Surname: Watson
Christian Names: Geoffrey James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Imbil
Case Notes:

Geoffrey James Watson arrived in Imbil, nestled in the peaceful Mary Valley in Queensland's Cooloola Coast hinterland in 1996 and immediately joined the Mary Valley Returned and Services League (R&SL) Sub-branch where he is still a member today. When approached by the previous committee about his reasons for joining he stated that he was transferring from the R&SL in Orange, a town in the regional west New South Wales. Watson was subsequently elected secretary of  the Mary Valley R&SL and due to his position, the pivotal role in the Sub-branch which processes paperwork and checks and balances, no-one it seems took the time to check his transfer from Orange R&SL, nor his service history.

On ANZAC day in 1997 he attended the parade and services wearing the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB), three USA citations, the Australian issued Viet Nam medals and walks/marches  with a limp and a stiff arm; alluding to his numerous wounds  from gunshots and rockets that he suffers from... or perhaps it from the helicopter in which he crashed... or perhaps the ships he was on that were bombed... all these tales of heroism and courage under fire have been visited upon the Veterans of Imbil over the past few years.

He was confronted by  a Viet Nam Veteran  about the ICB, medals and citations that he was wearing because the Veteran noticed that the ICB was being worn upside down, thus drawing his attention to it. In answer to the challenge,  the veteran was told that the ICB was "given" to him by a friend.

Alarm bells started to ring. Normally, the Sub-branch secretary would be informed.

In addition to this story Watson advised members of the R&SL that he had been in a chopper [helicopter] smash in Viet Nam, but to others he told the stories that he had been shot in the head, hands, and knees, however, remarkably he bears no scars from these horrendous wounds, no doubt there may have been divine intervention on that score; as one of his stories relates to how he helped Mother Teresa while she was in Viet Nam!

Watson's flights of fancy don't stop there; as he has told others that he was caught in a bunker that was bombed and was also got bombed while on a ship.

All up it appears that Imbil's Mr Watson has seen more action than Audie Murphy, the free world's most decorated War Veteran, which brings us to the point where this most-wounded person also states that he served in the United States Merchant Navy; he has given the service number 1793233R as his.   

Watson's claims in the US Merchant Marine are currently under investigation through our US counterparts. The result of which, no doubt, will prove as false as all his other claims to service and being wounded in action.   

It should be noted here that a serviceman's number is unique and will only ever be issued to one individua thereby making it quite easy to check on a service record through the stated country's service personnel files. These results will be placed on the site as soon as known.

Since being confronted about wearing the ICB upside down, Watson has not marched with the R&SL. Is this because he is afraid to put the medals on again, knowing it is a federal offence to do so if he is NOT the recipient of these awards? or has his courage under fire failed him in far easier peacetime pursuits?

A good Veteran impersonator would have at least studied the bogus medals he chose to wear and would ensure he had them on in the right order and worn the right way up. That way he would  ensure he did not incur the wrath of a angry old Warrant Officer or some other sharp-eyed ex-service person as also happened in the case of Marks, the RAAF impostor on another page of this site. One would also assume that a good impostor, who chose to say he was a serviceman in the US forces, would at least wear US medals and not Australian-awarded ones.    

Watson has also "advised" those that have confronted or questioned his service, that he will sue or take the said person to the "anti discrimination board", or the CJC (Queensland's Criminal Justice Commission) neither have jurisdiction in this area, and that makes him quite laughable and lowers his credibility even further.  

Watson is not easily dissuaded from his chosen role as a warrior, as it now seems that even though he is no longer the secretary of the R&SL, he still attends and spreads his tales of valour and heroism to any one that will listen, particularly at the Imbil Bowls Club on Friday evenings where he attends with his wife and entertains the bowls community with his warries and stories of bravado in battle to anyone foolish enough to listen.    

The Veteran community of Imbil have had enough of this "war hero's" lies and tall stories and contacted the team at CPMH who have since conducted a thorough investigation in Australia (and have launched an investigation in the US) confirming that Geoffrey James Watson is just like all the other imposters on this site. An Australian military check of his so called service details through Defence have come up blank.  A check of the Viet Nam Veterans Nominal Roll produced the same. A CPMH team member from Orange, NSW (The team has members everywhere there are genuine Veterans) approached and spoke to the following people and organisations from that town;

  • The Secretary/Manager of the Ex Services Club,

  • The Naval Association,

  • The R&SL, and the

  • Armoured Corps Association of Orange.   

All of the aforesaid organisations have never heard of the bogus war hero G. J. Watson. Sufficient checks of Defence and Ex Service organisations have been conducted to declare that this person is just another impostor breaking a federal law by impersonating the brave men and women who have fought under the flag of this great nation.   

The results of the US service check so far have also drawn a blank. It is not expected that this situation will change.

Post Script: Further advice has been received at CPMH that Watson was photographed wearing medals at a memorial service in Orange.  The details of this are currently being sought from the source in Orange and will be posted when received.

At the time of writing the US search of personal files cannot locate a 1793233R Geoffrey James Watson on any data base connected with  Merchant Marines or Military personnel.

Naturally (as is the case with every impostor uncovered by CPMH), Watson is invited to produce his unaltered service documents and award certificates for his United States Citations and service in the United States Merchant Marines.

Until such time as he does this all information from the records of both Australia and the United States held by CPMH confirms he is a fraud and has never served in their armed forces in any theatre of war.

Following this investigation, Watson has resigned his membership of the R&SL, and his name has been struck off the Sub-branch roll.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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