Surname: Rumble
Christian Names: Robert S
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: Auckland
City or Town: Takani
Service: Army
Branch: Engineers
Case Notes:

Robert S Rumble of Takanini, Auckland New Zealand claims to have been almost skewered by a hot metal rod that sliced a very neat round hole in his ceiling and scorched through his bed clothes millimeters from his head after smashing roof tiles. In subsequent newspaper articles Rumbled claimed to be unperturbed about the experience because he was, after all, an ex Trooper of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)




Notice in the photo above his head is the very neat round hole in the ceiling that the projectile is supposed to have sliced through.


Rumble had some interesting comments to give to the reporter:



We believe that Rumble’s statement about his near death experience is as dodgy as the Military service he claims. We can’t prove he staged his “near death experience” but we can prove that he has lied about, and grossly exaggerated his military service.

Robert S Rumble:

Has never served with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

Has never fought in five wars.

Has never been shot at and wounded whilst on military service.

He did serve in the Australian Army as a National Serviceman from Sep 1965 to October 1967, then enlisted into the Regular Army on 5 Oct 1967 then after some serious offences both military and civil was discharged at his own request on 21 Apr 1969.  After initial training he was allocated to The Corp of Royal Australian Engineers and posted to 22 Construction Squadron, Perth WA as a Carpenter and Joiner.  From Jun 1966 until Dec 1966 he was posted overseas to Borneo with 17 Construction Squadron who were deployed with the FAR Eastern Land Forces (FARELF) British Command Force as a Plant Operator. On return to Australia he was employed as a Field Engineer and then a Driver prior to his discharge.

Rumble has a history of lying about his Military service going back for twenty years at that time he was trying out as an observer aboard the NZ Coastguard Helicopter Patrol, the pilot happened to be a Vietnam Veteran and after seeing the newspaper article has advised as follows:

“started to give him the standard crew brief when he reached into the briefcase

he was carrying and pulled out a wooden box. He opened it and inside was a

medal rack comprising a mix of Borneo, SVN and Aust service medals and separate

from that a Military Medal in an envelope. He asked me if I knew what they

were. I said 'tell me'.

He went on to relate how he served in Borneo with the Royal Aust Engineers (and he seemed to know a bit about Borneo) and also in SVN where he said he was the driver for the Comd of AUSTFORCE Vietnam based in Saigon before he was seconded to the Aust Army Training Team Vietnam. He then went on to relate how he had been awarded the Military Medal (can't remember whether he said for an action in Borneo or Vietnam) but that he only received it only a few weeks ago when it arrived by post. By this time I had had enough and called the rest of the crew together and did the afternoon flight. If I recall we made it back to Ardmore low level following the Clevedon River with all its twists and turns just so I could observe our super hero in action. He was white knuckle most of the time. I never saw him again. It transpired that one of my crew had told him my background and this may of contributed to his sudden departure”.

We believe that Rumble orchestrated the events leading to the newspaper article that allowed him to “spruik” about his false military history. “The rod smashed through his roof shattering nine tiles then through the ceiling and then straight through his bed scorching the bed clothes as it went”.  What a load of codswallop.

We don’t know for sure whether the metal rod incident was dreamed up and stage managed by Rumble but we do know that he has comprehensively lied about his military history on more than one occasion and that makes him a liar, fraud and a wannabe.

Robert S Rumble welcome to our web site.

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