Surname: O'Shannessy
Christian Names: Graeme Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Theodore
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Graeme Arthur (Gosh)  O’Shannessy -  of Theodore Queensland, born 25 March 1950.

According to Graeme O’Shannessy he served with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in Vietnam. He spent his time attached to a United States Unit as a fighting man in a Helicopter, where he states he had the inconvenience of sixteen Helicopters “shot from under him”.


O’Shannessy is a school teacher in the Queensland (Qld) bush town of Theodore, 560 kilometers  North of Brisbane.   On 22 April 2013, O’Shannessy tearfully addressed more than 150 Students, 18 School Staff and 20 Parents, about ANZAC Day and his service in the Vietnam War. On his left breast he wore numerous United States Medals, including:

Distinguished Flying Cross
Meritorious Service Medal with Clasp
Vietnamese Gallantry Medal
Purple Heart
Other unidentified medals

He gave a ten minute emotional talk about his Vietnam War experience  and specifically advised the assembly, that only those who had earned medals may wear them on the left side.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) deployed fighting ships on the “Gun Line” in Vietnam, as well as transporting troops and equipment to and from Vietnam.  In addition the RAN deployed a  Helicopter Flight to Vietnam, which was known as Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANHFV). That unit has a very proud history or action and achievement their history is detailed here:  


At the end of the RANHFV web site there is a nominal roll of all personnel who served in that unit. O’Shannessy is not listed.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Vietnam Nominal Roll does not list O’Shannessy.

His RAN Record of Service lists no overseas service whatsoever.

O’Shannessy’s RAN Service File was accessed and clearly shows that after recruit training he served his entire navy Career at HMAS Albatross near Nowra on the New South Wales South Coast.

Here are excerpts from his service record





These documents show the Navy units O’Shannessy served with during the period 1971 to 1974. All were located in NSW and none were ever deployed to Vietnam.



This document indicates under the sub heading of “Discharges” that O’Shannessy was discharged from the RAN on the 19 April 1974 as being “UNSUT888(4-5)” which translates into him being sacked from the Navy for being “Unsuitable”.

We hold numerous Statutory Declarations detailing some of O’Shannessy’s words and actions. Here are some excerpts:

“O’Shannessy was asked if he was American during the Vietnam War. He said no, he was attached to the Americans at a place called “An”. When asked why he had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, he said You get that when you have had sixteen aircraft shot from under you   He further said. “When he made it safely back (to base)  he salvaged parts for damaged aircraft and did repairs so he could go back and attack again”

O’Shannessy is a liar, medals cheat, and scurrilous wannabe. His Navy service was nothing like he claims it to have been. He never served in Vietnam or any other operational area.  He was never issued the United States Government medals that he wore to the School Assembly on the 22 April 2013.

He put on a show of being emotionally scarred by his war service, by tearfully addressing the school assembly in Theodore. In reality this fraud will never know the suffering of genuine returned Veterans and his antics are unforgivable.

Detectives raided O'Shannessey's house on 18 August 2013 and located a swag of US Service Medals.   O'Shannessy was charged with two offences under the Defence Act 1903 and other civil charges for items discovered at his house. The Defence Act charges are:

Part VII, Sections:

80A.    Falsely representing to be returned sailor
80B.    Improper use of service decorations

Both of those offences carry maximum penalties of  $3,300 fine and six moths imprisonment or both.

On the 16th October 2013 he appeared in the Biloela Magistrates Court and the case was adjourned until 18 Dec 2013. The Queensland Courier Mail Newspaper has reported O'Shannessy as shown below:



O’Shannessy is a mature and obviously intelligent person, why he needs to steal the honour of returned veterans is beyond comprehension. For him to cry crocodile tears when he talks about his fake service is taking his deceit to an unprecedented level.

O’Shannessy well deserves his life sentence on our web site.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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