Surname: Pedlow
Christian Names: David John
Country: Australia
State or Province: XXXXXXX
City or Town: XXXXXXX
Service #: Army
Service: 25 May 1966
Branch: Engineer
Commencement of service: 25 May 1966
Completion of service: 26 June 1969
Case Notes:


David John Pedlow - An ex Royal Australian Engineer, a current liar and wannabe.

Learning that a “Veteran mate” has been lying to your face is a gut wrenching experience and those who have been lied to feel betrayed and disparaged.  




We hold Statutory Declarations from numerous veterans who have declared that Pedlow told them that he was a Vietnam Veteran who had been wounded in action. We have other statements from reliable sources detailing that Pedlow said he was receiving a pension of $2,000 a fortnight following a lump sum payment of $75,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Pedlow served in the Australian Regular Army for a period of three years from 25 May 1966 to 26 June 1969 during that service he was employed as a driver in Royal Australian Engineer Units and he never left Australia.


He enlisted on 25 May 1966 as shown in this document.


He was posted to Royal Australian Engineer units - in Australia only, as shown below.



He was discharged on the 26 June 1969. On discharge he elected to be placed on the Australian Regular Army Reserve, Eastern Command for five years.  This was an inactive list of discharged soldiers who could be recalled in an emergency.



Pedlow did not serve in South Vietnam, nor was he wounded in action, nor does he receive a pension relating to service in South Vietnam. From the number of reports we have received he is in the habit of claiming to be a returned veteran, unfortunately for him his lies have now caught up with him and he is one of the chosen few who now grace our web site.


Veterans will not tolerate Wannabes who steal their honour. Unfortunately, despite presenting sufficient evidence, to at least set law enforcement agencies on the right path, they have no interest in the hurt perpetrated on veterans by Wannabes. In the United States Wannabes are investigated by the FBI and harshly dealt with by the courts. Australian Veterans live in the hope that one day law enforcement agencies, particularly Australian Federal Police will enforce the provisions of the Defence Act 1903 where Wannabes are eligible for up to six months jail and a fine of $3,300 or both.


Pedlow, like all suspected wannabes, was given the opportunity to explain his behaviour, however he failed to respond to our letter.


Whilst Wannabes may not be actively pursued by law enforcement agencies ANZMI is determined to rid the Veteran community of this scourge.  Veterans everywhere are urged to remain vigilant and report suspects to ANZMI.


Wannabes, just like Napoleon Bonaparte, will meet their Waterloo and details of their crime will be broadcast to the world on our web site.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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