Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Delamore
Christian Names: Kenneth Rex and Jo
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service #: 2817398
Service: Army
Branch: Chaplain Army Reserve - Now Red Shield Representat
Commencement of service: 7 Feb 01 - Aug 02
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




We are reliably advised that Kenneth Rex Delamore served in the Australian Army Reserve as a Chaplain for 19 months and would have worn the uniform of an Army Chaplain during that time. He and his wife have now donned the quasi Army uniform of Salvation Army Red Shield workers and are employed at Royal Military College, Duntroon in Canberra, ACT. 

The Defence Force accepts that members of the Salvation Army Red Shield organization may wear Military Officers uniform without badges or military rank. Instead they wear the Salvation Army logo of the Red Shield. We note also that a Sam Browne is involved, this is the leather strap over the right shoulder which attaches to a leather waste belt. The Sam Browne is used to support a sword. We have no idea when a Salvation Army Red Shield representative might need to wield a sword.

The Delamores are both wearing medals, Kenneth Delamore is wearing:

NZ Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) with two bars - As we have no information about his NZ service, we will give him a free kick and assume he is entitled to the NZDSM

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)- He served for only 19 months as an Army Reserve Chaplain and therefore, at the time of publishing this report he is not entitled to the medal.

International Year of Volunteer Medal (IYVM) - Self purchased "Tin" medal, that is not worn on military uniform.

New Zealand Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (NZFBLSGCM) with two bars - Not an authorised medal to wear on Australian military uniform.

Jo Delamore is wearing:

International year of Volunteer Medal - Self purchased "Tin" medal.

Old soldiers will also note that in both cases the chin strap buckle is in the wrong place. Tradition demands that the buckle must be level with the edge of the mouth.

We contacted the Chief Commissioner (National) of the Red Shield organisation. His comments are indicative that the problem with Philanthropic Organisations starts at the very top. In response to our notification to him about the Delamores, he chose to disparage the Defence Force and ANZMI.

He said this about RSMs

"Ken sort (sic) advice from his RSM at 2 RAR at the time and he took the advice in good faith. After investigating it further he realised that there may be more to it and remedied the situation by not wearing the other medals on his military uniform."

"I would challenge you to try and get any form of coherence from RSMs about honours and awards when it comes to philanthropic personnel and I guarantee you will get differing advice",

He also suggests that Red Shield workers should wear whatever medals they like. We previously exposed one of his colleagues Barry Nancarrow for mixing a Salvation Army Medal with his official Defence rack. See here:

The commissioner said:

"As for Barry Nancarrow he is not a fraud and should not be on your website. Barry has earned every medal he wears your ridicule of him is a disgrace"

Religious medals have no place being mixed with Defence Medals. We suggest the Commissioner appraise himself of Defence Honours and Awards protocols and traditions and his duties as leader, so that his flock don't end up on this web site. Blaming RSMs for his lack of knowledge and the recalcitrance of his staff is the epitome of "Buck passing".

We point out to the Commissioner and the Delamores that medals are presented by the Sovereign to those who have earned them. Attaching whatever you fancy onto the left side of your shirt will fool some of the people some of the time, but Veterans and ex Servicemen who have earned their medals the hard way, see buffoons living in a world of pretence.

Australian and New Zealand Veterans have zero tolerance for medals cheats, therefore the Delamore's recalcitrance will be featured on this web site forever more.

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