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"If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past, if you tell a lie it becomes part of your future"


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22 Dec 2020 - Stobbs and Graham up on Rogues Gallery

20 Dec 2020 - Garland up on Rogues Gallery

18 Dec 2020 - Friis and Hare up on Rogues Gallery

14 April 2021 - Added Roque Charles "China" Hammal


ANZMI receives no pleasure in publishing the cases herein. In fact, we'd much rather be playing a round of golf, or having a beer with a few mates.

But unfortunately, human nature being what it is, and for any number of reasons, some choose to create a new life, or embelish their own stories, with boastful, untruthful derring-do. They wear unawarded medals, pins, "tin" and regalia, puffed and boasting to all and sunder.

The day we cease receiving imposter reports, we'll close off the entry area. But we will forever leave this site up to show what happens when weak people do stupid things by being Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters.





Rogues Gallery

During our time publishing cases of Australian and NZ valour thieves and medal cheats within these pages (almost 25 years now), there arrives occasionally cases which are more memorable, or have a special need to be brought to our viewers attention, for one reason or another. The contents will be updated as and when new or special cases are worthy of their presence in our Rogues Gallery.


#1 Rogue
Roque "China" Hammal

Roque Charles "China" Hammal
Recalcitrant wannabe


Among the liars, cheats and wannabes that grace the pages of the Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters Group (ANZMI), there are few in the same league as Roque Charles "China' Hammal. He was exposed on our website way back in 2003 and has received regular updates on his activities over the years. China Hammal is a joke, ridiculed by all genuine Veterans throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A majority of wannabes exposed by ANZMI eventually see the error of the actions and either apologise or drift off into the background, never to be seen publicly again. Not ‘China’, he just can’t help himself.

The most recent update saw "China" appear out of the woodwork, moaning about his infamy thanks to being again outed at ANZMI. "China Hammal" is a liar, medal cheat, valour thief, but equally as bad, he has now inveigled himself into his local bureaucracy and become the controller of all ANZAC and other military commemorations, and is now using this to stop local RSLs and other ex military organisations from parading on these most sacred of days. He is one of the most obnoxious of our Rogues Gallery.


Ken Hare
Kiwi Tin Man
Erin Wallace
Ambo, Medal Cheat, Valour Thief
and Military Imposter
Kim Friis
One is not enough!
Aaron Stobbs
A confused wannabe
Len Carter AFSM
Medal Cheat, Valour Thief
and Military Imposter
Robert Graham
One is not enough!
Neville Donohue
"Major General"
Neville McBryde DONOHUE

Ian Garland
Australian Military hero

Cristine aka Crissy Ashcroft
Invictus Ambassador, "The Voice" star,
& Valour Thief

Craig Lenihan
Valour Thief and
convicted drug offender

Lynn Orford
Valour Thief  & Medal Cheat

David Armstrong
Valour Thief and Medal Cheat


Ross Russo
Trainee Rifleman, Custodial Correctional Officer, Police Officer, Medal Cheat and Valour Thief


next imposter

Robert Hutchinson
NZ Medal Cheat and Valour Thief

Norbett Keogh
Medal Cheat and Valour Thief

Mark Anthony Cartwright
Pastor, Medal Cheat
and Valour Thief

Captain Drew Dale
Alan Wright
Medal Cheat and Valour Thief
Robert Clark
Kiwi Medal Cheat & Valour Thief
 Dennis Manson
NZ Medal Cheat & Valour Thief
 Barry Urban
Mr Barry Urban. (ex) MLA




Bradley Mark Parfitt considers himself a bush lawyer. This is one of the few claims he makes that actually rings true!

Regular visitors to www.anzmi.net may have noticed that the Brad Parfitt disclosure was removed from our site for a period.

Parfitt attempted to have his lies, and the photos of himself wearing un-awarded medals and US bravery ribands, concealed by attempting a fraudulent legal manoeuvre to gain the initiative. Why weren't we surprised!

His attempts failed, and have backfired on him. 

For his behaviour, Brad Parfitt gets top billing at ANZMI, and his photo, with all his purchased medals and ribands, will now grace our Home Page, and Latest Cases page for a long time to come.

Feel free to link to the Parfitt case by sharing this link below on your own site. Right click on this link and click "Copy to clipboard" or "Copy link location",  then paste link into your Facebook page or an other website.

Link: Brad_Parfitt_Case




The Australasian Military Fraud

Often called by the derogatory term "wannabe" these are men and women who may or may not have served in the armed forces, but who fraudulently misrepresent themselves as having served; often in a theatre of war by their words and actions, and by wearing of medals and other accoutrements to military service to which they have no entitlement.

 In recent years there has been uncertainty about who is entitled to wear US and Vietnamese decorations. The Australian government has instituted an application and verification method for all those who believe that they are entitled to foreign awards. Those without government notification or approval must be classified as a fraud, a "wannabe."

 The impostor or fraud will push the line saying that they were "given" decorations in the field. This does not legitimise the wearing of the award. Official recognition was and still is supported with documentation and the written citation. It is known that some Vietnamese Commanders "awarded" American and Australian servicemen decorations for being nice, or for a favour, not for gallantry or service rendered.

 Under the Defence Act, 1903 as amended, it is a federal offence to claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman, subject to six months' imprisonment and a fine of up to $3300. Further it is an offence to wear a service decoration to which you are not entitled, attracting additional penalties.

 Worse though, is the cost to Australia's taxpayers who are picking up the tabs to the tune of perhaps million of dollars in payments and pensions to 'veterans' who have no legitimate claim to the title.

 Worse still is the insult to genuine veterans of any conflict, who find their courage, honour and valour stolen by imposters both from within and outside their ranks. We will continue to ferret out those who misrepresent their service