Surname: DeJager
Christian Names: Bartus Cornelius
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Geraldton
Case Notes:

Bartus Cornelius (Ray) DeJager of Geraldton, Western Australia is a blustering bully who believes he can be part of the Veteran Community just by saying he is. Unfortunately for him he has said it whilst under oath in a Court of Law.

At this stage we have no photograph of DeJager and seek assistance from any person who may provide one.

We hold Statements declaring that DeJager claims to have served in Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam.

He has claimed that:


DeJager was a key witness in a court case in Geraldton where he made ridiculous claims about his "Vietnam Service". Below is a relevant page from the Court proceedings where DeJager has taken an oath on a bible to tell the truth. His veracity is under scrutiny, and he lies to the court about why his honesty cannot be questioned.


Note that he claims the bible is "very dear to him because one of them saved his life whilst serving in Vietnam”. According to DeJager, in Vietnam a bible he was carrying in his pocket, stopped a bullet and saved his life. All that he has said to defend his honour is a lie, and therefore, none of the evidence he gave in court should be accepted as the truth.

There is no record of DeJager ever having served with the Australian Defence Force and he was never in Vietnam. If he served in Malaysia or Burma it was not with the Australian Defence Force.

DeJager appears to have committed numerous criminal offences including:

Falsely claiming to be a returned veteran, and lying under oath. (perjury)

DeJager is a lying blustering fool and wannabe.  He is well qualified to feature on our web site.

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