O'Connor aka Osmon

Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: O'Connor aka Osmon
Christian Names: Michael Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Somerton Park
Service #: Not Available
Service: RAN
Branch: Steward
Commencement of service: 11 APR 94
Completion of service: 02 OCT 97
Case Notes:




What is it with RAN wannabes and submarines? In the case of Army honour thieves, they are invariably ‘special forces’, ‘SAS’ or ‘snipers. And here at ANZMI we occasionally get someone swearing on sky-high pillars of bibles that he/she was an air force ‘top gun’. But recently we have seen a growing trend for maritime pretenders to suggest that they were part of the ‘silent service’. And in cases such as Mick O’Connor/Osmon they often sport the much-prized Submariners’ Qualification Badge (SQB), better known as the dolphins insignia on their jackets and coats. To say that genuine serving and former submariners are a bit peeved at this impertinence, is putting it mildly. We also suspect that they would hold him in far lesser regard than the much reviled ‘skimmers’!

From what we know about O’Connor/Osmon’s RAN service he never went anywhere near a submarine, let alone satisfied the requirements to wear the dolphins! We have been provided with information which confirms our suspicions that neither the name O’Connor or M.R. Osmon is recorded on the Service Roll of serving and former submariners. No surprises there. 

Please note the Submariner Service Roll mentioned above contains an O'Connor, who is a current serving member who is not related to nor has any connection with M.R.Osman (O'Connor) who is the subject of this article.

O’Connor/Osmon served in the RAN from April 1994 until his discharge, at his own request, in October 1997. His service itself is unremarkable much of it being as a wardroom steward on shore bases.

But to add insult to injury, ‘Wardroom Mick’ has decided that he really wants to impress those who might be mesmerised by the gold dolphins by adding a few medals as well. In his proud photo we can see that he is sporting The Australian Active Service Medal (AASM), the Iraq Medal, Australian Service Medal (ASM) with an unidentifiable clasp and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM). (Drum roll please Maestro!) Needless to say ‘Silent Service Michael’ is not entitled to any of these medals!

If his AASM was genuine he would have the International Coalition Against Terrorism (ICAT) clasp attached but there is in fact no clasp on the medal at all. And we bang yet another nail into O’Connor/Osmon’s rapidly closing coffin with information that recognition for service qualifying for the Iraq Medal commenced in 2003 with Operation Catalyst. This was almost 6 years after the Navy and Mick parted company.

We suppose that we might be just a little pedantic when we examine the ASM Mick so proudly displays. The clasp might well be for Special Operations signifying a specific submarine patrol. Two Oberon class subs, HMAS Orion and HMAS Otama undertook those patrols but again, there is no information that O’Connor/Osmon ever served on either.

The RAN’s submarine service has a long and valiant history which goes back to the early days of the First World War. Those who serve aboard submarines are a special breed and take pride in their uniqueness. O’Connor/Osmon is not fit to shine the dress shoes of these undersea warriors.

So Michael Robert O’Connor/Osmon, we suggest you remove all of that unearned regalia from your coat, get rid of it and prepare to join the host of other valour thieves on the ANZMI site. Dive, dive, dive!

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