Surname: Dempsey
Christian Names: Laurence Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Edwardstown
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 4 Jun 1946
Completion of service: 6May 1947
Case Notes:

Laurence Francis Dempsey of Edwardstown, South Australia


Age does not weary them. Whenever we knock one down two more appear.

 Laurence Francis Dempsey is an octogenarian, who has for many years been fooling all who will listen, into believing he is a damaged Veteran of World War II and Korea. Not only is Dempsey a liar about his military history, he was an administrative and discipline burden during the time he claimed to be “Driving the Japanese out of Papua New Guinea”

Here is what Dempsey said to a reporter on ANZAC Day 2011.



We have accessed Dempsey’s Defence File and here are the facts.


Dempsey Joined the Army in April 1945 aged 19 years and 3 months not 16 years as told in the article.


His service did not take him to Papua New Guinea and later Korea. During his service he never left Australia.



Notice in Part D it shows:

Active Service in Australia 682 days

Active Service O/S Australia……days

Proving that Dempsey never left our shores

Dempsey was never a Prisoner of war, but was often in Military Detention Centres because of his propensity to be absent without leave. See below his Record of Service, which is a Diary of Shame. Dempsey was an administrative burden to the Australian Army at a time when the Nation was fighting to defend our way of life.



His “Sad memories” could only have been for being caught and punished for being absent without leave.

If he has fingers missing from his right hand it was not from a sword stroke from a Korean Prison Guard as punishment for heroically taking the blame “For a mate who stole an egg”.

Dempsey was discharged from the Army in May 1947 and from our experience we are sure that the Army was glad to see him off.

Dempsey is a liar and a wannabe and thus he is hereby named and shamed for extolling a false military history that showed him to be something he was not. Succinctly put, he was “nuisance to the Defence Force and a sad sack of a soldier” on the other hand; we are pleased to be able to exhibit the true military history of this liar and wannabe.

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