Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Crick
Christian Names: Thomas Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: N260378 and NX 162731
Service: Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 13 Oct 41
Completion of service: 16 Oct 46
Case Notes:




Tom Crick is a World War Two Veteran aged  Ninety Three years.  For many years he has been telling family of his World War Two adventures.  His wife, over the years has documented his tales of derring do.  The tales were presented to the Western Australia RSL Headquarters who naively published a synopsis in the June 2015 edition of their Newsletter  "The Listening Post".  Here is what was published.

The story is all "bunkum", Crick is a liar a fraud and a wannabe. Her has lied about his status prior to joining the Army and his war service is a complete fabrication.

Interrupted University of Sydney Studies Pharmaceutical Studies in 1940

In 1940 Crick was a Chemical Warehouseman. He did not achieve any secondary education  qualifications whatsoever and went nowhere near the Sydney University. See extract from his enlistment Attestation Form.

Ultimately joined the 2/4 Commando Regiment "Z" Force in NSW

Crick never at any stage served as a Commando or any other "combat" type of Army unit. He spent from October 1941 to December 1942 as a Clerk in various Ordnance Units, then transferred to the Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers where he served as an Armourer until his discharge as a Craftsman (equivalent of Private soldier)  in 1946.

Became Lieutenant Thomas Edward Crick and led his men to Malaysia and Singapore where they were captured. 

 Crick was never more than a Craftsman which is the equivalent of a Private Soldier. From this point in the article it is all "boys own" fiction. Here is his Discharge Form clearly showing his rank of Craftsman which is written on the top right as "CFN" 

Crick did serve overseas during the war but it was as an Armourer in Moratai and Ambon in Indonesia.  It was mundane, but important service similar to that done by most Australian Logistics Soldiers during World War Two.

The article mentions:

Escaping from Japanese Prisoner of War Camp

Boat journey to Timor

Stealing Dutch Gold

Liberating Japanese Prisoner of War Camps

Tracking down War Criminals

All of that is bunkum.

We are somewhat amazed that a State RSL Headquarters should place such an obviously flawed story in its Newsletter.  When the RSL was advised of their naivety the story  was quickly removed from the publication with the promise of an explanation to be published in the next issue.

Despite his age we have no compunctions in publishing this exposure. Crick has been telling his lies for years and it is important for his posterity that his true military history is known.

We reiterate, if you are a wannabe or tell lies about your military history you are very likely to be reported and included on this web site.'

Welcome Thomas Edward Crick of Perth aged 93 years.

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