention the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM).

In truth, the only real criteria for the award of these ‘medals’ is to have a valid credit card or PayPal account.

In some of the images, Carter can be seen wearing two of the medals awarded to recognise the Golden and Diamond Jubilees of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Both are genuine medals but neither medal is approved for wear by Australians, except for a small select number approved by the Governor General. When approved for issued by The Queen, the medals were awarded across the Commonwealth to the Defence Forces, Emergency Service personnel and numerous others. However, Australian governments at the time decided not to accept the awards, other than for a select group of citizens.

The select few who are authorised include winners of the Victoria Cross, George Cross, Cross of Valour (Australia) and State Governors. Mr Len Carter, AFSM does not qualify and should not be wearing these ribbons/medals.

Len Carter, AFSM does not limit his wearing of illegal medals to his RFS duties, he is also a member of the local Light Horse
Re-enactment Group. Not surprisingly, he has a different rack for this role. We wonder how he keeps up with what medals to wear when and why.

Now to the matter of improper use of Military Badges.

On the left breast, above the medal racks, Carter can be seen wearing the prestigious Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge. He has absolutely no entitlement to this award.


There can be no reason or excuse to explain why Carter has decided to wear this badge on his RFS uniform, other than to portray the image of a person highly trained in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). As may current and former service personnel know, EOD work is one of the most highly dangerous roles that can be undertaken, and EOD operators make up a high percentage of modern day battle casualties.

For Carter, for whatever reason, to wear this badge is offensive to the veteran community. Notwithstanding the fact he has no military service that we can find, the Master EOD Badge he wears can only be awarded to qualified members of the United States Armed Forces only.

Yes, Carter is a wannabe and the fact that he wears medals, badges and bling that is either not authorised or simply tin rubbish is bad enough but the fact that he does so while wearing the uniform of the NSW Rural Fire Service is of serious concern to ANZMI and should concern the Commissioner of the NSW RFS.

The NSW RFS is made up of volunteers who desire to protect their communities from the threats of bush fire and natural disaster. Many volunteers are young and impressionable men and women who would generally expect that a senior officer of the RFS wearing a chest full of medals and badges has the ‘runs on the board’ so to speak to justify the wearing of those awards.

Carter is not that sort of leader. He has chosen to embellish his uniform with tin rubbish and stolen the valour of the United Stated Armed Forces EOD personnel.

Cater was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM), a prestigious medal of no small significance in 2004. He should be satisfied that by granting him that award, his country is acknowledging his service with the RFS. If he thinks so little of that award that he chooses to mix it in with cheap, fake medals then he should return the AFSM immediately. Better still, perhaps the RFS could move to have the AFSM taken from Cater because of his offensive and illegal behaviour.

It is fortuitous for Carter that he is unlikely to be prosecuted for his actions. The Defence Act 1903 does have provision to prosecute for the improper use of service badges, but as the EOD badge is an American award, it is unlikely that a successful prosecution could be achieved.

Carter will have to be judged in the Court of Public Opinion by his peers and those who read this report. If one of those who read this is the Commissioner of the NSW RFS, perhaps he could take the appropriate action to ensure that the RFS uniform is not belittled by persons wearing unauthorised badges and bling and take action to remove Len Cater, AFSM from positions of responsibility in the Rural Fire Service.

Surname: Walker
Christian Names: Maris (Max) John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Pine Mountain
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Commencement of service: 1988
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Maris John Walker was born 11 Jun 1970.

Walker M3

The history he tells of his service, somewhat differs from his actual service.

Here is what he has said:

He has shrapnel throughout his body.

He has very severe PTSD

He tells care givers, he is an ex Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and Commando veteran, to account for his PTSD, but when questioned as to where he served, his response is always that he is unable to speak about it, because he had to sign a secrecy agreement.

He told others that he was a "Frogman" master diver, and had done many parachute drops and whilst on a mission was injured when his parachute did not open.

As a result of the secret nature of his service, he cannot speak of it, because he could be arrested, however he does let some snippets of "horror" out.

His records are sealed for fifty years, after that time, if there is still conflict in the countries he has visited, the records cannot be released.

When the 9/11 attack on New York had been identified as a terrorist attack, his unit was mobilised for immediate action and "shipped" out to a classified destination.

He underwent interrogation training. He was "captured” and tied naked to a chair with a female interrogator trying to get information out of him. He said that he was ‘masturbating, so as to try and mess with females mind, and not be intimidated by her.

He was in charge of an SASR mission when they engaged the enemy. The only hope for survival was to lay down the lives of two of the group, so that the others could escape. He now has devastating nightmares about the incident.

On a classified mission overseas. he saw a man slam a child's head into a car bullbar. In retribution he killed the man.

Came across a village where a man had cut off a woman's breast. Max cut the man's throat and the rest of his men killed all the villagers.

He woke up in a German hospital after being hurt in action. He could not remember how he got there, but soon recovered, and was returned back to operational duties in a foreign country.

He has fought on five different continents.

He was seeing a psychiatrist, who had to have top secret clearance to be able to treat him, because of the disclosures he had to make during the treatment.

He has super high security clearance, the same as the Prime Minister.

We hold Statutory Declarations detailing the lies Walker has told.

Walker has produced a definitive resume where he listed his many skills, that were not commensurate with his Army super special forces missions, here is what he said.

Walker M1
Walker M2
Walker M4

Notice he lists skills as a Hungry Jacks operative. Then lists his Defence service as being a Corporal Storeman, the truth of his service, is much different from the lies he espouses to all and sundry.

Have no doubt. Maris John Walker is an artist of the bovine excreta genre. He is one of the many, we have reported, who falsely claim to be damaged returned veterans, as an excuse for their atrocious behaviour towards their love ones.

Considering that he has been "deployed" to five continents in the quest for world peace, he can now travel aboard the ANZMI website, which is read all around the world. His fame as a "Rambo" is false, but his fame as a lying wannabe is very much the truth.

Welcome aboard Maris (Max) John Walker

Surname: Moore
Christian Names: Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Crib Point
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


Four years ago, Gary Moore, was accepted as an Associate member of the Crib Point RSL Sub Branch, on the basis of his father's seventy two days of WWII Army service in the Australia Army, in 1940. Since acceptance Moore has been elected as a member of the RSL management committee:

Moore 1

Immediately on arrival, he asserted to members that he is a damaged Vietnam veteran, and exhibited symptoms of PTSD to all and sundry.

Having been exposed as a fake, he admits his deceit and apologises. We are sure, he is sorry, because he was caught, and not because of his offence.

Moore is a classic bogus Vietnam Veteran. He even wrote a four page account of his Vietnam Service Titled "A walk in the light green". Here are the last two paragraphs of his four page essay.

"Bursts of machine-gun fire, rifle fire. Choppers frantically dropping the rest of our company off, then getting out as fast as they can before they collect their share of lead. I watch Frank and Dougie’s chopper come in, the pilot is not game enough to come in any lower than a few metres from the ground, so they decide to jump, a long way to the ground, as their chopper is hit by machine gun fire, killing the pilot and spiralling into the ground. I hear the cries and screams of the soldiers, but we cannot help.
Hand signals indicate to move out in arrowhead formation in quick time. Get out of this exposed position and into the edge of the Long Green".

We hold numerous Statutory Declarations, detailing what Moore has directly told others at the RSL. Here are examples:

"His PTSD is magnified by the fact that he shot and killed, a 15 year old Vietnamese boy".

"While sitting with head in hands, he stated it was a dark day, as one of my Vietnam veteran mates has just committed suicide".

"Stated he would not seek assistance for his war caused PTSD from a Government, who treated Vietnam Veterans so badly, on their return to Australia".

Veterans everywhere, particularly those who served in Vietnam, will not forgive Moore's antics, however, the President of the Crib Point RSL, Mr John R Ord, fully condones Moore's behaviour and states in an email:

"I have been the President for 37 years and on the executive over 40 years I run a very strict club and I believe every Member will agree that they don't want to be called in the office by myself, Gary has twice and received a very severe dressing down from me, he realises his errors and is I believe very embarrassed He did offer to resign from committee, which I refused to accept as I believe he is a great asset to the Sub Branch and does a lot of good work and has learned his lesson"..

Moore is a freewheeling "big noter" at the RSL, who is quick to do the President's bidding.

Despite the covering up, there are many people from the area who will not tolerate Moore's, and the President's behaviour.

Moore has extolled to many, at Crib Point, that he is a mentally harmed, Vietnam Veteran. He is a freewheeling, big noting Committee Member at the RSL, who has won the Presidents favour because he is quick to do the Presidents bidding.

Moore knows nothing about the reality of Veterans' actual suffering, as a result of the Vietnam war. He has no redeeming qualities, and is placed on this web site with ignominy, for Australia and the whole world to know of his disgraceful behaviour.

Surname: Winther
Christian Names: Kane
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Cumberland Park
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC)
Commencement of service: 1990
Completion of service: 1994
Case Notes:


Kane Winther for some years has been extolling his "secret" adventures during his Army Service, however his tales of derring-do have now earned him a place in history on this web site.


Army records show only ordinary service, and all in Australia, but according to Winther, that is because of the Top Secret nature of his work, records were not kept, or have been destroyed. The missing records "detail service" with Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and service in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan and included killing five men. Because of his service, he "suffers" from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but refuses a pension, or help from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) because he wants nothing more to do with the Army.

Here is the reality of his service as he divulged to an investigator:

"I was lucky enough to have done a couple of exercises with the regiment
but nothing overseas and it was just exercises. I wish I was good enough back then. I am glad that I never went to those places, regardless of wanting to serve because at that age I was definitely not ready (still wouldn't be).

I enlisted in Perth, then to Kapooka, Raaoc centre and Adelaide (ALB and
Woodside). Attempted the Cadre course but was unsuccessful".

I have copies of my military service records and nothing was overseas"

The lies he has told others of his service are detailed on Statutory Declaration that we hold.

Spreading false stories of bravado about Defence service, and in particular, claiming to be suffering from PTSD as a result of that service, is unacceptable behaviour, and those who do it, will be happily ensconced on this website where those who have been lied to will learn the truth.

Surname: Corby
Christian Names: James Patrick
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Allora
Service #: R42406
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Naval Shipwright
Commencement of service: 1960
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


James Corby, was for many years, the President of the Allora Queensland, Returned and Services League (RSL). He has recently retired from the position.

Corby 1a

Here are the medals he has always worn on official RSL business and still wears:

Corby 3

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Vietnam Logistic and Service Medal (VLSM)
Australian Service Medal (ASM)
National Medal (NM)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM) - Unauthorised "tin" medal

He wears five medals, he is entitled to wear only four, the last medal is an unauthorised duplication, of the official second medal.

When asked about the medal, by a researcher, he mistakenly said it was the HMAS Sydney medal, that was presented to him by the City of Sydney. The only person who can present Defence medals for wear on the left breast, is the Governor General of Australia. As pointed out the medal is in fact the VLSM.

Corby 2a

Corby completed six voyages to Vietnam aboard HMAS Sydney, and one escort voyage aboard HMAS Yarra. He claimed to have also spent three months aboard HMAS Perth in Vietnam waters, that is not true. He did not serve aboard HMAS Perth during any Vietnam deployments. All who served on board HMAS Perth in Vietnam, are listed here:

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs shows he served for One Hundred and Twenty Seven Days in Vietnam, his actual time would have been no more than fourteen days. This anomaly, is because, the RAN counted time in Vietnam, from time of departure from last Australian or allied port, until time of return to first Australian or allied port.

When advised about the error in his medal rack, he said he would never remove it.

Likewise, for wearing the "tin" medal, and falsely claiming Vietnam service aboard HMAS Perth, he will never be removed from this website.

Surname: Parlett
Christian Names: Raymond
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Newcastle
Service #: 222507
Service: Army
Commencement of service: 03 October 1972
Completion of service: 1 August 1974
Case Notes:


Raymond Parlett was born on 22 November 1954 in NSW. According to the medals he was wearing on ANZAC Day 2020, during his Army service, he served for more than 181 days in the Vietnam War. In fact he was never deployed to Vietnam during his service

Parlett 1

Here are the medals he wears, none of which he has an entitlement:

Parlett 3

Australian Active Service Medal
Vietnam Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Raymond Parlett was contacted, and advised a researcher as follows.

"I was sent to Vietnam with a Company of 5 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) in 1973 to do a clean up, and return equipment to Australia"

Parlett did serve in the Australian Army, but did not make the journey to Vietnam. He joined the Army in October 1972 at the age of 18 years. Before being posted to an operational area, he would have needed at least six months training and be 19 years old. He did not turn 19 years until 22 Nov 1973. Apart from an Embassy guard, two Army Colonels, one Army Captain and numerous RAAF personnel, there were no Defence personnel operating in Vietnam during 1973.

HMAS Sydney's last departure from Vung Tau in Vietnam was on 24 November 1972, after delivering an aid cargo, it then sailed to Hong Kong. HMAS Sydney did not carry cargo to Australia 1973.

No elements of 5RAR returned to Vietnam in 1973. The last 5RAR presence of a 5RAR soldier, was on the twelfth of November 1970 after a prestigious and harrowing second tour.

"At the conclusion of its second tour, the 5th Battalion again handed over to the 7th Battalion. By the time it returned home in February 1970, the Battalion had carried out some 18 operations during its twelve-month operational tour and suffered 25 men killed or died of wounds, and 202 wounded in action.[7] During its two operational tours in South Vietnam, the Battalion received 45 honours and awards, including two Distinguished Service Orders, two Distinguished Conduct Medals, six Military Crosses, one Medal for Gallantry, five Military Medals, and 29 Mentions in Dispatches".

Parlett is a proven liar and wannabe. He was photographed wearing Vietnam medals at his house on 25 April 2020. He then directly told an investigator, that he is a Vietnam Veteran who served in Vietnam in 1973, and that his name is not on the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll.

Parflett has committed two offences that should be prosecuted. The offences, are against the Defence Act 1903, Part VII sections 80A and 80B

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
80B. Improper use of service decorations

Both these offences have maximum penalties of a $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both.

Parlett also makes heart rending comments about his "war service" on social media.

Parlett 2

Because Parlett falsely claims to have served with 5RAR in Vietnam in 1973, he can now claim full membership to the Battalion of fakes and wannabes who make up the ranks of ANZMI clients.

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