Surname: Purcell
Christian Names: Conor David
Country: Thailand
State or Province: Bangkok
City or Town: Bangkok
Case Notes:

Conor David Purcell – Part 1

Interfering in foreign riots is a game for fools. Irish born Conor David Purcell who is said to be an Australian citizen appears to relish the role of fool.



A detailed report recently appeared in the Bangkok Post describing how Purcell was participating in, and inciting people to riot on the Streets of Bangkok.

Our interest in Purcell is his claims of Australian military service, here are some of his quotes.

Conor David Purcell, a former Australian military reservist, is a long way from home. The 29-year-old has two infected hip wounds, no money, no passport and survives on handouts from his Thai and foreign friends”.

“The red shirt leaders nod their approval at Mr Purcell, who claims to have done "quite extensive" work with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and trained with the Singapore and Malaysia military.”

The final quote is from the Australian Embassy Bangkok:

"You need to take what he says with a big dose of salt, he's a big noter who gilds the lily big time.''

Purcell alludes to having had service with the SASR. Perhaps as a Western Australian Army Reservist he may have acted as a hostage or as enemy or even served scones and cream to SASR soldiers, however, we can state categorically that Conor David Purcell has never been a member of, or served as part of the SASR.

Along with his qualification of being a fool he is also a wannabe and a liar.  Should he end up on rice, fish heads and water in a Thai jail for a few years it may teach him to not interfere in the politics of the country in which he is a guest.

Now read here the full report as it appeared in the Bangkok Post.



Conor David Purcell  -  Part 2

As predicted Conor has been arrested and is now in a Thai prison. Conor adopted a high profile, leadership role whilst participating in the "Red Shirt" political riots in Bangkok. The riots resulted in the deaths of around fifty people and caused massive damage.  Conor is solely responsible for his incarceration and he has left much visual evidence to support his prosecution. 


His future is now in the hands of the Thai Judicial system.  

Conor alluded to having done "quite extensive" work with the SASR. Conor was never part of that elite Australian Army unit.  

Here is the report on his arrest and incarceration.

Conor David Purcell - Part 3

The latest report from Bangkok describes the inevitable fate of Purcell. As you will read in the report shown below, during his court appearance Purcell shouted at the Judge.  "Nobody in this country has authority over me."  Of course the photo below tells a different story.

It is reported that very soon after the photo was taken Purcell was heard to tell his jailer "You can't put me in there" The response from the jailer when translated from Thai was "Watch your fingers buddy".

There is one chapter remaining for Purcell who alluded to being part of the SASR, and that is just how long the King of Thailand will have the pleasure of his company.  Read the latest report here: http://www.theage.com.au/national/australian-red-shirt-defies-court-20100527-whoq.html

Updated 30th Aug 2010

Conor David Purcell – Part 4

We hope that this is the last chapter in the saga of Conor David Purcell, who claimed to be associated with the Special Air Service Regiment after being arrested in Thailand for his roll in inflaming rioting Thai citizens.  We believe that when released Purcell will be placed on an airplane heading out of Thailand, let’s hope he heads North from Thailand and not South.

Australian 'Red Shirt' to be released

Updated August 20, 2010 15:16:00

Conor David Purcell, shown in the Bangkok Post, pleaded guilty to breaching state emergency laws. (Bangkok Post: http://twitpic.com/1k5sse)

A court in Thailand has ordered the release of an Irish-Australian man who breached state emergency laws during anti-government protests in Bangkok this year.

Conor David Purcell was arrested in April and accused of making inflammatory speeches during violent Red Shirt demonstrations.

He originally denied the charges, but changed his plea shortly before his trial was due to begin today.

He has received a three-month jail sentence with a 50 per cent reduction for pleading guilty.

Purcell will be released to immigration officials later today having already spent 89 days in jail.

"I feel wonderful really as it is over," he said after the hearing.

The Bangkok street rallies, which descended into several outbreaks of bloodshed and were broken up in a deadly army assault, left 91 people dead and nearly 1,900 injured.


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