The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) formed in 1995 to combat, and bring to justice the burgeoning number of people claiming false military histories.

ANZMI consists of ex-military personnel from both Australia & New Zealand, who are dedicated to detecting, exposing and bringing to justice those stealing the honour of genuine veterans and ex servicemen and women.

We do this work voluntarily, without fear or favour.  We are beholding to no ex service organization or organization of any kind. Veterans, ex Service persons and the general public provide information to us about those they suspect of being offenders. 

Due to the nature of our duties, our work is entirely covert. We can be reached through our contact page, where an email address is available. Hundreds of offenders have been exposed on this web site and in the media as a result of information received and the subsequent successful investigations.

ANZMI will continue to operate until the last liar, cheat, fraud and wannabe is weeded out from the Australian and New Zealand ex Service Community.