Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Scott
Christian Names: Steven Wayne
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Humpty Doo
Service #: 855149 (PMKeys)
Service: Army
Branch: 5 RAR
Commencement of service: 23 Feb 09
Completion of service: 07 May 12
Case Notes:




Looking at the above photo of Steven Wayne Scott conjures up images of a latter day ‘Crocodile Dundee’. And when you see Steve’s Facebook entries you get the impression that he is certainly following in the footsteps of Paul Hogan’s tough-as-nails character, Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee.

Top End off-road four wheel driving, wild pig and buffalo hunting, rodeos are all listed among Scott’s interests, supplemented by lots of drinking if his photos are anything to go by. No doubt at the end of a big day spent in the great outdoors Steven also likes to spin a few ‘warries’ about his time as a grunt with 5RAR. And of course if you stretch the truth maybe just a little (or a lot) everyone will just laugh it off as ‘Steve being Steve’.

However, it’s a whole new ball-game if a few tall tales are told about your military service in a court of law. But if you are appearing before the ‘beak’ on a swag of traffic charges, Steven Scott seems to think that all’s fair.

Earlier this year the 23 year old appeared before Darwin Magistrate Greg Cavanagh and pleaded guilty to numerous charges of driving unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured and without number plates on his pride and joy, a battered old Nissan Patrol. Oh and there was also the matter of drink driving! The magistrate rightly said of Scott “He has a complete disregard for traffic laws.” And apparently he has a similar lack of respect for the truth.

Scott’s lawyer, Peter Maley, told the court that his client had served in the Australian Army for 4 years. He went on to say that the ex-digger had seen overseas duty in both Afghanistan and East Timor. To add a little icing to the cake presented to the magistrate, Mr Maley said that Scott had also been injured during his service.

While some of us might have reached for our hankies at this stage, Magistrate Cavanagh’s heart remained apparently untouched when he fined Scott a total of $7,400 and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

From information we have about Steven Wayne Scott’s army service we can confidently say, that apart from possibly some border protection operations, he has never left Australian shores, let alone seen active duty in Afghanistan or East Timor. As our original informant remarked, Scott was a liar when he served in the Australian Army and apparently still is. This may have been one of the reasons Scott and the military parted company with his file apparently marked ‘Retention not in the Service’s interests’.

We have been in touch with staff of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Darwin and advised them of Steven Scott’s disregard for the truth and suggested they might be interested in pursuing an appropriate prosecution against him. We suggested that Scott, through his defence counsel, has tried to obtain sympathy and leniency from the court by claiming to be a returned veteran, injured while on active service.

Some of you may be aware that in recent years, ANZMI has uncovered other cases of individuals using false military service before courts in attempts to elicit better results in criminal cases. One was Peter James Andrews:

The other was Ian Ronald Crowden:

Not only can this be contrary to the law, it is an insult to all who have served their country in military service.

Steven Wayne ‘Crocodile Dummy’ Scott has rightly earned a place alongside fellow valour thieves, wannabes and medal cheats on ANZMI’s web-site.



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