There are only three criteria that drive our mission to expose military imposters and publish their deceitful acts on-site.

  1. The investigation results as published on site will be the truth, and

  2. The information is published in the public interest.

  3. The information is published in good faith.

We are often asked why so few prosecutions appear in other media for transgressions under the Defence Act. The facts are, that the penalties under the Act in both Australia and New Zealand are woefully inappropriate and that resources to investigate and prosecute on both at National, State and Federal level are few. Especially for such small penalty results. Penalties in Australia are a pittance. A fine of $3300 and a jail threat of up to 6 months. In the USA, penalties are much more serious with fines up to US$5,000 plus jail time. In NZ it is even worse - just $500 maximum penalty and/or 3 months jail.

We urge you to contact your local NZ, State and Federal Member of Parliament and lobby for an increase in penalties and to gain some commitment to action by the Federal Police and the various State and National NZ Public Prosecutors.

This site, like other investigative media outlets simply collects the facts (through our investigators right across Australia and New Zealand) that are available on the public record to illustrate the truth about the 'Walter Mitty' types who attempt to gain advantage by pretending to be someone they are not. Whether that advantage is to bolster their ego, gain benefits for which they are not eligible, or to gain a competitive advantage in business or a career; is not our concern.

Each time a military impostor is left "unexposed", it cheapens the value of every true hero, and cheapens the sacrifice that every genuine service-person and veteran makes. The impostor has ruined his own life with his lies. The impostor makes a choice and must face the consequence of HIS or HER OWN actions.

How are investigations done?


Most of the phoney veterans reported to us are from the Vietnam era, impersonating Vietnam vets seems to have been the "flavour of the month" since the Welcome Home parades in 1987. We have recourse to the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll, which is not a definitive guide, just the first source of confirmation. The VVNR is not accurate, and it is not complete. Our Australasia-wide team has access to unit/ship/muster records in all three services and under the federal Freedom of Information legislation, service records beyond  thirty years are available to anyone. Plus there are several sources of information for all three services that provide accurate information on honours and awards. Our myriad investigators come from all services and many, many postings and their network of contacts in the Navy, Army, and Air Force are impressive and valuable.

On active cases, an investigating team, sometimes a lone investigator near the suspect's location is briefed and the painstaking research begins. Some cases have taken years to resolve. Great care is taken with accuracy in compiling data, and all cases have cast-iron back-up documentation.

Is anything on this site illegal?


No. That's a preposterous notion. All information is checked, verified, and checked again before publication. The information we publish is from public sources; available to anyone. Once 30 years have passed, service records are public records and made available to anyone on request through freedom of information legislation. Some imposters often claim their files (or some of their service files) are "sealed" or their missions were "top secret" and they are sworn to secrecy. Rubbish!  

Genuine Veterans often have problems validating their legitimate claims to compensation and allowances because of the widespread belief that service records are private. They are not. After thirty years, all records are available for view and copy. ALL records. We use the same sources and resources that are used by other investigative journalists to get at the truth of issues.

The ONLY people who make this "illegal" claim are those who have been exposed and try to shift attention from their infamous acts. And sadly, they are usually genuine veterans who have embellished their own stories of bravado and are now embarrassed after a lifetime of lies to family, friends and business or career associates.

Military service is now 100% verifiable in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Who is a likely candidate to covet valour?


Here is a small list of those most likely to take on the cloak of deceit.

  • One who wants to be a member "of the group," they need to feel included, to have a sense of belonging. Usually occurs because they've been rejected by friends, family and/or colleagues.

  • For financial gain, access to benefits, so they don't have to work. Or perhaps they're not eligible for any other type of pension.

  • Mental instability, where someone has to prove to the world and principally to themselves that they are worthwhile, and have done something honourable in their lives. They lose sight of the difference  between reality and fantasy. A psychiatrists once said, "Neurotics build sand castles in the air, psychotics move in, psychiatrists collect the rent." In the end they believe that their fantasy is in fact reality.

  • Attempting to escape from the law. No access to social security funds, because law enforcement might find it too easy to trace him or her. Access to veteran disability payments could be easier.

  • Guilt. Someone who has maimed or killed their own, intentionally or by accident, or done wrong by his or her family, and has taken on a false persona to atone for the crime.

  • Mental illness, known as Fictitious Order. Physical maladies, frequently self inflicted for self interest or other type of claim.