Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Marchant
Christian Names: Duncan Edward Thomas
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Unknown
Service #: 8259650
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 17 Oct 00
Completion of service: 10 Feb 12
Case Notes:




Duncan Marchant is another in the litany of modern day ‘wannabes’ who choose to blame their irresponsible anti-social behaviour on ‘war’ service in ‘The Ghan’, rather than acknowledge that far from suffering PTSD, they simply don’t have a backbone.

Marchant enlisted in the Army in 2000 and completed twelve years of service. During his time in the Army, he was seconded to Operation QLD Flood Assist in 2010. This was his only operational deployment. For his service, he was awarded the following:

National Emergency Medal with Clasp ‘Qld 2010-11’
Australian Defence Medal

What has Duncan Marchant done to earn a place on our website? Well, Marchant has created a persona to help him impress prospective life partners, he is prepared to lie and blame his inability to maintain relationships and his other failings on PTSD. Knowing that Marchant has no overseas service, was a RAEME member and enlisted in 2000, the following segment of an Email written by Marchant will explain why he deserves his place on this website:

‘…I had a serious accident in a high risk exercise involving a helicopter many years ago. In 2002 there were 3 soldiers seriously hurt and three dead. I was one of the serious ones hurt but what u didn’t know was i flat lined twice on a air lift to Brunei hospital. Brunei is near Malaysia. It took me 18 months to learn to walk properly and eat properly again. The lumps all over my body were from that accident and I have always been so conscious about them and still am. I feel like a freak sometimes and when we were together and u said not to its the first time in my life I didn’t worry about them.

When Langers died I was over in the Ghan and I got pulled out of there team to replace a seriously hurt soldier on QRF which is Quick Reaction Force. Which means if any patrols or incidents we were rapidly deployed to the area. Langer’s unit got hit hard by enemy fire in an ambush and we were deployed. On route to the area we found out that there were several soldiers hurt badly and two critical. Our job was to secure the area for medivac and get the injured outa there to base hospital. When we landed a mate grabbed me and told me to get over to a body were 2 patrol medics was working on a soldier that was in desperate trouble. When i got over there it was Langers. Myself the medic and two others worked on him under the guidance of the 2 medics helping them. Langers was still conscious but shot up really bad. He laughed at me and said that he was ok but he and we knew he wasn’t. We got him on the helicopter and i went with him and two medics back to base hospital. But in the flight he had a massive hemorage and died in my arms. I couldn’t help him and felt so bad I had let my mate die and couldn’t do anything to stop it. I blamed myself for years and as u know never really gotten over it…’

Marchant’s tales of daring do are simply that, tales. His claims of involvement in a helicopter crash are complete lies. Marchant did began his Army service as a Rifleman in Infantry before transferring to RAEME. In 2002, he was undergoing training in Australia, quiet a long way from the jungles of South-East Asia.

“So what? No harm done”, some may say. “At least he is not wearing medals” others may comment. Well, for us here at ANZMI it is the second part of his claims which are most disturbing, particularly when we know he did not deploy to Afghanistan or other overseas location at anytime during his service in the Army.

Marchant puts himself as the centre of attention ‘When Langers died over in the Ghan’. It is unsure who he is referring to but it is likely to be the late Sergeant Todd Langley who was killed in action on 4th July 2011. Irrespective of the identity of ‘Langers’, there is nothing more offensive than to claim the valour due to our war dead. Hang your head in shame Duncan Marchant.

We have decided not to publish the entire Email from Marchant out of respect to the young lady he was corresponding with but fortunately she recognised that his stories were less than credible and dumped him.

Duncan Marchant is a liar and wannabe of the most contemptible kind. He falsely claims to suffer from PTSD in order to explain away his inability to maintain a relationship or to excuse some of his behaviour. Duncan Marchant has well and truly earned his place on this website.

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