Surname: Presgrave
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: South Australia National Service Association
Case Notes:

Barry Presgrave - Vice President of the South Australian National Servicemen’s Association.

The South Australian National Servicemen’s Association (SA NSMA) policy about Honours and Awards is a national disgrace. They completely ignore protocol from the Honours and Awards section of the Prime Ministers Department, the Returned Services Leagu, their own National Headquarters and the Veteran Community.  When a bus load of South Australian National Servicemen debussed in Canberra on a commemorative occasion, derision and embarrassment prevailed. One of those debussing was John Piet as shown in the photo below.


Piet was the original target of this exposure and even though he is less than adroit for wearing four tin medals along with his two genuine medals, we believe Presgrave is the real villain behind the problems in South Australia.  

Piet and many other members of the SA NSMA have been gulled by Barry Presgrave the Vice President of the SA NSMA.  He has for years espoused the wearing of fake and tin medals.  He did this because he owned a medals shop in Adelaide. As it has now changed hands we will not name the shop and we know that they no longer encourage the wearing of “Tin” medals on official racks.

Presgrave has also featured in another high profile wannabe case where he is pictured with the disgraced Jeffery J Crase, a self styled bemedaled “Lieutenant Colonel” of the Legion of  Frontiersmen’s organisation.  In the photo below you will see Presgrave being a pretend bemedaled Lieutenant Colonel who at that stage was promoting the sale of ”Tin” medals to Frontiersmen as well as National Servicemen.



There is no doubt about the National Servicemen’s Association’s medals policy and protocol. Here are instructions from their web site.

It seems that South Australian National Servicemen have a need to “Peacock” themselves up with fake medals and it has only taken the spruiking of one man, a Vice President of the Association with a pecuniary interest in medals, to gull the gullible, and make South Australian National Servicemen the laughing stock of Australia and the world.

When a member of ANZMI phoned an executive of the SA NSMA he was forcefully told that their organisation would not be told what medals their members could wear and if they chose to wear self purchased commemorative medals that was the individuals business.

We assert that the SA NSMA is a disgrace and decent National Servicemen from all parts of Australia should distance themselves from the idiocy espoused by Barry Presgrave, the executive and some of the members regarding the wearing of medals.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.



Presgrave Update 16 Jul 15

Presgrave still thumbs his nose at protocol and tradition by adding all manner of unauthorised medals to his rack.  Presgrave served as a 1950s National Serviceman and then as an Army Reservist to many years. Despite his heavy rack of ten medals he has never served outside of Australia.

The medals correctly worn on his right breast are believed to have been awarded to his brother.

On his left breast only three of the medals relate to his Military Service, these are:

Medal number two  -  Reserve Forces Medal for Long Service in Army Reserves

Medal number four  - Army Defence Medal for completion of his enlistment period

Medal number six  - Commemoration of National Serve Medal for National Service

Two others are genuine Federal medals presented for service other than military, these are:

Medal number one  - Order of Australia Medal for service to community

Medal number three  - National Medal for service to community

The  remaining four are unauthorised medals that must not be mixed with genuine medals,  if they are to be worn at all, should be worn underneath his relatives medals on his right breast.

The National Servicemen's Association of South Australia must have very low standards to allow Presgrave to flaunt his tainted rack of medals.

During his years of Reserve Service he had plenty of opportunity to have been deployed to War Zones and earn Campaign medals, however he stayed at home and received civil awards and then added some unauthorised metal to enhance his image.

Presgrave is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the Veteran and Ex Service Communities of Australia and New Zealand.






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