Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Power
Christian Names: Gregory George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Not Known
City or Town: Not Known
Service #: 2788008
Service: Army
Branch: RAsigs
Commencement of service: Oct 1967
Completion of service: Oct 1969
Case Notes:




Along with thousands of his peers, Gregory George Power served 2 years in the Australian Army as a National Serviceman from 1967 to 1969. He obviously carried out his duties in a diligent manner and as such, was promoted to Lance Corporal during his period of service. So it is a shame to see that Power, like many of his contemporaries, has chosen to add some lustre to his medal entitlement.

Power arrived in South Vietnam on 1 April 1969 and served as a “Signalman” with 104 Signal Squadron. We know nothing of his service in SVN, so we can assume that he did his job as best he could before returning to Australia on 1 September 1969; a total of 170 days. Gregory Power is not recorded on the list of Vietnam casualties. Therefore we assume he came home early for either a non-battle illness or injury, or to commence discharge procedures prior to his completion of 2 years national service on 3 October 1969.

In any event he is not entitled to wear the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal which is clearly displayed in the photo above. The eligibility criteria for awarding the medal is 181 days, either continuous or aggregated service. One of the exemptions to this is that the recipient was wounded in action i.e. classified as a battle casualty and evacuated as a result of those wounds.

The photograph also indicates that Power is wearing the Army Combat Badge (ACB). He may innocently believe that he is entitled to wear the badge but it seems he may have jumped the gun. The 104 Signal Squadron Association's webpage has posted the following advice:

"Update from Army (Oct 2014): Ongoing! Looks like the submission has opened a can of worms! Army Ceremonial have advised that as previous instructions on the ACB, were not fully investigated, they will shortly have Military history investigators, investigated on the ACB situation for Corps/Units etc which has not been done in the past, in particular, for all 1ATF units.
Update (April 2015): On going!
Note (Editor): All applications from 103 and 104 Sig Sqn veterans are currently on hold until we get a determination on this matter!

Power wears the Vietnam Campaign Medal and the the Army Combat Badge. As he has not been officially awarded either of them, he has purchased them at a Medal Shop or on the Internet. He should desist in wearing both of them."

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