Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Newson
Christian Names: Donald Allen
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Port Macquarie
Service #: 432533
Service: CMF (Army)
Branch: RAAMC
Commencement of service: 02 Nov 67
Completion of service: 25 Aug 71
Case Notes:




Donald Allen NEWSON enjoys life as the ‘Dirranbandi Dandy’ in the seniors movement in and around Port Macquarie, ask him about his military service and he is more than happy to recount his many adventures as a helicopter recovery officer in Vietnam.   We know he doesn’t mean he went out looking for and recovering downed helicopters because that would be just too boring.

No, there are more miles to be had in such a story if our hero is out there in ‘the green’ rescuing wounded soldiers.   Now there’s a story fit for a hero, the problem is of course, it never really happened. 

Donald NEWSON has never set foot in Vietnam, at least not as a soldier.   The truth about NEWSON is that he served as Pharmacist (PHARMO) in the Citizens Military Forces.   He was commissioned as a Lieutenant (Probationary) into the RAAMC on 2nd November 1967.   He served as a Reservist for four years before discharging on 25 August 1971.   His career was not spectacular but he completed his obligations and attended camps and the like, but did not serve in Vietnam.


Over the years, NEWSON has gone unchallenged about is apparent Vietnam service so he has many of the stories down pat.   He happily to recount how upon his return to Australia, he had to get his wife to bring him some civilian clothes (civvies) to wear because of the protests.   A fine story, but don’t you think he would have a shirt and pair of pants somewhere in his kit?  

You may well ask why NEWSON appears on our Website as he does not parade about wearing medals he has no entitlement to.   No, he is not a medal fraud but he is a valour thief.   By telling stories which cause people to believe he was involved in medical evacuation (MEDIVAC) operations in Vietnam is offensive to all the members of No 9 Squadron (RAAF) and US Army MEDIVAC units which operated in Vietnam during the war.   Often under heavy enemy fire, the aircrews of these units saved the life of many wounded soldiers, putting their own lives and the safety of their aircraft on the line.   They are the true heroes and the true victims of wannabes like NEWSON.

So, if you happen to be travelling to sunny Port Macquarie for a holiday, keep an eye out for Donald NEWSON, the ‘Famous Flying PHARMO of Phuoc Tuy Province’, he will be the bloke running for cover and no doubt trying to recant his many stories.  

Of course it will be ANZMI’s fault that he has been exposed as a wannabe, but if you see him, remind him of No 9 Squadron’s motto: ‘VIDEMUS NEC VIDEMUR’ - (translated - We see without being seen).

A word of advice Mr NEWSON, if you are going to make up a false war service in Vietnam, don’t do it in a town like Port Macquarie were many genuine Veterans have chosen to live out their lives.   Wannabes like you always come unstuck and what may have started as a little fabrication of the truth has led you to a permanent spot on our website.   

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