Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Stewart
Christian Names: Fredrick James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Huskisson
Service #: R109737
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Supply and Secretariat (Steward)
Commencement of service: early 1970's
Completion of service: after 1991
Case Notes:


Frederick James Stewart wears eight medals, he is entitled to wear seven.

His first two medals are for service in Vietnam. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Nominal Roll shows Stewart served thirty days in Vietnam, however twenty two of the thirty days were spent sailing from Sydney to Vung Tau. After less than twenty four hours at anchor, he spent eight days sailing from Vung Tau to Hong Kong. He actually spent only twenty hours anchored in Vung Tau Harbour and received two medals. This information can be found on page 117 of this reference:


His last two medals are for service in the First Gulf War during 1990/1991 One is genuine, but the last one The Kuwait Liberation Medal, may be worn on the right breast, as it is not on the Governor Generals approved list, of Foreign Medals. See here:


The wearing of this non approved Kuwait medal is becoming prevalent in the ex RAN community, and it is time for the Returned and Services League (RSL), (for example the Huskisson RSL) to counsel those who offend. RAN Associations are also ambivalent towards this breach of protocol, and to protect Veterans covenants and tradition, they must take action to curtail this behaviour.

Veterans' Vessel VV ANZMI, now has a starboard watch of ex RAN veterans who flaunt protocol and tradition by wearing this and other non approved medals.

Serving on AV ANZMI is not a pleasure cruise.
Surname: Craine
Christian Names: Trevor R.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Northam
Service #: 120190
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Tevor is the Vice President of the Northam WA, Sub Branch of the Returned and Services League (RSL). Below he is shown doing his duty on Remembrance Day 11 Nov 2019.

Craine is a Navy Veteran who served on HMAS Sydney during the 1st Gulf War in 1990/1991. Like quite a few other errant matelots, Craine wears one extra medal with his four genuine medals. His fourth medal is the official Saudi Arabian Liberation of Kuwait medal which has been approved for wear by the Governor General of Australia

The offending medal is the fifth one nearest his left shoulder.

Here is the official Honours and Awards policy regarding this medal

Any person smart enough to be an RSL Vice President, must be smart enough to be able to follow the simple rules of medals protocol. Perhaps he feels a little more important when he wears the extra medal. Unfortunately his personal kudos is less than the derision he deserves from the veteran community.

Craine will not be lonely aboard the good ship ANZMI, as he has quite a few Gulf War shipmates aboard, who have also deigned to wear the medal.

Surname: INIESTA
Christian Names: Mathew James
Country: Australia
State or Province: .
City or Town: .
Case Notes:

Matthew James INIESTA

Before November 2019 this person used the name Matthew James SARDON.

He is a recidivist liar and wannabe. Please see here:

As can be found in the above reference, his original name was Matthew John SARDON. Who has lived in Perth and Melbourne.

Surname: Milford
Christian Names: Donald William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Northern Territory
City or Town: Darwin
Service #: R57781
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Commencement of service: 1961
Case Notes:


48 seconds is all it took for Donald MILFORD to make a mockery of his service and turn a distinguished ex-serviceman into a valour thief.

Donald MILFORD was born 0n 26 October 1943 and joined the Navy in 1961 a few months short of his 18th Birthday. All the evidence points to MILFORD having enjoyed a notable career in the Navy and was the recipient of British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Military Division when holding the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

MILFORD is a senior member of the RSL in Darwin and has responsibility for organising commemorative ceremonies in his capacity as Director of Commemorations. Unfortunately, rather than being satisfied with a career in the Royal Australian Navy which included tours to Vietnam aboard HMA Ships Parramatta and Sydney he couldn’t resist the opportunity, when he sat in front of a microphone to embellish this service with a hint of ‘daring do’.

MILFORD was interviewed by ABC Radio in Darwin and reflected on Remembrance Day and his own War Service.

(click on the link below to hear the interview)

File Attachment:

File Name: 1911111800...1-27.mp3
File Size:1,136 KB

Unfortunately, his recollection of events is not matched by the records. As a 17-year-old Naval Rating with 40 days service in Vietnamese waters it is extremely doubtful that he went ashore, let alone had any experience with ‘tunnels’ and it is this simple statement that sees MILFORD "Hoisted with his own petard" . MILFORD’s Service Records are clear, he joined the Navy in 1961 at age 17. His tours of Vietnam occurred in 1968 when he would have been at least 25 years old.

He joins a growing list of former members of the Navy on our website who performed ‘secret missions’ whilst in Vietnamese waters.

His claim is offensive to the memory of the brave men who performed the highly dangerous role during the war. The Tunnel Rats are the men who served in the Engineer Field Troops in Vietnam (3 Field Troop and 1, 2 and 3 Troop of 1 Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers).

Over the years there have been many “wannabes” and pretenders to the title “Tunnel Rat”, but it is only the men who served in those Field Troops who can carry that title. These are the men who went bush with the Amoured Corp and Infantry, staying out bush for four to six weeks, operating as Infantary plus carrying out our specialist duties of mine and booby trap detection and clearing, tunnel and bunker searching and demolition, plus bomb disposal.

Perhaps it was a lapse in judgment that made MILFORD make this outrageous claim, but to do so in a radio interview, for all to hear is unacceptable to the Veterans community. For this simple indiscretion, Donald MILFORD has earned a place on this website and becomes a reminder to any ex-serviceman or women who might consider embellishing their service history that someone is always watching out for ‘wannabes’.


"Hoisted with his own petard" is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a "petard" is a small explosive device) is blown up ("hoisted" off the ground) by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.

Surname: Mouat
Christian Names: Cameron
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: .
City or Town: Christchurch
NZ -Which Island:
  • South Island
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Case Notes:


On any commemorative occasion in Christchurch NZ, Cameron Mouat would be considered to be a service veteran when he stands tall among genuine veterans.

In fact, Mouat has never served in any Defence Force. The medals he wears belonged to his father who served with Royal New Zealand Navy during World War 2. Unfortunately the photograph is too blurred to be able to individually identify them.

Executives from The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association (RSA) have counseled Mouat but he declines to heed their advice.

Here are excerpts from the NZ Honours and Awards.

Perhaps Mouat made an error when he first wore the medals on his left breast. His error was compounded when he refused to adjust after counseling by RSA executives.

Through his recalcitrance he has earned a place on this website, where we will exhibit his deliberate offence for ever more. It is likely he will re-offend, if so, we urge those who notice his defiance to point and laugh.

Surname: Hyde
Christian Names: Joshua Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Perth
Service #: None
Service: None
Case Notes:


Joshua Richard Hyde made an error of judgement when he spread the word, to at least four reputable people, that he is an ex Commando from the Australian Defence Force. Those four people have provided Statutory Declarations relating to what he had told them.

The above photo of Hyde was taken when he was on private business in the Philippines, where he chose to wear Army uniform, complete with Australian flag on the shoulder.

Here are excerpts from what is listed on the Statutory Declarations.


"Declared himself as a former serving member of the Australian Defence Force.

Served as a Commando in the Australian Army and specialised in Psychological Operations (PsyOps)

Claimed to be a former member of Special Forces in the Australian Defence Force.

Has been in combat in Africa and Afghanistan.

Regularly wore tactical clothing and Army issue sun glasses.

Gave advice on how to prepare physically and mentally for Army entry, based on his experience.

Claimed to have had direct entry into the Army as a Commando.

Said on occasion that he "skipped" Army recruit training at Kapooka and on another occasions said he did attend Kapooka.

Claimed to have served for differing periods of service from two years to three months.

Claims he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by his service.

Claims to have participated in counter terrorist operations, both as a Commando and a private contractor"

Despite the content of the properly prepared and signed four Statutory Declarations, Hyde vehemently denies ever uttering to any person that he has served in the Australian Army. Here is his defence:

"Please regard this email as my official response and statement to your research calls regarding my alleged service in the ADF.

At no time have I served or being a part of the ADF. I have not made statements of serving domestically or overseas with the ADF.

I do work in the defence sector with technology and have done for some time. I have worked in development with Australian Special Forces elements but not anyone from Commando so not sure where these have come from. I mentioned to someone going through ADF recruitment I wanted at one point to do direct entry in my 20's as I was offered at a YOU session and initial testing but to my knowledge at that time my friend asked about it but the program didn't exist from apprently poor success so wasn't sure if it was still available.

I have also worked with international police and defence agencies on the basis of armour technology and other procurement but as a private entity only. The photos on my Facebook page were of training and testing for products done with Philippines national police, as well as apparel/uniforms that were trialled there. These were clearly labelled as what was happening and made no reference to defence service. I have since taken these down. I was wearing the multicam uniform on the range but this was not ADF uniform. I wore an Australian velcro flag that was given to me by a friend who did serve as to represent being Australian. I have never worn service attire.

I am troubled to where these claims have come from or that 4 statutory declarations have come to you regarding the matter.

Aside from working on composite armour technology and some time in procurement that has been my only relationship to defence.

Given that these claims are potentially damaging to my reputation and slanderous I would like to know through my rights to information how to approach this legally should this escalate, and where there is proof of me allegedly making these claims aside from a stat dec. In all fairness it's easy for people to put something together based on he said she said but hard to defend it. The only thing I can recommend is passing contacts for some references who are current or ex Defence can attest to my character, would this be helpful? I know you have had one defence contact who has vouched for my character. This seems to be a head hunt from someone I've upset."

We have no doubt that Hyde has made ridiculous claims about Army service and those claims have now come back to bite him on his posterior.

All over Australia and New Zealand, defence veterans, ex service persons and civilians, are aware of the never diminishing abundance of "wannabes" who lie about military service.

Where ever these people appear, they are reported to ANZMI who expose them. We are sure that Hyde enjoyed the kudos of being a "Commando veteran" and we hope he now enjoys the shame of being exposed on this website.

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