Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Woolley
Christian Names: Edward John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Winmalee
Service #: 22083127
Service: Claims British Army service in Palestine and Germa
Branch: Claims Commando Parachute Regt
Commencement of service: 01 Nov 47
Completion of service: 10 Jun 50
Case Notes:




Edward John Woolley or John Woolley as he likes to be referred to, claims military service in the British Army as well as Australia.

He wears seven medals on his left chest but is only entitled to wear three. The fourth – the NSW State Corrective Services Long Service medal award should be worn on the right side and not mixed with National awards worn on the left. The remaining three are tin purchased medals.

The below photograph is John Woolley at a local remembrance day service wearing his seven medals.

In the photograph above Woolley is wearing the following medals.

1. General Service Medal 1918 – 1962 with Clasp Palestine.
2. National Medal.
3. Australian Defence Medal.
4. NSW Corrective Services Long Service Medal.
5. United Kingdom (UK) National Service Medal.
6. British Forces Germany Medal
7. 2002 Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal.

He also wears parachute wings above his medal rack and on his necktie. He has previously worn 2 Commando Regiment lapel badges.

Woolley is currently a committeeman of the Vietnam Veterans Association, Blue Mountains Branch, New South Wales.

Woolley came to our attention from members of his local community and others, who were quite rightly concerned about his claimed medal entitlements.

As a consequence we commenced our own inquiries.

1. General Service Medal. 1918-1962. (GSM) Clasp Palestine 1948-1949.
He informed us that he was awarded the GSM whilst he was a member of the British Forces in Palestine. As British military records are difficult to verify, we will take him for his word on that one.

2. National Medal
The second medal he wears is the National Medal (Australia) awarded for a minimum of 15 years service by operational members of specified organisations, and in the case of Corrective Services, it is restricted to custodial duties. He is not listed on “Its an Honour” for this medal. (Probably entitled.)

3. Australian Defence Force Medal.
For service in the Australian Defence Force for a prescribed period. (Unable to verify his entitlement to this medal.)

4. The NSW Corrective Service Long Service Medal.
Awarded for 15 years service. (State award. Should be worn on the right side.)

5. United Kingdom National Service Medal
Purchased un-awarded tin medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

6. British Forces Germany Medal.
Purchased un-awarded medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

7. 2002 Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal.
Purchased un-awarded medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

Woolley was contacted and stated that he was awarded the GSM for British military Army service in Palestine. He also said that he was awarded two medals for his time in the NSW Corrective Services Department and that he was entitled to a UK National Service Medal.

In the above photograph Woolley has decreased his medal rack and has removed the tin British Forces Germany medal and the tin Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee medal.
Woolley is another former British Serviceman who likes to wear tin medals purchased on the internet to make himself look more important. We have similar cases on site with -;

John Malcolm Griffiths, President Essendon RSL Sub Branch
Dennis Michael Moran. Current location unknown.
Neal Longden, Goodna, Queensland.

Perhaps our site listed former British Servicemen may think that they can escape the scrutiny of genuine Australian veterans and servicemen/women by wearing tin UK medals. The internet is not only a means to purchase tin medals, it is also an outstanding resource to ascertain if a medal rack is genuine, or just purchased un-awarded trinkets.

Our advice to Edward John Woolley is discard the tin and show more respect to your colleagues. Welcome to the site Edward John Woolley, medal cheat and wannabee.

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